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Where should I start?

НазваниеWhere should I start?
Дата конвертации07.09.2012
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And One

Where should I start?
Disjointed heart
I've got not commitment
To my own flesh
And I'm left all alone
Can't find my home
No one to hear me, to heal my ill heart, I
Keep it locked up inside
I cannot express to the point I've regressed
If anger's a gift, then I guess I've been blessed, I

Pre chorus:
Keep it locked up inside
Keep my distance from your lies

It's too late to love me now
You helped me to show me
It's too late to love me now
You don't take a word in

Breaking a part of my heart to find release
Taking you out of my blood to bring me peace (2x)

Breaking a part of my heart to find release (Break)
Taking you out of my blood to bring me peace (Me)
Breaking a part of my heart to find release (Too)
Taking you out of my blood to bring me peace

Pre chorus

Chorus (2x)

Keep my distance (4x)


She can't hide no matter how hard she tries
Her secret disguise behind her lies
And at night she cries away her pride
With eyes shut tight, staring at her inside
All her friends know why she can't sleep at night
All her family asking if she's all right
All she wants to do is get rid of this hell
But all she's gotta do is stop kidding herself

She can only fool herself for so long (3x)
She can only fool herself

I'm too weak to face me
I never know just why you run
So far away, far away from me
I never know just why you run
So far away, far away from me

When it comes to how to live his life
He can't be told
Says he's got it all under control
Thinks he knows it's not a problem he's stuck with
But in reality, it'd be a problem to just quit
An addict and he can't hold the reigns
The pain is worse 'cause his friends have it the same
Tries to slow down the problem he's got
But can't get off the carousel
Until he makes it stop

He can only fool himself for so long (3x)
He can only fool himself


Try to fly with the wings I gave you
Try to do what you believe and I'll save you

Chorus (4x)

High Voltage

Just do something to tell you who I am, ya know?

It's high voltage you can't shake the shock
Because nobody wants it to stop, check it out (4x)

I've been taking into crates ever since I was livin' in space
Before the rat-race, before monkeys had human traits
Mastered numerology and big-bang theology
Preformed lobotomies with telekinetic psychology
Invented the mic so I start blessin' it
And chin-checkin' kids to make my point like an impressionist
Many men have tried to shake us
But I twist mic cords to double helixes and show them what I'm made of
I buckle knees like leg braces
Cast the spell of instrumental-ness and all of the emcees that hate us
So try on, leave you without a shoulder to cry on
From now to infinity let icons be bygones
I fire bomb ghostly notes haunt this
I've tried threats but moved on to a promise
I stomp shit with or without an accomplish
(Mixed media)
The stamp of approval is on this

Chorus (2x)

Akira, put a kink in the backbones of clones with microphones
Never satisfy my rhyme jones
Sprayin' bright day over what you might say
Blood type carillon
Technicolor type A
On highways with road rage I'm patient to win
The cage and the tin to bounce all around
In surround sound devouring the scene
Subliminal gangrene paintings
Overall the same things sing songs karaoke copy madness
Break bones verbally to sticks and stone tactics
Fourth dimension, combat convention
Write rhymes at ease while the tracks stand at attention (Attention)
Meant to put you away with the pencil
Pistol, official, 16 line rhyme missile
Why you risk it all, I pick out of your flaws
Spin, blah-blah-blah-blah
You can say you saw

Chorus (4x)

Chorus (4x)

Part of Me

Part of me won't go away
Everyday reminded how much I hate it
Weighted against the consequences
Can't live without it so it's senseless
Wanna cut it out of my soul
And just live with a gaping hole
Take control of my life
And wash out all the burnt taste
I made the problems in the first place
Hang my head low 'cause it's part of me
Ya hardly see right next to the heart of me
Heard of me the routine scar
New cuts cover where the old ones are
And now I'm sick of this
I can't stand the sandpaper thoughts that grade away on my sanity
I rather not even be then the man that's staring in the mirror through me

Pre chorus
Cut myself free willingly
Stop just what's killing me (4x)

I feel it everyday
I feel I made my way
I feel it swell up inside, swell up inside
Swallowing me

It can't be frightening if you've never felt it
Once it's been dealt with you feel like you've been touched by something angelic
And then melted down into a pool of peace
Cease to be the animal you used to be
Remove the broken parts you know were wrong
And feel the karma when the problem's all gone
And then you start to see another piece of yourself that you can't let be
And that reason'll last fight to free yourself
Take it to the depths of the bottom of the well
And now you know you can choose to lose the part in your heart
Where your insides bruise
You can live if you're willing to
Put a stop to just what's killing you

Pre chorus (4x)


(Alive in me, inside of me, a part of me screams away silently
This part of me won't go away, part of me won't go away
Everywhere I look around I see how everyone aught to be
Every time I see myself I see there's always something wrong with me)

Chorus (2x)
I feel it swell up inside, swell up inside, swallowing me (2x)

Step Up

Watch as the room rocks
Mentally moonwalk
Mixed media slang
Banging in your boom box verbal violence
Lyrical stylist
In a time when rock hip hop rhymes are childish
You can’t tempt me with rhymes that are empty
Rapping to a beat doesn’t make you an emcee
With your lack of skill and facility
You’re killing me
And a DJ in the group just for credibility
I heard that some of you are getting help with your rhymes
You’re not an emcee if someone else writes your lines
And rapping over rock doesn’t make you a pioneer
Cause rock and hip hop have collaborated for years
But now they’re getting randomly mixed and matched up
All after a fast buck and all the tracks suck
So how does it stack up? None of it’s real
You want to be an emcee you’ve got to study the skill

Who can rock a rhyme like this?
Bring it to you every time like this? (2x)
Step, step up, step, step up

So you pick up a pen and write yourself a new identity
But mentally you don’t have the hip hop energy
With a tendency to make up stories
Sounding like the only hip hop you’ve heard is top 40
And your record company is completely missing it
All the kids are dissing it for not being legitimate
So in a battle you can't hack it
React with whack shit
And get smacked with verbal back flips
Get your ass kicked by fabulous battle catalysts
It's taken decades for emcees to establish this
You’re new to hip hop and welcome if your serious
But not on the mic
Leave that to the experienced

(Using the waves of sound the true master paralyzes his opponents, leaving him vulnerable to attack)

Chorus (2x)

(After years of pain staking research by the world's leading sound scientists, we here at the sound institute have invented a reliable audio weapons system. Actual movement of musical sound in space used to carefully attack and neutralize the cellular structure of the human body, and the question must be asked.)

Chorus (2x)


You must excercise the proper technique.



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