Wasteland's caress morten Veland

НазваниеWasteland's caress morten Veland
Дата конвертации11.09.2012
Размер5.99 Kb.


Morten Veland

I mourn thee by dusk

I mourn thee by dawn

Crave for thy gloss

To seek the silent glades beyond

Precious a glance

Thy veils now unfold

Tearfull she dance

Into this nightfall I behold

Grieve at night

Thy bereavement and thy loss in life

Grieve by day

Thy devotion and thy pass away

Beyond the veils of dawn

From where she Siren calls

The sunset seize within as I walk

Through velvet dusk and dawn

Condemned to rise and fall

So grievous through the night she calls

The beauty I once lost

I mourn thee my beloved

Far beneath thy heavens lost

Where I once pale and cold

Beheld thy rarest rose


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