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  • Goedemorgen (Good morning in Dutch)?

  • The difference between being effective and efficient?

  • How to build a paper tower?

  • A typical Dutch lunch?

  • Sinterklaas?

Want to revive your memories of the Netherlands-Russian Management Training Programme? Now you can….

This is an invitation!

We are organising a 2-day alumni-seminar and reunion in Moscow on Friday, April 2 and Saturday, April 3.


In august 1998, the first group of 24 Russian managers came to the Netherlands for 10 weeks to receive a training course at TSM Business School and a practical assignment in various Dutch companies. Five years and a number of programme concepts later, more than 200 Russian managers have participated in the Netherlands-Russian Management Training Programme.

To celebrate the programme's 5th anniversary, we have come up with a challenging scheme, focusing on personal and business development. We will not reveal the content yet, but … lunch and dinners are included, as well as hotel accommodation for those living outside Moscow.

During the seminar, we will also launch the alumni association of the Netherlands-Russian Management Training Programme. The association aims to provide a meeting place for alumni, former lecturers and members of the Dutch (business) community, active on the Russian market. Activities would include seminars, excursions, meetings with visiting Dutch delegations, receptions, etc. The association will be run entirely by the alumni in close co-operation with VNO-NCW and the Netherlands Embassy in Moscow.


To take part in the seminar and become a member of the alumni association, just fill in attached application form.

We need your help!

As e-mail addresses get outdated fast, we would very much appreciate it if you could send this invitation to as many of your former colleagues as possible. If you have an updated e-mail address of one of your group mates, than the ones we used, please let us know!

Hoping to hear from you soon!

Best regards

Jorunn Hakkaart

Programme manager


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