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Chapter 8 To Save a Soul

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Chapter 8 To Save a Soul

Later the same day, Arthur Holmwood and his best friend, Quincey Morris, visited Van Helsing at the hospital. Of course, Arthur was angry with Van Helsing. He was very unhappy about Lucy's death. The idea of cutting her head off made him sick. He refused to listen at first, but Quincey said: 'Perhaps we should listen, Art. I loved Lucy too, remember. I'm as sad as you are. And the professor tried very hard to save her life.'

So Holmwood listened as the professor patiently explained things to him.

'This is the worst thing that I have ever asked another man to do,' Van Helsing said.' When Miss Lucy was alive, I was her friend, not just a doctor. I gave her my nights and my days. In my way, I loved her too. I will do anything to save her soul. This is the only way to do it. So that is why I must ask you to change your mind.' Finally Arthur stood up, took Van Helsing's hand and said:'It's hard- very hard. I can't really understand. But I'll go with you and wait.'

Some time after midnight the four men - Van Helsing, Dr Seward, Holmwood and Quincey Morris — stood in the Westenra family tomb. Van Helsing opened the top of Lucy's coffin, and told Holmwood and Morris to look inside.

There was a long silence. Then Arthur said in a low voice: 'Professor, I know that you are not playing a joke on me. You are too honest and serious for that. But somebody has stolen the body. This is a matter for the police.'

Van Helsing walked away without reply. When everybody was outside, he locked the door to the tomb. He took a white cloth from a bag that he had with him. Inside the cloth there was some bread. He took the bread, broke it into pieces, and pressed it into the space between the door and the stone wall of the tomb. He pressed more bread into the keyhole.

' This is holy bread,' he explained.' I am closing the tomb and now nothing evil can get in.'

'What happens now?' Arthur asked. He was still unhappy about the disappearance of Lucy's body.

'Now,' said Van Helsing,' prepare yourselves. You will need to be very brave. Let us wait behind this tree. We can watch the tomb from there.'

Nobody spoke. A soft wind blew through the trees, then died away. It left a deep, dreamlike silence. An hour passed, and then they saw something move. A white shape was passing through the trees.

The shape stepped out of the shadows into the moonlight, and everybody saw clearly. A golden-haired woman dressed in a white cloth was moving towards the tomb. She was holding a small child in her arms. It was Lucy — but a different Lucy. Her mouth was wet with the fresh blood of the child. It ran down her face. It coloured the white cloth that she was wearing.

Van Helsing stepped out. The woman stopped and, with an angry look, threw the child to the ground. Then she noticed Arthur, and moved towards him.
Arthur moved back and hid his face in his hands, but she continued to walk towards him. Her face changed. She reached out her hand and said, in a sweet and lovely voice:' Come to me, Arthur. Leave these others and come with me. My arms are hungry for you.'

Arthur took his hands away from his face and looked at her. He could not move. Her words of love danced in his head. She was beautiful, she was his Lucy ...

Van Helsing was ready for this. Before Lucy could touch Arthur with her vampire's teeth, he jumped between them, a small gold cross in his hand. With a wild cry and the look of a hungry animal in her eyes, Lucy jumped back, then ran to the door of the tomb. But there again she stopped. She could not get in past the holy bread. Finally she ran into the shadow of a tree. The four men could see the white of her teeth shining in the darkness.

There was silence. At last Van Helsing, still holding up the cross, turned to Arthur. He asked:' Now do I have your permission ?'

Arthur went down on his knees and hid his face in his hands. ' Do what you have to do,' he said, and his voice was shaking.' I've seen the worst already. Nothing can be as bad as that.'

As Dr Seward and Quincey ran to Arthur's side, the professor walked back to the door of the tomb. He pulled out some of the bread. Immediately, Lucy moved from the shadows and disappeared like smoke through the narrow space between the door and the wall of her tomb. Van Helsing then put the bread back.

' My friends,' he said,' we can do nothing more before daylight. She cannot come out. She is tired, and she has not eaten for two nights. She will soon sleep. And then, we will do our work.' As the sky grew light, Van Helsing unlocked the door to the tomb again.

Lucy was asleep inside her coffin. She was more beautiful than ever. Arthur was much paler than she was. But he cried openly as he looked at her. Van Helsing did not have the same feelings. He could not see Lucy Westenra in the coffin. He could only see a vampire with the dried blood of a child around its mouth. He opened his bag and took out some doctor's knives and a thick, long, pointed piece of wood.

