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Dr. wladyslaw - eugen zielenski

Saint-Petersburg, South

Phone / fax: +7 (812) 373 88 58; Mobile phone: + 7 921 759 44 89

E-mail: Zielenski@yandex.com Website: www.Zielenski.narod.ru


Production Manager / R & D Manager / Senior Lead Engineer Technology


University and post-graduate course

saint-petersburg state tecHnological institut (technical university)

  • Major technical specialty: mixing and blending technology of heterogeneous media

Science degree: Doctor-Engineer, Corpus Ingeniarius (INGO), September 2010

Kandidat nauk in engineering, St. TU (RF), May 2002

  • Industry process engineering (1996-99)
    Department of chemical processes and apparatus

  • Automated production of chemical manufacturing (1990-96)

Department of machinery and apparatus of chemical manufacturing

Department of chemical and bio-technological equipment optimization

Department process automatization and robotics

Extended education

  • Food additives application in manufacture of a foodstuff. Ingredients industry XXI. Extension courses (2011)

  • Strategic management. Production management. Company law support. Logistics. Extension courses (2007-11)

  • Project management. Extension course (IBI, 2008)

  • Quality management. Human resource management. Time-management and other trainings (2008-09)

  • ERP-system corporate management. Seminar (2010)



April 2010 – Present

Deputy General Director (Production and R&D)

^ GIORD CJSC (food-ingredients and additives market operator, food-ingredients manufacturing )

  • Re-engineering of food additives production. Recipes working out – domain of baking and confectionery.
    Technology working out, Equipment installation, adjustment and commissioning, personnel training. Working out of new kinds of production and perfection of available assortment: horeca and food concentrates, confectionery and dairy

December 2008 – March 2010

^ Consultant – Expert (private engineering practice, audit and consulting)

  • Industrial and sanitary audit, technological and methodical consulting, recipes working out and analytical works in the field of manufacture and trade in food additives, components and raw materials

November 2003 – November 2008

^ Production Director – General Director (Bargus Ltd., Foundation 2004-08)

R&D Department Head (Globar Ltd., 2003-04)

GLOBAR – BARGUS Group Companies Ltd. (food-ingredients and additives market operator, food-ingredients manufacturing)

  • Production organization and carrying out of food additives (start-up). Food additives composition recipes, certification, equipment and laboratory units procurement. Development, research and engineering, project and design, administration. Productivity – above 3120 t/year, 1 shift, staff – 25 pers.

July 2003 – November 2003

Equipment Department Head

^ FARMACON JSC (chemical-pharmaceutical plant)

  • Selection and procurement of technological, pilot and laboratory equipment. Drawing-designing department scientific and engineering consultant

February 1996 – July 2003

Several positions: from Laboratory-Assistant Engineer to ^ Head of Production Section

MIXING Ltd. (chemical mixing machine-building, scientific and engineering consulting, drivesystems, household chemical goods manufacturing)

  • Production management of varnishes, paints, cleaning means; Equipment design and calculation, simulation experiments, research engineering; Advertising and exhibition work: editor, corrector, sales

^ Additional Information

  • Expert in mixing and blending technology of heterogeneous media (powders, emulsions, suspensions, pastes & gels, foams and multiphase) and industry process engineering (chemical and allied industries' processes and apparatus). The graduate of Unique Russian University and engineering school of technological and process engineering:
    SPb. Technological Institute – LenNIIhimmash (Institut of Chemical Mixing Mechanical Engineering) – Mixing Ltd.
    (The leading Russian organizations in field of mixing & blending technology of XX centure)

  • Extra specialization: food additives manufacturing management and engineering, research and development, compositions recipes and application (colorants, flavours, vanilla flavours, sweeteners, baking powders, stabilizers, grain mixtures, ferments, food concentrates, semi-manufactured goods, phosphates and functional mixtures, etc)

  • Knowledge of main rules of GMP, quality management ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and peculiarity HAСCP in domain of additives (2009)

  • Start-up and successful experience in projects and production control. Composition recipes, experiments and engineering, applied research. Work for the leading enterprises, large projects, foreign work on probation (Drinks plant 'A. Le Coq', Estonia 2008)

  • Project Certificate theme: 'Reorganization of enterprise structure. Development of new assortment. Expansion of food additives and concentrates factory' (IBI, 2008)

  • Thesis theme: 'Base aspects of liquid – gas – solid mixing in stirred vessels' (TI, 2002)

  • Computer skills: MS Office, MS Project and Project-Expert (at the stage of intensified studying), 1С, etc.

  • Working knowledge of English: Pre-Intermediate

(temperate speaking skills, corresponding, professional literature reading)


  • Has created the best (currently) manufacture of confectionery food additives and concentrates in Noth.-West region. Experience of individual works and consulting in the field of food additives and components manufacturing has essentially enriched competence level

  • Analytical, methodical and survey works are published in leading trade magazines and materials of conferences: 'Food processing industry', 'Food ingredients: raw materials and additives', 'Business of food ingredients', 'Confectionary manufacture' and others, 2010-11

  • Projects and works in the field of popularization of Russian military engineering history have also received international social recognition: Honorarii Codicilli 'Doctor – Ingeniarius', Insigna badges of engineer's professional qualification 2010

Personal Information

Date of Birth: 17th July 1973

My moto is 'creativity, metodology, actyvity lead to success' Hobby: history of engineering, literature, arts


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