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My country

  • Russia


  • Symbol

  • Stripe

  • Noble

  • Sincere

  • Honest

  • Devoted

  • Motherland

  • Birch tree

Symbols of Russia


  • Is Russia the biggest country in the world?

  • What mountains divide Russia into two parts?

  • What is Russia rich with?

  • What river is the longest in Europe?

  • What can you tell about Russian symbols?

The Russian Capitals

  • How old is Moscow?

  • Where is Moscow situated?

  • Who founded Moscow? When?

  • Who moved the capital of Russian to a new city? When?

  • When did Moscow become the capital of Russia again?

Famous Russian Generals

Great Victory

  • Who conquered Russia in 1812?

  • Whose army was stronger?

  • Why was Smolensk the “key city”?

  • Where did the famous battle begin?

  • Why did Russian army win the battle against the strongest enemy?

The end

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My country Russia iconCountry index

My country Russia iconMy freedom is best Whole country's on house arrest

My country Russia iconState of the Country. New Taxes. The King's Conscience Troubled

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My country Russia iconДокументы
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My country Russia iconRussia

My country Russia iconМодернизация и демократия Журнал "Россия -xxi" на сайте www russia-21. ru С. Кургинян «Кризис и другие»
Журнал "Россия -xxi" на сайте www russia-21. ru С. Кургинян «Кризис и другие» Завтра No: 7
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