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January 8, 1969

And this descent of the superman consciousness …

Did I tell you I had afterwards identified it?

When you spoke last time, you had identified it.

Yes, but I spoke of “supramental consciousness.”

Later, you said, “Maybe the superman?”

Yes, that’s it. It’s the descent of the superman consciousness. I had the assurance of it afterwards.

It was on the Is’ of January after midnight. I woke up at 2 in the morning, surrounded by a consciousness, but so concrete, and NEW, in the sense that I had never experienced that. It lasted, quite concrete and present, for two or three hours, and then it spread out and went to find all those who could receive it. And at the same time I knew it was the consciousness of the superman, that is, the intermediary between man and the supramental being.

It has given the body a sort of assurance, a sort of trust. That experience has made it steady, as it were, and if it keeps the true attitude, all the support is there to help it.

A certain number of people (I asked afterwards) had the experience, they felt it (not as clearly), felt the presence of a new consciousness – lots of people. They told me (I asked them if they had felt something), they told me, “Oh, yes!” But each with … (Mother twists her fingers slightly) naturally his own special approach.


The curious thing (I’ve noticed it with others) is that when the Action is silent, it’s FAR MORE PRECISE than when it takes place through words. Words are received mentally, and there is always a slight distortion: a distortion of the content of those words. Whereas when the action is direct (Mother makes a gesture of inner communication), it’s very precise.

I don’t want to give names, but I’ve had both examples these last few days. There was someone I was to see only a few days later, so then I put the Consciousness and Force on him, and the change took place, but very clearly and precisely; while to others I spoke of this experience, and they transcribed it: two transcriptions were read out to me, very different from each other (while I very nearly said the same thing), each transcription is different, and there is a slight distortion, different too, in each.

I didn’t correct them because words themselves distort, so …

You see, when I speak, I give words a very precise meaning – very subtle and precise; the other person receives the sound of the word and gives it his own interpretation. But what can we do?

This Consciousness takes on a different “color,” so to speak, in everyone.
It’s the same thing with words: words have a similar, but nevertheless different meaning for each of those who utter them …. We would have to communicate like this (gesture of inner exchange): the direct experience.


January 15, 1969

(After the visit of an “Acharya,” or Jain master, who came surrounded with his disciples.)

He tried every way to make me talk! I refused. I had never seen them, with their mouths covered12 – it doesn’t stop them from talking!

It seems he said yesterday (he came yesterday) that he hadn’t yet begun his sadhana, that he was going round India and would begin his sadhana afterwards …. He asked me for a message; I didn’t tell him anything, but inwardly I said to him, “Be sincere, be sincere ….” But I didn’t speak. He even tried flattery, but it didn’t work! He said, “Oh …” (looking closely to see whether it had any effect), “Oh, I’ve heard about you a lot, but to see you is something else altogether ….” I only had a slight difficulty not to laugh!

There were men and women, they call the women “nuns,” and they too have their mouths covered ….


(Then Mother refers to an American disciple who has set up the whole Greek pantheon in his home and is very unbalanced.)

It’s odd, he is receptive enough: every time I do something, there is a result … but the result he attributes to his gods! So it makes a muddle in his consciousness.


It has remained, this [superman] consciousness. It has remained, it’s very strong, oh! … Today again, with these [Jain] sadhus, I had the experience: it came, mon petit, it was tremendous! It came massively, it enveloped me completely, so I sat very still, like that, behind it: nothing could get through. Interesting … Oh, it really is a power. Down to the vital. Physically, the body cannot respond; there is indeed an action, but … it’s not that. It’s not that. But it has put a vital in the body (you know that the vital had gone away), an awesome vital! That’s quite amusing. You feel as if you were saying to people, “Keep still!”

I am going to try it on A. [the American disciple], I’ll see if it makes him steady on his feet again …. He’ll believe it’s his statue of Athena! It doesn’t matter. Even those who think well still think nonsense, so …

This sadhu, “it” tried to pull him within, but when the pressure became very strong, he started talking! He couldn’t … [bear or contain it]. The disciple who was near him became very excited, but he controlled him.

He began with some banality about “the work I am doing for humanity” (some stupid remark of the sort), and when he saw it didn’t work, he kept as quiet as he could, then started talking again and said what I told you that he had “heard about me a lot, but …” As for me, I kept putting all this consciousness between the body and him.

After all, I enjoyed myself! (Mother laughs)

He had a stick, which he had even wrapped in white! He was all white, and the stick too was white; he carried it like this, as a bishop carries his crosier.

They have completely shut themselves in.

Ah, they’ve deliberately cut themselves off from the world, and they want to assert that: separation is part of their conception.

They have shut themselves in their saintliness.

Many of them, I am sure, have suppressed desires and all kinds of such things in a state of ferment …. But the body kept very still with that [superman consciousness] around it, and the Consciousness kept saying to him, “The individual is nothing, abdicate, abdicate the individual – be sincere, abdicate the individual. The supreme Consciousness alone is ….” It didn’t touch him. I don’t know if something in him received it, but he didn’t notice it …. We’ll see.

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January 1, 1969 iconИсточник: газета "Рыбный Мурман" №117 1969 года
Цымбалюк александр Федорович, капитан траулера «Запорожье» в 1969 году, рт «Макеевка» в 1971-м
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January 1, 1969 iconAtv newsletter January 6, 2009 Circulation 1500+ Vol. 2 No. 22 In this Edition

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