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Boomerang, Zoomerang, Doomerang

НазваниеBoomerang, Zoomerang, Doomerang
Дата конвертации11.09.2012
Размер8.74 Kb.

Mr. Rogers

Boomerang, Zoomerang, Doomerang

The time has come to realize what you are, what you've done inside

The time has come, we'll have something to talk about

I will tell [too]

Looking back... dumb

And now I realize... old man

how much you really liked him... dumb

This child's mind you terrorized... old man

You came to him... dumb

He really didn't know your lies... old man

Now, his innocence gone... dumb

He's that child you terrorized... old man

This fucking thing that I know, it came to me and you

This fucking thing that I know, because of you

My childhood is gone, because I loved you

My childhood is gone, because I loved you

Be my neighbor

Looking back... child

And now I realize... fucker

How much you really loved him... child

This child's mind you hypnotized... fucker

You came to him... child

You really didn't know his lies... fucker

Now, his innocence gone... child

I'm that child you terrorized... fucker

Fred you told me that everybody was my neighbor

They took advantage of me, like I took a trip anywhere

I wish I wouldn't have watched you, I really mean it

My childhood, a failure

What a fuckin neighbor

I hate you, I will tell [too]

This fucking thing that I feel

This fucking thing that I feel

My childhood is gone

My childhood is gone

I will tell...


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