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January 25, 1969

(The whole time is spent in contemplation, except for a moment when Mother comes back to say:)

All the time, all the time, something like a slight indication passes by – and noiselessly: it’s not words.


January 29, 1969

What do you have to tell me? Me, I have nothing to say …

Are you tired?

It’s going on …. The difficulties of those around, of the work, of people, keep increasing, from health to understanding (there seems to be a general crisis), but the Help and the Power keep increasing too. It’s like a sort of demonstration.

But the difficulties are taking on rather unpleasant proportions.

(long silence)

Children are nicer and nicer! … The NEW children are truly remarkable. Today I saw Ws little girl: she’s two years old, I think, but she is as children used to be at the age of six or seven. Alert, intelligent … It’s strange.

What do you have to say?

(long silence)

I have a vague impression that I had something to tell you, but I don’t know …

(Then Mother shows a brochure of “=1” on education in Auroville)

… Anyway, it’s not bad.

I don’t know if it’s wrong, but I am no longer interested in any “problem.” I no longer ask myself any questions at all. The speculative mind doesn’t interest me.

Oh, but I might be responsible! … Because for me, that’s pretty much like chatter.

Nothing interests me anymore, except something else that I am waiting for.

Something that must come, yes, that’s right.

So all the rest … People give me books, give me letters, but I am not interested.

That’s it. So she [the brochure’s author] wants to see me …. I find all this so futile!

Yes, it’s something ELSE.


Something WHOLLY OTHER …


which must come.


So all these embellishments of the present are uninteresting, I find.

Exactly And the whole day long, from morning to night, they pester me with fuss of this sort (Mother points to the brochure). And she wants to see me ….

Would you like me to read the brochure and give you an account of it?

No, I’ve read it (not read but listened to it): it’s words. It’s not bad, but it’s words.

Only, she takes it seriously: it’s “education in Auroville.”

But I am so aware that it’s the mind indulging in itself, and going on indulging, so … And if you try to get them out of it, they no longer understand anything.
So the best is to let them. But I don’t see why we should bother to read their stories.

No, really, mental life seems to … go round in circles.

There’s such a mixture! … (It’s Pavitra who read it out to me yesterday evening.) Suddenly there’s a sentence from Sri Aurobindo, then a sentence from Y. [the brochure author], then suddenly a sentence from me, then suddenly one from M. (who has become a great guru) ….

They’ve asked me for articles – not they, others. I said, “What on earth can I say! …” It doesn’t come, I am not interested.

Oh, they’ve asked you …

But going by the echoes from Europe, you get a sense of a huge balloon swelling and swelling more and more (economically, financially, mechanically) and about to burst-it has to burst … into something else. And the Mind is part of this balloon.

Yes, yes, it’s the Mind that seems to have swollen as much as it can, almost to bursting. It’s exactly that.

I was wondering about this: Will it take … a complete bankruptcy of the Mind for people to understand? … Will it burst to end in a zero?

So I am constantly asked for messages (not articles because I no longer write any), but Y wants me to see her and to “note down” what I will tell her. But I know very well that everything I will say will be completely distorted.

One would like to be able to … keep a little quiet.

And they take it all so seriously! They think it’s so important ….

Constantly, the only thing I feel like saying to all these people is, SOMETHING ELSE … SOMETHING ELSE …

Yes, exactly.

I feel there’s nothing else to answer.

(Mother goes into a long contemplation, then speaks in English)

I could remain for hours like this!19

A great Peace has come down. Did you feel that? …

(Satprem:) Yes.

And then it becomes wide, wide, wide ….

(silence, then Mother speaks in French again)

I find it very comfortable!

(Satprem lays his head on Mother’s knees,
then Mother looks at him for a long time)

It’s like BIG eyes looking (Mother gestures to show about eight inches). I have a feeling of BIG eyes looking ….


February 1, 1969

(Mother first translates into French the following extract from a letter of Sri Aurobindo:)

“As for immortality, it cannot come if there is attachment to the body, – for it is only by living in the immortal part of oneself which is unidentified with the body and bringing down its consciousness and force into the cells that it can come. I speak of course of yogic means. The scientists now hold that it is (theoretically at least) possible to discover physical means by which death can be overcome, but that would mean only a prolongation of the present consciousness in the present body Unless there is a change of consciousness and change of functionings it would be a very small gain,”

Sri Aurobindo

(Letters on Yoga, 24.1234)


(Then Mother listens to a series of questions about death, asked by pupils of the School.)

The first question: “What should we do in our daily life to halt the process of death?”

Well, as Sri Aurobindo has just said, the process is, rather than remain wholly attached to the body, to attach ourselves to the Spirit, and to bring the Spirit down into the body’s cells. The process is to detach one’s consciousness from the body and to concentrate it on the deeper life so as to bring this deeper consciousness into the body.

Second question: “If the sense of ‘I-ness’ has identified more with the mind in life, is it the same sense of ‘I-ness’ that has all the experiences after death, that is to say, which retains at the same time the memories of its life? I ask the question with regard to the mind, since after death it remains formed a little longer than the other parts do.”

That’s not true. It’s not true that the mind lasts longer.

Read it again.

“ … Is it the same sense of ‘I-ness’ that has all the experiences after death?”

No, not at all.

The psychic consciousness that has identified with the small part of the physical is what comes out of this small physical person. Insofar as that consciousness has fashioned one’s life, it remembers what it has fashioned, and the memory is closely linked with the psychic consciousness in the past events: whenever the psychic consciousness did not participate in the events, no memory is retained. It’s only the psychic consciousness that can continue.

It’s not the mind that retains the memories, that’s quite wrong.

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January 1, 1969 iconИсточник: газета "Рыбный Мурман" №117 1969 года
Цымбалюк александр Федорович, капитан траулера «Запорожье» в 1969 году, рт «Макеевка» в 1971-м
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January 1, 1969 iconAtv newsletter January 6, 2009 Circulation 1500+ Vol. 2 No. 22 In this Edition

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