We've got no time to lose

НазваниеWe've got no time to lose
Дата конвертации11.09.2012
Размер5.06 Kb.



We've got no time to lose

Your news is old news

Hate this, hate me, hate this

Right approach for the wrong

It's time to spread the word

Let the voice be heard

All of us, one of us, all of us

Dominate and take the motherfucking world

Mass prediction, unification

Breathing life into out lungs

EVERY creed and EVERY kind

To give us depth for strength

Taught when we're young to hate one another

It's time to have a new reign of power

Make pride universal so no one gives in

Turn our backs on those who oppose

Then when confronted we ask them the question

That's wrong with their mind

What's wrong with your mind

(Chorus) It's time to RISE

We've lived with past mistakes

And we've lived with our own

Forgive, forget forgive

Be a man, not a child

There are to tears for peace

Of the common sympathies

Educate, reinstate, educate

A thing of past

The trouble in the states

It's time to rise


We\Large Hadron Collider is it safe for our planet or not? Let’s compare the facts
«When cosmic rays bombarding the Earth from time to time they are energetically equivalent to collisions on the lhc»
We\Oh, I like to sleep till noon-time every day, Oh, she likes to sleep till noon-time every day

We\Party time

We\One More Time Always it's coming

We\Higher Than Hope Time it took the most of me

We\Here to Stay This time, I'm taking it away

We\Oh my love for the first time in my life

We\Now you're mine I am the master of your whipping time

We\We'll Gring That Axe For a long Time

We\A long time ago I never knew myself

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