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time iconLarge Hadron Collider is it safe for our planet or not? Let’s compare the facts
«When cosmic rays bombarding the Earth from time to time they are energetically equivalent to collisions on the lhc»
time iconOh, I like to sleep till noon-time every day, Oh, she likes to sleep till noon-time every day

time iconOne More Time Always it's coming

time iconParty time

time iconWe've got no time to lose

time iconOh my love for the first time in my life

time iconHere to Stay This time, I'm taking it away

time iconHigher Than Hope Time it took the most of me

time iconNow you're mine I am the master of your whipping time

time iconSave some for me, it's what I like. I wanna play, you know it's time

time iconWe'll Gring That Axe For a long Time

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