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Throes Of Rejection

НазваниеThroes Of Rejection
Дата конвертации11.09.2012
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Throes Of Rejection


This is feeding what I am.

It's like salt poured into a deep, infected wound. It's the

type of pain you really dig and long for. I've always been

Insecure to open up and show love. Some pretty girl with

Long hair, some bald guy writhing.

rejection...The kind that's self induced. The tongue that's

Bitten through. The nauseating stab. Is feeding what

I am. A short fuse.

If there really is a god, then it's punishing me constantly.

She let me taste that sugarhole and of course, I wanted


But no. I'm reduced to a Rottypanol snort and a lot of drinks.

This shit goes on and on. Just look down my pants.

Rejection...It ain't a fucking game. My human dick to

blame. A sociopathic plan. Is feeding what I am.

Rejection...Takes life away from eyes. Will give you to

The skies. It makes me more than a man. Is drowning

What I am.


Throes Of Rejection iconThroes Of Rejection

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