' Vampires cannot die of old age,' he said.' They continue to live. They drink blood, and turn other people into vampires. She has already attacked those little children, but they will not suffer. But often people give their blood and then learn to love the vampire. They will become vampires after they die. There was a very great danger of that for you, my friend Arthur.

'But there is a way to save their souls.We can save them from a life of evil and an afterlife of endless punishment.' He pointed to the long, sharp piece of wood.' It is a wonderful thing to save a soul. I can do it. But ...' he looked again at Arthur.' But you should do it, because you loved her best.'

'Oh, my true friend,' said Arthur. 'Tell me what to do. I shan't fail.'

'Brave man,' said Van Helsing.' Take this piece of wood in one hand and place the point over her heart. I shall read some words from this holy book, and then you must push the wood straight through the vampire's heart.'

Still pale, but with a strong hand, Arthur took the piece of wood and a heavy stone. Quincy Morris stood by his side. Van Helsing began to read, while Dr Seward placed the point exactly over the heart.Van Helsing finished reading. Arthur hit the wood with the stone as hard as he could.

The body in the coffin jumped, and the vampire's mouth produced a terrible scream. Its body turned this way and that way, and its sharp teeth opened and shut. Its mouth was soon red with its own blood. But Arthur didn't stop. He hit the wood again and again, deeper and deeper into the vampire's heart. At last, it stopped fighting. There was no movement now.

'Before you leave this tomb,'Van Helsing said to Arthur,' look for the last time at Lucy's face. She is not a vampire now. You have saved her soul.'

Arthur went down on his knees and kissed Lucy for the last time. Then he and Quincey walked, arm in arm, out into the sunlight.

Dr Seward and Van Helsing stayed in the tomb. They had to do one last job. They filled Lucy's mouth with garlic, and cut off her head. Then they shut the coffin for the last time. Outside, the professor gave the key of the tomb to Arthur.

'We have finished the first part of our work,' Van Helsing said. ' Now we must find and destroy the centre of this evil. I want to know: are you ready to follow me into even greater danger?'

One after the other, the three men shook Van Helsing's hand. They knew that he had to finish his terrible work. They promised to help him.

Chapter 9 Carfax House

Mina and Jonathan were married in Budapest, and they returned to England as man and wife. A few days after they arrived, they had a message from Arthur. Professor Van Helsing wanted to meet them.

Van Helsing met them at Paddington Station and took them back to his hotel. Mina told him about her holiday with Lucy in Whitby. Then Jonathan told his story.

'Why haven't you told anybody this story before now?'Van Helsing asked, when he finished.' It is unbelievable.' ' Oh, Professor,' said Mina, looking at her husband's pale, lined face and greying hair. 'He's been very ill. It was weeks before he could even tell me the story.'

Van Helsing then told them everything that happened after Lucy's death. 'You will believe my story,' he said, 'as I believe yours. But no other people will believe us. So we are the only people who can fight this evil. And we can succeed with the information that you have both given me. I want you to join us. We are meeting tonight at Dr Seward's house. You, Mr Harker, know very well the dangers that I am asking you to join me in.'

'... and so, my friends,' Van Helsing said, near the end of his little speech, ' these are the facts that we have discovered about our enemy. He is strong, but he also has weaknesses. He needs to rest during the hours of daylight, and this is his greatest weakness. If we can catch him in his box, we can destroy him.'

' But we need to know where these boxes are,' said Dr Seward.

'We do know,' replied Van Helsing,' because Jonathan told us. They are not far from this room, in Carfax House!'

' Carfax House ?' Jack Seward and Arthur Holmwood said together.

'Carfax is Dracula's house,' Jonathan explained. 'I know, because I helped him to buy it. I am sure that the boxes are there.'

' That explains why Renfield has been so excited,' said Seward. ' Two weeks ago he escaped and he ran to the doors of the old church next to Carfax House.'

' What are we waiting for ?' cried Arthur.' Let's go!'

'Not so fast,' said Van Helsing. 'We must first prepare ourselves.' He took a little, gold cross from his pocket, and a ring of garlic flowers from a box. He hung them both round Jonathan's neck. He did the same to Dr Seward, Arthur and Quincey. But when he came to Mina, he said:' Madam Mina, I will not ask you to join us. It will not be a woman's work. You have already travelled far today and you will need to rest.' Mina wanted to go with them, but Van Helsing refused.

