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year iconYear год выпуска фильма или время концерта (Year year of release of film or time of a concert)

year iconДокументы
1. /New Year/2008_сценарий нов года.rtf
2. /New...

year iconText one the passionate year

year iconPulse Of The Maggots This is the year where hope fails you

year iconO. V. Afanasyeva I. V. Mikheeva 8 form End – of – year test

year iconHalf-of-year-test I. Complete the sentences using your active vocabulary

year iconI watched some of the Lectures last year and was very impressed with the plans for an amsat satellite for Mars

year iconДокументы
1. /Sailor New Year.txt
year icon10 Form Half-of-Year Test O. V. Afanasyeva I complete the sentences using Present Simple or Present Continuous of the verb given in brackets

year iconOne of the villagers about Dennis Varley's murder of his sister. I'm sure you know it, so I won't tell you again.'
Г fell. Everything just went black. I left the house the next day. I know that I'll die in a year and something terrible will happen...
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