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Гранты Центрально-Европейского университета

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Гранты Центрально-Европейского университета

Исследовательские возможности, гранты на создание курсов:


The Central European University’s Special and Extension Program is launching new calls for applications for three of its main faculty-oriented programs. Below in this message please find short descriptions about each program, their website, the contact person and deadline for application. Soon you are going to receive three separate e-mails with the specific announcements/call for applications for each program.

After receiving the separate calls, if you would like to apply to any of the programs please be so kind as to send your application materials or questions you might have to the e-mail/postage address specified in the relevant call/announcement. These programs were designed to promote various professional development needs of a specific academic target audience, therefore we suggest that you choose the pogram/grant that suits you most at the current stage of your academic career. You might apply to more than one program if you decide so, but please be aware that each program has its own eligibility criteria and specific target audience, and you cannot receive two Special and Extension Program grants simultaneously.


Course Development Competition

The Course Development Competition offers ten-month grants to faculty from Eastern- and Southeastern-Europe, the former Soviet Union and Mongolia to develop and introduce new university courses at their institutions. Applicants are invited to prepare a one or two semester long course in the discipline area listed in the call for proposal. Proposed courses should be innovative in content, methodology and teaching approach.The competition is open to individuals and groups for grants, which include monthly individual stipends, an allowance for book purchases, teaching materials, photocopying, etc., as well as additional travel costs and administrative expenses in the case of group grants. Grantees also participate in two one week long training workshops in teaching in higher education held in Budapest. For more information please see the website http://www.ceu.hu/crc/ or contact Aniko Kellner (kellnera@ceu.hu). The deadline for application is November 15, 2007


CEU Research Fellowship

CEU Research Fellowship is a program for teachers and researchers holding Phd or equivalent, working in Central and Eastern Europe (except EU), former Soviet Union, Mongolia and Palestine.
Fellows are supported for a research period of one to six months, depending upon the type of research being undertaken.
The Fellowship program supports two types of Research Fellows: CEU Visiting Research Fellows and CEU Professorial Research Fellows (For academics holding a full professorship). Both types of Fellowship cover travel costs to/from Budapest, accommodation in CEU's Residence Center during the period of the Fellowship, insurance and a monthly stipend.
This program is publication-oriented and promotes original research. You can find the relevant fields of research, the application requirements and more information on the Special and Extension Programs Website: http://www.ceu.hu/sep/spo/fellowships.html
The deadline for application is December 15, 2007
Contact: Celine Barlet barletc@ceu.hu



Тренинги в ЦЕУ


Announces Spring 2008 Sessions

organized in cooperation with the Departments and Programs
of the Central European University

In the Spring 2008 semester CRC is offering the following sessions:

1. Open House Sessions in broad discipline areas
The Open House sessions are organized in broad discipline areas covered by one or more CEU departments. These sessions are intended to introduce participants to CEU’s approach to a relevant discipline and new techniques for designing courses in that field. To this end the sessions will provide participants access to the facilities and resources of the CEU and the appropriate department, as well as general training workshops on course design and teaching methodology. Participants are invited to use the CEU library, visit relevant classes and meet faculty. The primary target groups of the Open House sessions are junior academics who are at the beginning of their teaching career, or mid-career and senior academics who would benefit from the above offerings.

Nationalism: February 25 - 29, 2008 - (deadline for applications: 14th January, 2008)
Gender Studies : March 10 - 14, 2008 - (deadline for applications: 28th January, 2008)

2. Course Innovation Sessions
These sessions intend to explore the cutting edge developments in a particular discipline. The sessions are meant primarily for senior faculty with significant teaching and research experience or for outstanding, research-oriented junior faculty. By discussing recent developments and exploring contemporary debates with CEU’s host departments and faculty, participants are expected to revise or update their courses or offer new courses in their particular area of interest. Additional training on course development is also offered by the CRC. These sessions are organized with a strong involvement of CEU departments and often will be combined with a workshop or a conference on the topic of the session.