Jack Seward had a lot of old keys on a ring. He tried fourteen before the fifteenth turned. The door opened without a push. Van Helsing made a cross in the air with his right hand and went in first. The floor was dirty, and there was a terrible earthy smell.

' It's his breath,' said Jonathan.' I remember it well.'

Van Helsing counted the earth-filled boxes that were piled against the walls.' Twenty-nine,' he said angrily, turning to the others.' That means that twenty-one boxes have already gone. The enemy is winning.' He started to count them again. Then he stopped when something touched his arm. It was Arthur's hand.

' What is the matter ?' Van Helsing asked impatiently.

' I thought I saw a face,' Holmwood said, pointing towards one of the many dark passages around them.' It was just for a second. A pale face with sharp, red eyes and an evil, smiling mouth.'

Nobody moved for a minute, and then Arthur put on a brave smile.'It was probably just a shadow,' he said.

Quincey Morris walked towards the passage, holding a light high in his hand.' There's no sign of anything,' he called back at last. 'Only walls.' But then he suddenly stepped back, and everybody jumped nervously. The old church seemed alive with movement. The shadowy corners and passages around them began to fill with a strange red light. Thousands of small, red stars began to shine out of the darkness.

' Rats!' Quincey shouted.' Thousands of them!'

' Run for the doors!' Van Helsing cried, and everybody ran. There were rats everywhere — under their feet, in their hair, hanging on to their clothes ... At last they reached the door and shut it quickly. Outside, in the moonlight, it was safe. They took deep breaths of cold, fresh air.

' When we come back tomorrow,' Van Helsing said at last, 'Arthur must bring his dogs.'

' Tomorrow!' cried Dr Seward.' I don't want to come back here ever again.'

'We have to,' was the reply. 'We must destroy these boxes. And then we must find the other twenty-one. Until we do that, we will never destroy the vampire.'

Chapter 10 Of One Blood

The five men were silent as they ate breakfast. Finally, Van Helsing spoke.

'Twenty-one boxes have gone,' he said, with a hopeless look in his eyes.' He's probably taken them all over England.'

' That's a lot of boxes,' said Arthur.' If they were taken out by day, perhaps someone at the hospital saw them. Carfax is very near, and they were probably taken out in the past three weeks.'

Dr Seward put his teacup down with a crash and hurried out of the room. He came back a minute later, waving a piece of paper at his surprised friends.

' Why didn't I think of this before ?' he said excitedly. He told them the story of Renfield's attack on the men who were driving a cart along the road from Carfax House.' I wrote down their

names,' he said finally. ' Here they are, on this piece of paper. Thomas Snelling and Joseph Smollet. Renfield probably knew that they were taking Dracula away in one of the boxes.'

Van Helsing jumped to his feet. His tired eyes were alive again with new hope.' Now we can make our plans!' he smiled.

One hour later, Jonathan was on his way to London to find Smollet and Snelling. The other four returned to Carfax House.

By daylight the place was not as frightening. There were no rats, so Arthur's dogs were not needed. The professor opened every box and placed a piece of holy bread inside each one.' No vampire will ever rest here again,' he said.

When the men returned, Mina was having breakfast. She looked a little pale and unwell. But she happily accepted Dr Seward's offer to show her round the hospital. She was very interested when the doctor told her about Renfield.

' Oh, please can I see him ?' she said.' He sounds very interesting.'

Seward was unhappy about this, but Mina had a very pretty smile. It was impossible to refuse her request.

Renfield was sitting quietly on his bed when Dr Seward brought Mina into his room.

' Good evening, Mr Renfield,' Mina said.' Dr Seward has told me about you.'

Renfield made no immediate reply. He looked at her with a serious look on his face. Then, to Dr Seward's surprise, he said: ' You're not the girl that the doctor wanted to marry ? No, that's impossible. She's dead.'

Mina smiled sweetly as she replied,' Oh, no. I have a husband. I married him before I met Dr Seward. I'm Mrs Harker.'

' So what are you doing here ?'

' My husband and I are visiting Dr Seward.'

' Don't stay.'

'Why not?'

Dr Seward thought that 'the conversation was becoming unpleasant for Mina.' How did you know that I wanted to marry anyone ?' he asked Renfield.

