Now you\

Now you're mine I am the master of your whipping time

НазваниеNow you're mine I am the master of your whipping time
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Sex. Murder. Art.


Now you're mine

I am the master of your whipping time

The smile

On my lips

The look of horror on your face



Can't rid the sexual fascination


You deny

My face of pleasure, the gleam in my eye


You're nothing

An object of animation

A subjective mannequin

Beaten into submission

Raping again and again


My princess

Dangling in distress


To discipline

My sole purpose never ends


On your knees

My satisfaction is what I need

The urge

To take my fist

And violate every orifice


Slaves to my torments

Scream to your heart's content

Time and time again

Pleasure in inflicting pain

Power so intense

Trying to circumvent

Unadulterated battery

Manipulated reality

God is dead, I am alive


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