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Astrakhan tour.


The rest for women of any age and in any season.

Individual and group tours are possible.

Appropriation. Rest and relaxation with the elements of bringing into a healthy state in the process of which you can have a wonderful rest, correct your figure, restore your nervous system and general tonus.

The tour includes:

Sunday. Arrival,meeting,transferring to the hotel, placement and acquaintance with the programme.

Monday.Going on excursion to the city or to the Delta of the river Volga.

In the evening- lessons of Bellydance in the shaping hall, if you wish.

Tuesday,thirsday. Recovering of your organism by means of natural sounds for getting rid of stress and strain.

Introduction into shaping or improving your skills as means for correcting a figure to make it smart and appealing.

If you wish, you can choose any additional day in the common group monday, wednesday,friday.

Hydro and aeromassage in the swimming pool SPA.

Recovering of an organism by means of aromatherapy for getting rid of stress and strain.

Bath-sauna- after lessons of shaping.

Visiting of infra-red cabin as a means of getting rid of toxins and slags, treatment of kedney deseases, restoration of blood circulation, removal of joint and muscle aches, restorationof nervous and immune system, digestion,rehabilitation after operations, anti-cellulit defence, growing thin.

Wednesday,Friday. Healthy and cosmetic massage – 2 times during a tour.

The lessons of Bellydance for relaxation of a body and lifting up the general tonus for gaining forms and flexibility of a figure- it is up to you to decide.

Saturday. Settingoff to the country side with shashlik and hot wine, reducing power. The evening of variety on Saturday. Guests are invited.

Sunday. Free day. Gatherings. Transferring to the airport or to the railway station.

And also – usage of different kinds of healthy tea,beverages, natural juce

Evening view of relaxing video and audio programmes, specialfood due to recipes of the hostess of the women’s club – Marina Pestryaeva.

The daytime is for communicating relaxing and sleeping.

The tour is led by Marina Pestryaeva, a famous instructor in shaping and eastern dancing.

Placement. Our guests of the tour are placed at the hotel compex. There are single- double and family rooms (for 3 persons).

Meal. Full-bord(3 time meals)

The date of arrival – on Sundays and Mondays.

Duration: 8 days.

The tour can be prolonged up to any number of days multiple to 8.

The price of the 8- tour is 480 c.u.+ the cost of living at the chosen hotel- room is due to the price list.

1 conventional unit – 30,5 rubbles.

The lessons are conducted by Marina Pestryaeva.

The registration is fulfiled by the telephone in Astrakhan: 224576/ 227556. 351797



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