'That's a stupid question,' Renfield said, looking at Seward rudely. Then he turned again to Mina, smiled politely, and talked with her for many minutes about love and life. He even explained to Mina why he liked to eat living things. 'Blood is life, you know. Isn't that true, Doctor?'

Dr Seward was surprised at Renfield's soft voice and polite smile, so he agreed.Then, looking at his watch, he said:'We must go now.'

' Goodbye, Mr Renfield,' Mina said.' I hope we meet often. It's been very interesting.'

Renfield took her hand and looked into her eyes.' Goodbye, my dear,' he said.' I hope I never see your sweet face again.'

At twenty minutes past midnight, Van Helsing was woken by a terrible cry. As he put on some clothes, he heard footsteps in the passage outside his door. It was the night guard, running towards Dr Seward's room with bad news. Renfield was hurt.

When the doctors reached Renfield's room, they found him on the floor. There was blood all over his face and head. He was alive, but his breaths were slow and difficult.

' Get your bag,' said Van Helsing.' This is no simple accident. Something or somebody has tried to kill him. We must cut part of his head open immediately, or he will die. Perhaps he will be able to tell us what happened.That may help us.'

As Van Helsing shaved the hair ofF part of Renfield's broken head, Renfield's eyes opened.' He came,' he said in a weak voice.

' Yes ?' said Seward.

' He came to the window in a mist ... like last night. But last night he was a man, not a mist. He was outside the window, laughing at me. I didn't invite him in at first, but he promised me things. Living things that I could eat — rats, rats, rats — hundreds, thousands, millions of them, and dogs, and cats too ... All lives! АД red blood, with years of life in it... Without thinking, I opened the window. I invited him in. He came through the bars across my window, as thin as a piece of moonlight .. .After that, I waited all day for him ... ' Then Mrs Harker came to my room. I could see from her pale face that he visited her last night. He wanted to visit her again tonight. I was angry with him when I thought of Mrs Harker. She was nice and kind to me. I didn't want him to take the life from her, so tonight I was ready for him.

'When I saw the green mist coming into my room, I held it tight. I know I'm a madman. And madmen are unnaturally strong. I fought him. I was winning — until I saw his eyes .. .They burned into me like fire. I couldn't hold him. A great weakness came over me and then ...' Renfield's voice became quieter and quieter. Then he was silent. Dr Seward took his hand. He was dead.

Without a word, Van Helsing and Seward ran upstairs. They met Arthur and Quincey in the passage outside Mina's room. They stopped and listened at the door.

' Everything seems quiet,' Seward said softly.' Can we believe the words of a madman ?'

'We must check,' said Van Helsing. He tried the door, but it was locked. Arthur threw himself at the door, and it fell open. The four men stood in the doorway. They couldn't believe what they saw.

Moonlight shone through the open window, filling the room with silver light and throwing large, black shadows across the walls. Mina was on her knees at the foot of her bed in her white nightdress. By her side stood a tall, thin man dressed in black. The front of his shirt was open. His left hand held both of Mina's hands tightly. His right hand was on the back of Mina's neck, pressing her face against his chest. At first, they looked like lovers. But there was blood on Mina's nightdress, and blood ran from a wound in the man's neck to his chest. He was pushing her mouth into the blood.

The man turned his face to the four men in the doorway. His eyes burned red. He opened his mouth, and showed his terrible, sharp, white teeth.Then he threw Mina away from him on to the bed and prepared to jump. Van Helsing realized what was happening. He held his cross out towards the vampire. Dr Seward, Arthur and Quincey did the same. The vampire screamed, and a mist filled the room. When the mist cleared a few minutes later, the vampire, Count Dracula, wasn't there.

' It was like a dream,' Mina said weakly from the bed a few minutes later.' The same dream as the night before. I was falling asleep, when a man with shining eyes came to my bed. He opened his shirt and, with his own fingernails, pulled open his neck and pressed my mouth to his blood. While I drank, he said: " Now we have one blood and one mind. You have helped my enemies, but soon you will help me."'

There was silence after she spoke. •:

'But is it true, professor?' she continued, with tears in her eyes, taking his hand. 'Am I tied to him for ever? When I die, must I become... ?'

' My child,' replied Van Helsing, looking suddenly old and grey. 'You are with friends.We will give our lives to keep you safe.We have been careless, but we will not be careless again. The vampire thinks that he has won tonight. But he is wrong.'

