Always I\

Always I'm locked in my head

НазваниеAlways I'm locked in my head
Дата конвертации11.09.2012
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Fuck yes

Always I'm locked in my head

No pain,

you don't know what I have had

By now, I'm so for sure

Right now, I am yours

My sorrow, I swallow

Follow me, oh hell no

It came unknown to me

Paranoid is controlling all of me

Somehow, a terror so pure

Right now, shit I'm yours

My sorrow, I swallow

Follow me all, oh hell no

Wasn't me, I swallow

Forive me, I don't know

Oh hell no...

This thing I follow

The place, I just get to fuckin' go

A freak, that I'm sure

A freak, that is yours

Punk ass sissy I'm a freak...


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