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January 22, 1969

(Again regarding the descent of the superman consciousness.)

I wanted to tell you something, and it’s gone ….

There’s been such a hurly-burly since this morning.

(Mother remains absorbed)

I told you how I was surrounded [by a rampart] …. Oh, but this consciousness is very interesting! It gives me lessons all the time, it’s very interesting!

He15 gives me lessons during the night to tell me the things that must change, and with symbolic sounds to make me clearly understand: he makes me LIVE certain situations to know what needs to be changed – what he does is first-rate!

It’s going on in every detail. I can’t tell everything.

And it doesn’t just concern itself with individuals: it also concerns itself with events all over the world. I see that clearly because it intervenes in the action of this or that nation, I see that mostly at night.

It’s very active.

He’s educating me! Educating this body. That’s really very fine!

(Mother laughs) We’ll see what’s going to happen it depends on the body’s plasticity, of course.


Soon afterwards

There’s a problem I should put to you, an important problem: I would very much like you to ask Sri Aurobindo what we should do. It’s about The Human Cycle. The latest news is that the publisher in Paris is quite ready to publish a first text by Sri Aurobindo. But I’ve started having second thoughts. This Human Cycle was rejected a first time, and by mistake they sent its manuscript back here. I wondered if, after all, that wasn’t a sign that the first volume of Sri Aurobindo to be brought out, rather than The Human Cycle, should not rather be The Synthesis of Yoga? The thought has come to me. It’s very important: what should we begin with? The Human Cycle had seemed to me more exterior and generally accessible.

Do you have the translation of The Synthesis?

I would have to revise it a bit, but it’s a matter of a month’s work. In that case, we could send them the first book, “The Yoga of Divine Works.”

Yes, the Yoga of Works.

I think it’s better, yes.

Yes, it’s newer, more central.

You see, the other [The Human Cycle] discusses things that they’ve already discussed, and it takes a special disposition to understand that the viewpoint is new. While here, it’s wholly new.

I think so, too.

Yes, begin with that.

Personally, I remember, in my case, that’s what completely opened the door.
That’s what made me … “Ah!” And I entered a new thing (with all the Western mental constructions, you understand).

It will be interesting.

Which publisher?

Arthème Fayard.16

It will have to appear in several volumes.

Yes, it should be possible to publish it in three volumes.

That’s it. If it could appear for his centenary, it would be fine.

Certainly! I do expect the first volume to come out this year.17 I still have to work on it a little, but in three weeks or a month I can send them the first volume.


If it could appear in August, it would be fine. Or at any rate, begin in August.


Towards the end

I wanted to tell you a little story (it’s not “seriously” interesting: it’s just amusing as a turn of mind). You know that the doctor went for an outing to a temple in the South, the temple of Tirupathi,18 and it has given me an opportunity to make contact …. These are people who receive crores of rupees every year, they have a huge organization and feed thousands of people every day (from a physical point of view, it takes up a lot of space), and according to what the doctor told me, it’s impeccably clean, wonderful. He himself was surprised. There are several hundred guest houses to lodge people, well, a big affair. So then, everything is based on a god they call “Tirupathi,” I think, and this god gives you whatever you ask him – that’s a widespread belief. They have a statue of him (I had the photo in my hands today), with the god blindfolded. He has four hands opened like this – four hands that give, two on each side – and blindfolded. And it is said, “You see the god and ask him; and without looking at you, he gives you automatically.”

In other words, a god who doesn’t see faults, doesn’t see virtue, doesn’t see … anything: he receives requests, and gives.

It’s curious.

These last few days, I’ve been able to make contact, because I had people there. Today I saw his photo and found it rather interesting (Mother feels the air with her fingers) …. No justice, no discernment, no … simply, you ask, and you get. So if you’ve asked something true, you get something true; if you’ve asked something false, you sink into falsehood. As an idea it’s VERY interesting.

I think it’s the most important religious center in India: it’s on a hilltop, they have an army of trucks carrying people up every day Curious, isn’t it?

And everybody comes, even government people, even scientists, everybody … It’s the need to ask for help from something more powerful than you are.

And this faith: whatever you ask, anything, you get.

I don’t know if it’s always realized in the details, but there’s the principle.

Is there really a force?

There is a force.

Maybe it’s to demonstrate that with faith, trust, and a sort of inner certitude, you BRING THINGS ABOUT.

And this idea: he doesn’t look at your merit or anything (Mother opens her hands) – you ask, and you get.

It’s pretty!

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January 1, 1969 iconИсточник: газета "Рыбный Мурман" №117 1969 года
Цымбалюк александр Федорович, капитан траулера «Запорожье» в 1969 году, рт «Макеевка» в 1971-м
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