In Spring 2008 we offer the following Course Innovation Sessions:

Political Science - IRES
Understanding and Explaining Identity Transformation

February 11 - 15, 2008
(deadline for applications: 10th December, 2007)

The CRC workshop, co-hosted with the CEU Department of International Relations and European Studies, aims at discussing with participants the study of identity formation and change. The course will examine theories in the fields of political science and international relations (but also sociology and anthropology, where applicable), focusing on issues of nationalism, transnationalism, local and regional identities.
It will provide participants with suggestions about course formats, reading lists and topics for discussion which they could then build on when designing or revising their own courses.

The workshop is recommended in particular to faculty with research and teaching interests in the study of nationalism, nation- and state-building, sub- and supra-national identities.

Open Society Archive
From Samizdat to Blogging: Globalization and New Forms of Political Expression

February 18 - 22, 2008
(deadline for applications: 7th January, 2008)

This CRC workshop, co-hosted with the CEU Department of Political Science, aims to explore the changes in oppositional or alternative political expression that have followed in the wake of the end of the Cold War. The particular focus will be on the changes that have come about as a result of the revolution in communications technologies, which has brought about new forms and modes of alternative expression, but also new challenges to alternative politics. We will be considering the role played by the alternative press, gay and ethnic minority media, community radio, citizens’ political mobilization in e-mail and SMS, blogging, and Indymedia.

The workshop is recommended to faculty with research and teaching interests in communications studies, cultural studies, media and multimedia studies, art theory and history, sociology, political science and other areas of study dealing with contemporary forms of political expression.


Social Network Analysis

March 31 - April 04, 2008.
(deadline for applications: 18th February, 2008)

The aim of this session is to give an introduction to current social network analysis methods and software. The course is designed to give a brief and practical overview of key areas in application. Participants will have a balanced overview of analytical methods, representation of data and practical software skills. Where possible exemplary datasets will be provided
from the research project of the academic who hosts the workshop, for class use, including data on world trade, terrorist networks, informal ties between politicians and large businesses. Each meeting consists of both a methodological and a practical part.

The workshop is recommended in particular to faculty who intend to use social network analysis in their teaching.


3. Topical Issues in Curriculum Development
These sessions are expected to cover topical issues of particular importance to the development of higher education in the region, in all areas related to curriculum development. Organized by the CRC office in co-operation with a wide range of strategic partners, these sessions address current trends in curriculum development, degree structures and particular or special interest issues. These sessions could be directed at a particular group of academics or focus on a target region or institution(s).

In Spring 2008 we offer the following Topical Issues in Curriculum Development:

Center for Policy Studies
Teaching Cultural Policy

March 03 -07, 2008
(deadline for applications: 21st January, 2008)

This CRC workshop aims to discuss the teaching of cultural policy from a broader perspective of cultural systems than the national one. With globalization, European integration, migration and explosive growth of cultural industry the national prism is inadequate.. It also aims to provide the participants with tools, literature and relevant issues.
The workshop is recommended for those who teach cultural policy in the region or cultural policy in political science, public policy, international relations, humanities, arts, management and cultural studies departments, hold a Ph D or are about to receive a PhD but have a teaching position and have the endorsement of their department to attend.


Center for Policy Studies - Open Society Institute
Incorporating Diversity in Public Administration Education

March 17 -21, 2008
(deadline for applications: 4th February, 2008)

Ethnic, linguistic, religious, gender and other forms of diversity are central issues for public administration. This is certainly true for communities in which diversity appears in devise forms, such as in post-conflict contexts; it is also the case for any society in which principles of democracy and good governance are established as norms. However, in contemporary public administration education, public administrators are rarely sensitized to the relevance of diversity to their work, let alone how to address it comprehensively. Schools and institutes of public administration must play a lead role in this regard, incorporating diversity into their curriculum in a thematic or topical sense (how diversity is relevant to public service delivery, for example), and in their own policies (such as through application or recruitment strategies).

