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  • Ture Hammar

  • Danish Energy Authority

  • “Complex Solution of Energy and Ecology Problems of Enterprises and Municipalities”

  • Yalta , Ukraine

  • May 23-27 2005

Overview of presentation

  • Outlook for European energy supply

  • Energy efficiency potentials in Europe

  • The win-win opportunities

  • Danish experience & action plan

  • Priorities in the EU green paper for energy efficiency

  • Project ideas for co-operation with Ukraine

Outlook for European energy supply

  • 50 % energy import, growth to 70%

    • Import grew 20% 1995-2001
  • Still high energy intensity in sectors & regions

    • e.g. twice the average in new EU member states
  • Oil & gas prices fluctuating, growing

    • Oil prices set new records this spring
  • Security of energy supply essential

    • Interruption of gas pipelines
  • EU Kyoto commitment minus 8% before 2008-2012

    • GHG emissions grew 4% 1990-2001
  • EU Lisbon criteria

    • Economic growth & sustainable development
  • Win-win-win opportunities?

Energy efficiency potential

  • EU 20% of energy use could be saved cost/effectively

  • In Central & Eastern Europe the potential is much higher

    • Huge potential in buildings, DH network and CHP stations (source: K. Brendow)

Energy efficiency potential

Energy efficiency efforts - examples

Danish energy conservation potential

Space heating in Denmark 1980-2001

jpg" alt="">

Examples of good practice in Denmark

  • Energy conservation law cover all policies & measures, annual update

  • Energy efficiency action plan in 2005

  • Good results in the housing sector

    • Energy labelling of houses (certificates)
  • District heating, CHP and renewables strong combination

    • CHP covers 60%, wind power 25% of total electricity use
  • Electricity Saving Trust great success

    • Efficient appliances have taken over the market

Energy label for houses

Overview of presentation

Electricity saving campaigns

EU energy efficiency green paper I

    • EU prepares green paper before summer 2005
    • High level committee
    • New action needed:
    • Energy services:
    • energy audits
    • energy efficiency funding & contracting & clearinghouse
    • metering, billing, tariffs
    • public procurement
    • white certificates

EU energy efficiency green paper II

    • ECO design standards
    • appliances
    • boilers
    • stand by (www.action1watt.com)
    • power supplies
    • pumps
    • electric motors
    • Labelling
    • Installed equipment
    • Building products

EU energy efficiency green paper III

    • More measures
    • strengthening requirements to existing buildings
    • awareness campaigns
    • agreements concerning industrial processes
    • targets for CHP & market mechanisms
    • - and much other: transport, taxation, etc.

Perspectives to Ukraine

    • Many policies & measures to be adopted –
    • and many of them are win-win opportunities:
    • benefits for economy, environment, security, and life quality improvement - e.g. through increasing employment
    • One idea could be market transformation for appliances, equipment etc. by introducing energy labelling & efficiency standards & awareness campaigns
    • Another idea could be to introduce requirements to the efficiency of new and existing building stock


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