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Unleashing The Bloodthirsty

НазваниеUnleashing The Bloodthirsty
Дата конвертации11.09.2012
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Unleashing The Bloodthirsty


Spirits await rebirth

From their sleep

They will soon awake

Restless dead

Catching the wiff of hate

Blood they anticipate

They will soon drink


Subconscious attraction

On their graves

Blood will now spill

Ancient bones

Reform in grounds below

Born, as the blood will flow

Killing is all they know


They live, they thirst



Pieces become a whole

For their strength

Blood is absorbed


Aeons of building rage

Death an immortal cage

Now they are freed

Livid beasts

Rising now for revenge

From the past

Hate comes alive


Restruct evil ones

The demons will come

Cruelity has just begun


They live, they thirst

Blood, blood

First one that they find

Attack the mortal

Claws tear at his face

Pull the flesh fro bone

Decapitate the man

They hold his head aloft

Headless body slumps

The blood is gushing out

Screaming victims fall

Repulsive beasts attack

Gore pours from the torso

Hellish creatures stab

Organs, grisly trophies

Rewards for their rage

Blood drips from their jaws

They disembowel the corpse

Kill with speed

Victims bleed

Wretched souls

Headless on poles

Savage thirst

Vesseles burst

Torn apart

Eat the heart

Vengeance taking form

Endless hatred for the living

Plunderng the world

Paroxysm of the damned

Rapture of their rage

Euphoria from butchery

A dark world will eclipse all life

Barbaric ways forever reign

(solos- Owen, O'Brien, Owen, O'Brien)


They live, they thirst

Blood, blood


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