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1. /Mother.Agenda.Vol-10.docJanuary 1, 1969

March 15, 1969

(Mother listens to the English translation of “Notes on the Way” for the coming Bulletin, then remarks at the end:)

It’s absolutely as if I were wrapped in a layer of cotton wool! … (Laughing) Maybe it’s to give me some rest!

(To Nolini:) Isn’t it a deadly bore? It’s useless, no?

(Nolini, in English:) Oh, no! It’s very nice. It’s something more than words.

(Mother, in English:) No, truly, I am not fishing for compliments; I sincerely say that it’s a bore, no? …

(Nolini:) No!

They will say, “Mother is beginning to drivel.”

(Nolini laughs and goes out)

What’s new?

(Satprem remains silent,
contemplating Nolini’s “very nice”)

This Consciousness has a fantastic imagination! … It makes me see all kinds of fantastic possibilities regarding what will happen in the future. Like, for instance, for a woman, instead of dying, to be born again in her own child …. Things would be different from what they are now, there would be a capacity to form the child, not with a “material complement,” but with a spiritual complement (“spiritual” is a manner of speaking: the complement of an invisible force), and instead of dying and entering another body, one would oneself be able to form, with the most developed cells of one’s body, the being in which one will live again …. Quite an idea, isn’t it!

It came very early this morning (it’s always at that time), and with all the details, and an extraordinary INTENSITY of life! … You see, in the body certain cells are developing as much as they can, growing increasingly conscious, and instead of disintegrating when the whole becomes inadequate to express the fullness of life, it’s INWARDLY that all those cells would gather to form a new body with a matter superior to ordinary matter.

It was so interesting that I looked at it for hours this morning, and in every detail.

But it’s precisely the kind of thing that can’t be said: it should be DONE. Saying them is absolutely useless! What’s needed is to do them.

It came like that …. It comes like a shower! It’s strange.


Nothing to say? Do you have any news?

Wouldn’t you rather have something else to say?


There’s a line from my mother. [Satprem reads a letter relating his mother’s sudden cure after a cancer had been feared: “My condition suddenly became normal again, and I didn’t doubt Mother’s intervention ….”]

It’s good ….

(long silence)

This Consciousness seems to have brought along a whole new field of possible experiences in the very material field, while doing away with … (what should I say?) a certain number of things that men have declared to be impossible; it seems to have done away with that impossibility, saying, “This and that and that CAN be done.” So the horizon has extraordinarily widened.

But that should be lived concretely.


March 19, 1969

(Mother listens to the English translation of the conversation of February 15 – “These cells, other cells, it was life everywhere, consciousness everywhere …” – for “Notes on the Way,” then remarks in English:)

It’s just like the bark of something! … Too bad!


Soon afterwards

Oh, you know, it’s really amusing! It [this Consciousness] has started telling me … It’s constantly giving lessons to the body – not mental lessons: how the body is beginning to live, see, understand …. It’s odd.

There had always been a question mark …. We can conceive that in the supermind, procreation will be unnecessary, because life on earth will last at will, so it won’t be necessary to have oneself replaced because one is going away But what about the intermediary? There often was the question of the intermediary [between man and the supramental being]: “How is it going to take place, how? …” The old animal way … (Mother shakes her head), although Y. is in favor of its continuation! But then, the other day, mon petit, for several hours, there was a whole lived scene (lived in imagination, of course) … but it’s only a partial solution to the problem. It’s incomplete. This question had been asked: “All this work of transformation of the cells, of consciousness in the cells, with the ordinary way [of dying], won’t it be wasted since the body is going to disintegrate? …” Then there came in a very precise, almost concrete manner: there is a way, which is, before dying, to prepare within oneself a body with all the transformed, illumined, conscious cells, to collect them together and form a body with the maximum number of conscious cells; then, when the work is over, the full consciousness enters it and the other body can dissolve, it no longer matters.

But it was … it was really amusing! And the objections of age, possibility, capacity, no longer existed …. If this intermediary method is considered useful (I mean, practical), the possibility is there; this Consciousness was showing the body that the possibility is there. For – oh, for hours and hours – it insisted, it didn’t want to go! It insisted until the body had completely understood. And there is no need of a material intervention: it can be done (that’s known, there have been fully recognized cases), the physical intervention wasn’t necessary, it was replaced by an intervention in the subtle physical, which was sufficient. All that in every detail, with every explanation and everything …. Then, when it was thoroughly done, it was over, the chapter was closed. But it was really unexpected, I had never thought of such a thing! And the way it was presented! It was so concrete and so simple – so simple, so concrete -and all objections were resolved.

So the body said, “Very well, we shall see.” (Mother laughs) We’ll see.

