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8th the international alanya stone sculpture symposium

Название8th the international alanya stone sculpture symposium
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The International Istanbul Stone Sculpture Symposium has taken place since the year 2004,

organised by the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and The Alanya Municipality.

The aim of the symposium is to contribute to Alanya with quality works of art.

General Conditions

ITEM 1. The International Alanya Stone Sculpture Symposium will take place in Alanya,

between the 1st November – 30th November 2011.

ITEM 2. The participating artists will be chosen by a jury appointed by the Mimar Sinan

Fine Arts University, with two guest jury members representing the Alanya Municipality. The

jury’s decision will be based upon the evaluation of the artists’ application portfolios. At the

end of the symposium, each artist will be given a certificate of participation signed by Mimar

Sinan Fine Arts University and the Alanya Municipality.

ITEM 3. A total of 10 artists (5 Turkish residents, 5 Non-Turkish residents) will be

participating in the symposium. One of these 10 artists will be a member of the academic

staff of the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Sculpture Department, who will also be a

correspondent between the artists and the symposium committee. Only applications from

European or Meditterranian Countries will be accepted. If the jury deems appropriate, the

participating artists may be less than 10 persons. If an applicant has participated in this

symposium in a 5 year period, he/she will lose their right to participate again until the 5 years

are completed since his/her participation.

ITEM 4. The material to be used is “emprador light” marble. (Please refer to

www.dumluozcan.com to have additional info about the marble)

ITEM 5. The symposium’s theme is “child and game”. Artists are expected to realize projects

upon the given theme.

ITEM 6. The sculptures created in the frame of the symposium will remain in the possession

of The Alanya Municipality. The Alanya Municipality also holds the rights of exhibiting these

sculptures in museums or in temporary exhibitions. The artist will allow filming and other

documentation of his/her work and the working process. Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

and Alanya Municipality preserve the rights of using this material for publicity purposes.

ITEM 7. The sculptures produced by the artists in the symposium will be placed in a

sculpture park being constructed in Alanya, when the park is completed; in positions chosen

by the Symposium Committee and The Alanya Municipality.

The transportation, accomodation and breakfast, lunch and dinner will be arranged

by the Alanya Municipality.

ITEM 9. Accomodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner will also be provided by the Alanya

Municipality for the symposium participants’ companions (limited to one person, staying in

the same room as the participating artist). The companions will not be reimbursed for their

travel costs, nor will they be paid for their labour, if any.

ITEM 10. Travel expenses for all artists will be covered as follows: economy class plane

tickets and transfer from the airport. The Alanya Municipality will provide the plane tickets

and send them to the participating artists.

ITEM 11. To each artist who has completed his work in the given time and place will be

given a total of 2000€ (TwoThousandEuros) for equipment expenses and copyright. 1000€

(OneThousandEuros) of the total amount will be paid in the first week of the symposium,

the remainder will be given after the symposium is completed, along with the certificate of


ITEM 12. The selected artists who notify their desicion not to participate or those who do not

show up without a notice of excuse in the first five days of the symposium will lose their right

to participate.

ITEM 13. The artists are obligated to remain in the symposium working area during the

symposium working hours. The symposium officials must be notified of the excuse for

leaving, if needed. In any exceptional situations, the Symposium Committee will have a right

to assess the situation.


ITEM 1. The application portfolios, which will be the base of choice for the jury regarding

the participating artists, must contain the following:

• Application form;

• Artist’s CV (with photograph of artist) not exceeding one typed page, explaining the

10 most important events the artist has attended, in English or Turkish;

• visual documentation of the artist’s previous works in .jpeg format;

• The sketches, model or the photographs of the model of the proposed artwork for

the symposium, showing different angles, the mounting sketch, the dimensions for

the block or blocks of stone to be used, not exceeding 3m3 in total, and if needed, an

explanation of the quantity and type of additional material to be used in the proposed


• If the artist sees necessary, a short explanation of the proposed artwork in English or


• E-mail address for communication.

ITEM 2. The application portfolio not excluding 1.5 MB in total, including all of the

documents listed above must be sent to the following address before 17.00 on the 20th of

August, 2011, via email: alanyasemp@gmail.com.

ITEM 3. The documents in the portfolios may be used in press releases, the symposium

catalog which will be published at a later date, and similar publications.


Working Conditions

ITEM 1. The Alanya Municipality will provide each artist with a maximum of 3m3 block/

blocks of marble in total, cut in accordance to the artist’s dimension specifications. In

addition, materials needed for the mounting of the sculpture and the base –if specified in

the application portfolio- will be provided by the Municipality. In the event of the usage of

additional materials other than for the mounting of the sculpture, the technical solutions and

expenses will be in the artist’s responsibility.

ITEM 2. The artist will be provided with 220V of electricity, cable systems and a compressor

with necessary hoses and shading.

ITEM 3. The artists should bring along their own small electrical equipment and tools, and

the related expenditure materials.

ITEM 4. The artists will be responsible for insuring themselves for any work related

accidents. The Alanya Municipality will determine health officials in case of an emergency.

ITEM 5. Security officials ensuring the workplace’s safety will be on duty day and night.

ITEM 6. The working area will be outdoors. The artists should be prepared for changes in

weather like sudden rain or a heat wave.

ITEM 7. If the participant fails to complete his / her work in the given time limit of the

symposium for any reason, the Symposium Committee, formed by the Alanya Municipality

and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, at its discretion, reserves the right of considering

the reason and coming to a desicion on the issue. In case of disagreement, only the courts in

Alanya are authorised to judge.

4. The Symposium Calendar

ITEM 1. Participating artists must provide their preferred dates of travel, and if being

accompanied by someone, their name and other needed details should be specified by October2nd 2006.

ITEM 2. The Symposium Calendar:

• August 20th, 2011 – Symposium application deadline.

• September 8th, 2011 – The announcement of results by email to the applicants.

• October 4th, 2011- Deadline for sending in preferred date of travel.

• October 31st, 2011- Arrival of artists, and transfer to accomodation.

• November 1st, 2011 – The beginning of the symposium.

• November 30th, 2011– Closing ceremony. The delivery of the certificates of

participation, payment of the copyright sums.

• December 1st, 2011 – Departure from Alanya.

5. The artists who have applied to participate in this symposium have consented to act

on the above principles and regulations.


8th the international alanya stone sculpture symposium icon8th alanya international stone sculpture symposium 2011 application form

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