This CRC workshop will present an opportunity for the synthesis of views and experiences from a range of social, political, and economic contexts. It will aim to address ways of integrating diversity into public administration education comprehensively. Discussions will consider diversity topically and as an issue that should be integrated into all aspects public administration education. What models of incorporating diversity into public administration education exist? How can curriculum be designed such that public administrators are sensitized to the need to address diversity in their work? How can public administration education itself be a model for incorporating diversity into all aspects of work?

The workshop will be designed jointly by the CRC, the Center for Policy Studies, and international experts of the Managing Multiethnic Communities Program of LGI/OSI.

All CRC Applicants must:
Be university teachers and/ or professionals (who teach part-time) in the Social Sciences and Humanities from the region (non EU countries) who are preparing to revise or develop their courses;
Have sufficient English language ability, both written and spoken, to participate in discussions and use resource materials;
Submit an application with all accompanying required documents as stated on the CRC application form.

All costs related to transportation and accommodation during
the sessions will be covered by the CRC.

Curriculum Resource Session application forms, application deadlines, the session schedule and further information on the center’s outreach activities and resources may be obtained from the CRC office at the Central European University or through national Soros Foundations.
You can download our application form from our website:

Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) / Central European University
Nador utca 9, H -1051 Budapest, Hungary;
Tel: ++ (36 - 1) 327 3189 or 327 3000;
Fax: ++ (36 -1) 327 3190
E-mail: crc@ceu.hu;
WWW address: http://www.ceu.hu/crc/


Гранты Центрально-Европейского университета iconГранты Центрально-Европейского университета

Гранты Центрально-Европейского университета icon30. Движение в центральном поле
Нетер определяются свойствами симметрии системы. Самая симметричная – центрально или сферически симметричная система, т е одна материальная...
Гранты Центрально-Европейского университета icon30. Движение в центральном поле
Нетер определяются свойствами симметрии системы. Самая симметричная – центрально или сферически симметричная система, т е одна материальная...
Гранты Центрально-Европейского университета iconПослание Комиссии Европейского Парламента, Европейского Совета, Экономического и Социального Комитета и Комитета Регионов План мероприятий по обеспечению безопасного пользования Интернетом
Интернетом, затормозив развитие области, обещающей широкие и разнообразные выгоды всем сферам общества. Учитывая все эти проблемы,...
Гранты Центрально-Европейского университета iconПослание Комиссии Европейского Парламента, Европейского Совета, Экономического и Социального Комитета и Комитета Регионов План мероприятий по обеспечению безопасного пользования Интернетом
Интернетом, затормозив развитие области, обещающей широкие и разнообразные выгоды всем сферам общества. Учитывая все эти проблемы,...
Гранты Центрально-Европейского университета iconЦентрально-Лесной государственный природный биосферный заповедник Иванова Ольга Александровна
Тверской области в юго-западной части Валдайской возвышенности расположен Центрально-Лесной государственный природный биосферный...
Гранты Центрально-Европейского университета iconО природе университета: герменевтика vs риторика
Эти компоненты составляют неразрывное единство, но неизбежное преобладание одного из них определяет соответствующий тип университета:...
Гранты Центрально-Европейского университета iconВалерий Анатольевич Лукин, сотрудник Государственного мемориального музея А. В. Суворова, аспирант Европейского университета в Петербурге царственный путь императора александра III: некоторые аспекты внутренней политики
Российской Империи на рубеже XIX-XX столетий, прерванное первой мировой войной и революцией. Потому в нижеследующем тексте делается...
Гранты Центрально-Европейского университета icon80 лет центрально-азиатской экспедиции н. К. Рериха материалы международной научно-общественной конференции. 2008
Лет центрально-­азиатской экспедиции н. К. Рериха: Материалы Междунар научно-общест конф. 2008. — М.: Междунар. Центр Рерихов; Мастер­Банк,...
Гранты Центрально-Европейского университета icon«Шлюпочный Парад Победы»
Санкт – Петербургского Государственного Морского Технического Университета(СПбгмту), Военного Инженерного Технического Университета(виту),...
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