Chapter 11 A Race Against Time

Jonathan almost lost his mind when he heard the news about Mina. He hit his head with his hands and cried wildly, like a madman.' Dracula. It's Dracula ... and it's all because of me ...!'

But Mina and Van Helsing calmed him, and soon he was able to talk about his visit to London.' I know where the other boxes are,' he said.' I paid Smollet and Snelling, and I have the address.'

' Then we must go there quickly,' Van Helsing said.' But first we must find a way to guard Mina.' 'I'm coming with you,' Mina said. 'You'll see - I won't be afraid.'

At the London address, the five men and Mina found all except one of Dracula's boxes. They destroyed them, but they did not find the count.

That night they guarded Mina carefully. In the morning Dr Seward asked her how she felt.

'A little tired,' she said.' I was dreaming so much. In my dreams I was always on a boat, and I could hear water.'

Dr Seward turned to the professor. 'Perhaps she can read Dracula's mind while she's asleep ?'

' Perhaps,' Van Helsing agreed.' If she can, Dracula is leaving the country by sea inside his last box. He is going home. But which ship is the box on ?'

'Why do we want to know?' Mina asked. 'He's leaving the country. Isn't that enough ?'

Van Helsing took her hands. 'Madam Mina, that was true a week ago, before you drank the vampire's blood. But now we have to save your soul. We must destroy him.'

They discovered that one ship, the Tsarina Catherine, sailed that morning from London for the Black Sea. The ship's office said that, at the last minute, a man put a box on the ship. He paid a lot of money.

The five men and Mina immediately caught a train to Paris. From there they took a fast train to Varna, and waited for the Tsarina Catherine .They waited for almost two weeks with no news of the ship. Every night Mina dreamed of a boat and the sound of water. Every day Van Helsing and Dr Seward watched her for signs of change. They checked her teeth, her eyes, her skin.

Two weeks after they arrived in Varna, there was a thick sea mist. No one saw the Tsarina Catherine when it sailed past the port and up the River Danube to Galatz, 185 miles nearer Castle Dracula than Varna.

' He knows that we are waiting for him,' Van Helsing said. ' Madam Mina can read his mind, but we are forgetting. He can probably read her mind, too.'

They caught a train to Galatz. There, they found a man who knew about the box. They had to make new plans. After a long discussion, everybody agreed that Dracula was probably going back to his castle by river.

' I think that the best plan of action for us will be this,' Van Helsing said. 'Arthur and Jonathan will take a boat and go after the vampire up the river. Jack and Quincey, I want you to follow the river on horseback. Mina and I will take the train to Veresti and from there we will go towards the castle.'

Before they went their different ways, Van Helsing spoke quietly to Seward. ' Have you noticed, Jack ? Madam Mina is changing. I can see the vampire coming into her face. Some of her teeth are sharper. At times her soft eyes become unusually hard. That is why I want her husband to go with Arthur. He must not see these changes in her. I will stay with Madam Mina. I know how to protect her. Now go. Every hour is very important. We cannot fail.'

Jonathan and Arthur spent two days on the river. They sailed by day and by night, but they passed only a few boats and these were too small for a large, heavy box. But on the third day, they passed into the Bistritza. There they heard from some passing Slovaks that there was a big boat on the river in front of them. It was going unusually fast. Jonathan and Arthur were filled with hope. But the river became narrow and rocky and bad luck hit them. They had an accident, and they had to stop and mend the boat. They lost many hours, and also the weather was getting worse. They were now only about thirty-five miles from Bistritz, so they decided to leave the boat at the next small town. They rode from there on horseback by small country roads towards their meeting place with Mina and the professor.

The professor and Mina arrived at Veresti at midday on the last day of October. The professor found a carriage that could take them sixty-two miles from Veresti through the mountains along the Bistritz road. He also bought food and warmer clothes.

'Perhaps we will not see a town again for a week,' he explained.

The roads were bad, but Van Helsing never got tired. He drove with only the shortest stops for sleep. Every time he reached a village, he changed horses. They reached the Bistritz road on the second day. Mina slept, but she stopped dreaming of water. So Dracula was now travelling by land towards his castle. Then, as they climbed higher into the mountains, Mina seemed to take a greater interest in the road.

Two hours later, through the trees, they saw a dark shape in the clouds, high above them. It was the mountain-top home of the vampire — Castle Dracula.

