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Form 10 O.V. Afanasyeva

Unit 2

I. Form compound adjectives using the words from lines A and B and complete the sentences with them:

A. Old, breath, highly, white, house, terror, good, new, high, dish.

B. Taking, washing, washed, flying, qualified, fashioned, stricken, warming, looking, born.

1. Dan looked at the __ kite. 2. When Aunt Polly saw the __ fence, she was very surprised. 3. I hate washing up, I must buy a __ machine. 4. The view from the top of the hill was __ 5. The __ baby was so cute and sweet.6. I was __ when I saw a huge dark figure appearing from the darkness. 7. Ann is not beautiful, but she is certainly a __ woman. 8. Uncle Jack was carrying an __ leather case. 9. They were __ engineers with a lot of experience. 10. We’ve just moved in and we are having a __ party on Saturday. (20 points)

II. Fill in the spaces using the correct word:

1. John looks very (sad/sadly). 2. It’s growing (cold/coldly). 3. Tom appeared (unexpected/ unexpectedly). 4. She looked at me (sad/sadly). 5. The music sounds too (loud/loudly). 6. The goulash smells (delicious/deliciously). 7. Mm! It tastes (well/good). 8. The boy is only six, but he reads (well/good). 9. Dennis seemed very (nervous/ nervously) at the exam. 10. She greeted us (cold/coldly). (10 points)

III. Complete the sentences using on, out, through, away, down, for:

1. The work was carried__ by the local firm. 2. Carry __ with your essays. 3. Her passionate belief in justice carried her __ .4. They have failed to carry __ your orders. 5. His strong determination carried him __ his illness. 6. The echoes gradually died__ .7.The wind died__ during the night. 8. “I am dying __ a coffee.” 9. This species died __ long ago. 10. The music and laughter soon died__ .

(10 points)

IV Complete the sentences with the right word:

1. The children set their new boat____ 2. The __ pieces of wood made the surface of the water look dirty. 3. The __ yellow leaves made the pond very attractive. a) afloat b) floating

4. Her __lok told me more than words. 5. David was watching her with wide, __ eyes. 6. You do know, don’t you? You are just __ to tell me. a) afraid b) frightened

7. At night she lay __ beside her sick child. 8. The noise kept her __.

9. In his __ hours he lay thinking about his family. . a) awake b) waking

10. His clothing caught __ 11.The __ leaves smelled rather unusual. a) alight b) burning

12. My father died last year but my mother is still __ .13. We found a bar that had __music on Saturdays.14. A TV programme can be watched __ at the same time as it happens. a) alive b) live

(14 points)

V. Match the words and the modifiers:

all , 2. fast, 3. safely, 4. wide, 5. very much, 6. sound

a) awake, b) alone, c) alight, d) afloat, e) asleep, f) alive (6 points)

VI. Fill in the spaces using the correct adverb:

1. John is (hard/hardly) a man to be afraid of. 2. Tom was (wrong/wrongly) believed to be a thief. 3.Think (hard /hardly) before giving your answer. 4. I got the phone call only (late/lately) at night. 5. We were so tired, we could (hard/hardly) move. 6. I have a lot of friends, (most/mostly) girls. 7. John is (right/rightly) praised for his fluent French. 8. He’s been working hard (late/lately). 9. This answer is (wrong/wrongly). 10. (most/mostly) teachers in secondary schools are women.

(10 points)

Корякина Раиса Васильевна, учитель гимназии №1 г. Мончегорска


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