It’s to avoid wastage, you understand, so the cells that are fully conscious remain together in a group instead of being scattered, and do not risk being dissolved too (which can happen).

Then, once it had been clearly seen (not explained with words, I don’t know how to put it), I said, “Very well, now, we shall see.”

Very well, we’ll see!

There are obviously certain things that come in corroboration; they are based on certain scientific experiments they’re now making, such as birth through an operation:29 there’s no need of a deliberate intervention anymore. So then, it had lost all that morbid, unpleasant side it has in life-all that was completely gone! It was in a wholly different region. That is, a DIFFERENT consciousness, a DIFFERENT way of seeing, of feeling … wholly different. It’s strange, you know, all the reactions we usually have towards things … it all appears meaningless. A sort of vision … the equivalent of a scientific vision, but it doesn’t have that mental character, it’s not like that: it keeps a smile. Everything, everything was seen … in a very curious way, very curious.

So the body really has a great goodwill, it says, “Very well, when the decision is made, we’ll see!” But the body itself knows (just like what we have just heard30) that there is no intervention of personal effort, personal will – it’s not like that, it’s … oh, like beautiful music, you know, unfolding indefinitely (gesture like an immense rhythm). it’s extraordinary. And all that tension, all of it is gone, entirely.

So then, while the vision was developing, there was the answer to all possible objections, based precisely on the presence of this new consciousness which CHANGES things-but changes things while leaving them as they are! I don’t know how to explain.

Our whole way of feeling and reacting to things doesn’t exist in this Consciousness, that’s what’s new with it! There’s always a harmonious rhythm (same gesture), and with anything! Even with what we find disgusting (same gesture).

So, we’ll see.

(long silence)

Yes, the way of seeing, way of feeling, way of reacting, of doing – completely new, and based on this … I might say, this eternal Smile, like that (same vast, rhythmical gesture, like great wings). And that’s completely new. When I see people I haven’t seen for a long time (those I see once a year, on their birthdays), now when they come it’s completely different: this Consciousness immediately becomes active, it takes its stand between me and the person, like this (gesture like a rampart), and it starts speaking to them, telling them things …. And I am a spectator. I don’t speak, of course, I don’t say anything, I remain like that, but I see this Consciousness begin to act, telling people … giving them extraordinary revelations. Things I wouldn’t say, it tells them (in silence, naturally). And it immediately discovers, it knows what the person’s difficulty is, the sensitive spot on which pressure can be applied to bring about change. it’s surprising.

I see a lot of people, and I can imagine that while this Consciousness is so active, it’s really useful.


This Consciousness has become-is becoming – more and more active, and that began when the body lost the sense of a separate individuality, of the ego. That’s how it began. It seems to be the necessary base for manifestation.

It’s really interesting.

The division or separation-the sense of separation – is what appears to be vanishing. It appears to be that. There is still simply a sort of old habit in the expression, which no longer knows how to say things; it’s obliged to go back to the old way and very clearly feels that it doesn’t express anything at all, but it doesn’t know what to do.

There are all manner of subtleties, of nuances that were never perceived before. I could give examples, which in themselves are nothing at all, but which are spontaneous and constant, and effortless. I know … “I,” I don’t know what this I is; it’s what speaks, what collects experiences. It’s not the body, but what uses or works in this body; yes, it’s the consciousness at work in this body, but not like something working ON something else: it’s identified with the body, but at the same time not tied to that identification, in the sense that it feels totally free and independent, and yet it’s identical – what sense can you make out of all that! … Free, independent, AND identical at the same time.

What time is it? (Mother looks at the clock) Oh! …

I was asked for a message for the opening (I was about to say, the opening of the Olympic games!), the opening of the “season of games.” I wrote this (Mother shows a note). I thought it was an opportunity to tell them something:

(Mother reads her text by lamp light, with great difficulty)

Since the beginning of this year a new consciousness is at work upon earth to prepare men for a new creation, the superman. For this creation to be possible the substance that constitutes man’s body must undergo a big change ….

I write almost in darkness, without knowing what I write, and once I’ve written I completely forget what I said!

It must become more receptive to the consciousness and more plastic under its working ….

I am not the one who said that, because I don’t remember at all!

These are just the qualities that one can acquire through physical education. So, if we follow this discipline with such a result in view, we are sure to obtain the most interesting result.”

I didn’t remember at all.

I think it’s good to say that to them …. It’s becoming amusing, you know! (Mother laughs)

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January 1, 1969 iconИсточник: газета "Рыбный Мурман" №117 1969 года
Цымбалюк александр Федорович, капитан траулера «Запорожье» в 1969 году, рт «Макеевка» в 1971-м
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January 1, 1969 iconAtv newsletter January 6, 2009 Circulation 1500+ Vol. 2 No. 22 In this Edition

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