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Where are you? I miss you extremely

НазваниеWhere are you? I miss you extremely
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Where are you?

I miss you extremely.

Dreaming of you,

Sketching your features,

Drawing words

In the dance of my thoughts,

Touching you.

Scratching the door,


Streaming to you,

Time-space leaving

Through the absurd


Turned to you,


Scrabbling my skin

My heart to pieces,





Writhing out

The breath

To live.

Seeking for you.

Search, grieve,

Creeping and crying.

Heart is tightened,

Pulls sinews, rolls up into clot,

Presses, obsesses, drags out with death.

Faithful to bear, weak to forget.

Curved on the floor

I am lying alone,

Tired, exhausted, indifferent, torn…


What do you know of me


What do you know of yourself


Our words are leaves


Our souls

Living in us

Trough us born

Burning on lips

In tears moaning

Growing groaning drowning

Sweeping away in the gardens of

Rustling limbs

Among the beams


Feel the warmth

Of my breath.


I am touching your lips

Mellow, moist.


I whisper endearing words

In your ear

Murmuring, rustling.

Stroking hear, cheek,

Sliding down.

Your tongue

Is touching my breasts,

Shameless, slaughtering,

Stretching, streaming…

Belly is strained,

Paining, burning,

Pulsing, desiring,

Pushing, wanting,

Begging, teasing.

Fingers are moist,

Searching, examining,

Pressing, reproaching,


Straightened, impudent,


Reaching the depth.


Blind pressing,



I want you


And writhing,


And moisture

On skin



I lick you.


I gorge you.

Touching you slightly,

Examine you,

Brush you,

Learning you,


Absorbing you,

Gushly ruining you,


Rising rushly,

Rupidly breathing,

Releasing you,


Savouring you,


Touching you,


Your skin

Burning and missing

The touch,


Heated and cold,


Your body with mine,



As if you did not leave

As if you’re still with me.

As if I drink the words

From your exhausted lips.

As if I am not alone

As if I did not scream

As if the night approach

Is not defeating stream.

As if I still can smile.

As if I am fulfilled.

As if I dream of us

As echo of your dreams.

As if I still have strength,

As if I am not torn,

As if this pain’s invented

Nightmare though stern.

As if I still have hope

And under close eyes

I see you coming in

As if we’re meant to rise.

I wish to know

Where you are tonight

What you are thinking of

Whether you weep or smile

Whether you laugh or grieve

Whether you love or leave

Where you walk, with whom

Whether I am still doomed

To you…

Please, don’t leave me.

What I can tell you now

In the these words

I shall not repeat ever:

Rhythm justifies weakness.

Writing is link to you.

Writing is way to survive.

I am doomed to half-being

Without you.

Half of me is missing,

Pale, breathless.

Waiting for you to come.

I fear to bleed you.

I fear to lose you.

Just whisper: I miss you.

I need you. I lose you??

Don’t leave me…

You’re giving me life.

Am I a burden for you?


I love you…

I shall deserve you.

I shall grow up

To match you,

To reach you.

Please, my sweetheart…

I am dried out without you.

Only me, not us.

Half human being.

Dissected and cut.

I am turning to you

And falling in dumbness.

Words are freezing,

Bursting the throat.

Still hope squeezing the heart

Locking in iron ring.

Will is moaning…

Tears are running through face.

Salty faith.

Pain. The prayer.

Overthrown, still alive. What for? Why?

Hope orders to live!

Step by step, breath by breath – slow win.

Learning lessons.

Your word as an award for suffering, bearing cross.

Easy way: no wish – no pain.

Harder way: to wish, to desire, to love, to crave – and

To pay for these gifts, and to learn and to pray.

Pain and remember, desire for more!

Carving your heart with wounds of sorrow.

Learning from losses?

Please, enough!

Grant us to share, to live, to love…


I miss you…


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