Van Helsing drove off the road and stopped under some trees. Snow was in the air, so he made a fire. While Mina sat quietly by the fire,Van Helsing drew a circle in the ground around her with a stick. He dropped small pieces of holy bread inside the circle. Then he waited outside the circle and watched Mina.

' Mina,' he called.' Come here.'

Without answering, Mina got up. She began to walk towards him, but suddenly she stopped. She seemed unable to take another step.Van Helsing reached out his hand to her.

' Come,' he repeated. She shook her head and went down on her knees. He was right. She was already half-vampire, and she could not leave the circle. But if she could not leave it, others could not go in.' I shall be safe inside the circle,' he thought. 'And Mina will be safe too. I only hope that I shall be safe from Mina.'

Darkness came. Sometimes the horses made frightened noises. Van Helsing went to them and calmed them. He was tired. But he was afraid to sleep while Mina was awake.

At about three o'clock in the morning, the fire began to die down. They needed some wood before the snow got worse. Van Helsing stood up, but Mina stopped him.' Don't leave the circle now. Stay where you're safe.'

' I am worried about you,' he replied.

Mina gave a strange, deep laugh. 'Don't worry about me. Nobody's safer from them than I am.'

Van Helsing did not understand, but then the horses screamed again. He looked and saw, in the darkness, three women outside the circle. They were beautiful, and they moved in a slow, strange dance.' These are the women who drank Jonathan's blood,' he thought. They reached out their arms, calling for Mina. He could feel Mina's growing excitement.

He was afraid that the circle was not strong enough to protect him. He picked up a piece of burning wood and threw it at the women. They screamed, and disappeared.

Silence returned. He felt more tired than ever. He wanted to sleep, but Mina was looking at him in a strange way. He was sure now. It was not safe to sleep in her company. She was now almost a vampire.

Day came slowly. It stopped snowing, but the skies were still heavy and grey. Jonathan, Dr Seward, Arthur and Quincey rode as fast as they could. They were not far behind their enemy. On the mountain road above them, they saw a cart and a number of men on horseback. They rode without stopping all day, but the cart with Dracula in his box was moving too fast. It was a race against time.

Suddenly they heard a gunshot. Jonathan pulled out his Indian knife. Quincey put his hand on his gun. They were filled with a nervous excitement. The end was near.

The men were standing around the cart with knives in their hands. Van Helsing stood in the middle of the road in front of them, holding a gun. They seemed unsure of their next step. He was one and they were many. He had a gun, but they could all attack at the same time ...

Suddenly, four horsemen rode straight at them. Jonathan was riding the fastest. He waved his knife and screamed like a madman. The men were too surprised to act. Jonathan and Quincey jumped off their horses and ran to the cart. There was a short fight. Quincey feU to the ground, holding his side. Minutes later, most of the men were running away down the mountainside. It was almost dark. They had to reach Dracula before the light disappeared.

While Arthur, Van Helsing and Dr Seward fought the last of Dracula's helpers, Jonathan jumped on to the cart. Quincey, in great pain, climbed up with him. The body inside was beginning to move. Dracula's eyes were opening. His mouth was forming an evil smile.

They didn't have a sharp piece of wood, so Jonathan pushed his knife down hard into Dracula's neck. Quincey pushed a knife straight into Dracula's heart. Dracula opened his mouth and produced a long, terrible scream. Again and again the men cut into his neck and heart with their knives until Dracula's head came away from his body. For a second Dracula's face continued to scream, then suddenly there was silence. They watched, unable to look away. A quiet look of restful sleep came over the vampire's face, and his body disappeared. Seconds later, they were looking into an empty box. Mina saw that Quincey was hurt. She ran out of the holy circle towards him. He was lying on his back, and blood from the wound in his side was falling into the snow. As Jonathan held Quincey's head, Mina took his hand and said:'We've won.We've beaten him.'

Quincey took a deep breath and looked up at Mina.' I'm glad I could help,' he said. Then, with a smile, the American adventurer closed his eyes and died.

Mina stood up slowly. She was very sad at the death of a brave, dear friend. Jonathan took her in his arms and kissed her. Arthur sat by Quincey's body, with a lost look in his eyes. Van Helsing looked at Seward.

' Have you noticed it too ?' he said.

Seward knew what the professor meant. Mina's face was different now. The long teeth, the unnatural colour of her skin, the strange look in her eye - they were not there now. She was the real Mina again. Her soul was saved.


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