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Chapter 5 "Who are these aliens?"

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Chapter 5 "Who are these aliens?"

Hannah came with me to Mayhew's house. Mayhew was a rich man and he had a big old house with a large backyard.

"This is a big yard. Where do we start?" Hannah said.

"Mayhew says the book is in the middle of the yard, under the red eye," 1 said.

"What's the red eye?" Hannah asked.

We walked through the yard and looked at the flowers and the fruit trees. Then I saw something. At the foot of a tall tree, the ground was different.

"Let's try here," I said.

We pulled away the flowers and we found it. Under the ground there was a box, an old black box with some red glass on


"Cade!" Hannah said. "It's the red eye."

Quickly we pulled the box out of the ground, and I broke the lock. Inside we found a book. Hannah looked at the name on the first page.

"Nostradamus?" Hannah said. "I know the name. Who was he?"

"He was a doctor. He lived in France and he died in 1566. He could see into the future. Some people read his books now.They think the world will end this year. Look at this page."

We read the words: On the seventh day, a man will walk on Earth. Only he can stop the aliens.

"I'm afraid," Hannah said. "I don't like this place. Let's get out of here."

"I want to see Mayhew again. What do these words mean? Who are these aliens? Maybe he can tell me."

"No!" Hannah said."Go to the police!"

"Please, Hannah. I'm going back to Wilsonville Special Hospital."

"OK," she said. "But I'm coming with you."

We drove quickly to the hospital. The young doctor met me at the door.

"You're Detective Hitchens," the doctor said. "You saw Mayhew yesterday. I'm sorry, but you can't see him again. He died this morning."

"What happened to him?" I asked.

"He used the rope around his hands. He was crazy. It often happens."

"Why?" I thought. "Why is Mayhew dead now, the day after my visit?"

"Can I look in his room?" I asked.

The doctor opened the door.

"Stay here," I said to Hannah.

"OK, detective," she said. She smiled at me.

I went into the room.

Outside the door, Hannah waited for me. She saw a man and a woman. The man was tall and thin, with dark hair. The woman had light brown hair and she wore a black jacket. They came to her. Carefully, the man took Hannah's arm and they walked away . . .

"Why did you die, Mayhew?" I thought. "Did you leave a note for me?"

I looked around and felt the white walls and the floor with my hands.

"There's nothing here," I thought. I looked at the chair. "Mayhew sat there. He couldn't move ..."

And then I found it—a small paper inside the arm of Mayhew's chair. There was an address on it—19 Haven Street.

"Nineteen—it's always nineteen," I thought. "Why is that number important?"

I left the room and found Hannah.

"Look at this, Hannah!" I said."The number nineteen is in my head. Sometimes I hear a voice saying 'nineteen.' It was on the walls of our house. Now I have this address from Mayhew—19 Haven Street. I want to go there."

"You can go, but I'm not going with you," Hannah said angrily.

"This is crazy! I want you to call the police, and I want you to see a doctor. Call them now, or I'll leave you! I really will leave you."

"OK, I'll call the police," I said.

"And I don't want to go home," Hannah said. "I don't want to be near those cameras. I hate our house now. I'm afraid there."

"We'll go to a hotel. Let's go."

Chapter 6 "Hannah, help me!"

We stopped at a small hotel near the town. It was a cheap place and the rooms were small and ugly.

"This isn't very nice," Hannah said.

"We can't go to a better hotel. My American Express card doesn't work and we have no money."

I tried to call the police, but it was very late.

"You want to speak to a detective?" the policeman said. "There's nobody here. Call tomorrow."

"OK, I'll come to the police station tomorrow morning," I said. I put the phone down.

"Why didn't you tell that policeman about it?" Hannah asked.

"He's not going to listen to me.What can I say? 'Sir, there are aliens here on Earth'? Mayhew was crazy. The police will think I'm crazy too."

"So what are we going to do?"

"Tomorrow, I'll go to the police and I'll call the FBI," I said. "Maybe they can help us. I'll tell them about Mayhew and this address in Haven Street."

"Good," Hannah said.

"And tomorrow I want you to go to Seattle. Stay with your mom and dad for a week."

"I'm not going to Seattle without you," Hannah said angrily.

"Hannah, you are going," I said. "I lost my job and my money. I don't want to lose you. Tomorrow you're going to Seattle. Please."

"OK," Hannah said.

I looked at her. There was something wrong. Her eyes were different—cold and dead.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "You're looking at me very strangely."

"Nothing's wrong," I said. "It's nothing. Everything will be all right. Let's go to bed and sleep."

I went into the bathroom. When I came out, Hannah was in bed. I got in next to her and put my arms around her.

Then something happened, something strange and ugly. I saw something move in Hannah's neck, then something moved inside her arms, too. Her face changed. This was not my Hannah!

Strange tentacles came out of her arms and legs. Long, thin, green tentacles. They moved around my neck and across my face. They were wet and cold.

"I can't see," I cried.

The tentacles closed over my eyes and mouth. I started to fight them, but they were too strong.

"Hannah!" I shouted. "Hannah, help me!"

She didn't speak. Her eyes were closed.

Hannah's locket was around her neck and I caught it in my hand. Then I fell to the floor. Everything was dark ...

Slowly the tentacles moved back inside Hannah's arms and legs. Hannah stood up and looked down at me. She didn't try to help me.

She didn't put on her clothes. She walked out of the room, and out of the hotel. Nobody saw her.

There was a black car outside the hotel, and Hannah climbed inside it. The driver was a man with dark hair. Next to him was a woman with light brown hair. She wore a black jacket. They got out and opened the back door.

They took something heavy out of the back of the car. It was another woman, another Hannah. Her eyes were closed and she didn't move. They carried her up the stairs and into the hotel . . .

Chapter 7 "Nobody can help me now"

When I woke up, 1 was on the floor.

"What happened?" I thought. "Why am I here on the floor?"

I opened my eyes. Hannah's locket was in my hand. I looked around the room. Then I saw Hannah next to the bed. She didn't move. Was she dead?

"No!" I said. "Please, Hannah, wake up!"

I looked at her. There was a locket around her neck. But there was a locket in my hand, too. I opened the locket in my hand. There was nothing inside it.

I moved to Hannah and opened the locket around her neck. There was the photo of her and me and the words: Always, Cade.

I took her in my arms. This was Hannah, my beautiful wife. And she was dead.

"No, Hannah!" I cried."No!"

She didn't move.

"Please get up, Hannah," I said. "Open your eyes and talk to me. I love you, you know that.You can't leave me now. Everything will be OK. Please open your eyes, and I'll get us out of here."

I heard the noise of police cars. The noise got louder and louder. Suddenly somebody kicked the door open. It was a policeman.

"Sir, move away!" the policeman said. There was a gun in his hand. A second policeman stood behind him.

"Stay away from me," I said.

"Move away from the woman, sir," the policeman said. "Move very slowly."

I put Hannah back onto the floor. The policeman put the gun to my head.

"Let's go," he said. "Put on your clothes. You're coming with us." He threw my shirt at me.

The second policeman went to Hannah and looked at her carefully.

"She's dead," he said. "What happened here?"

Why were the police here? Who called them? Who saw Hannah and me in the hotel? We didn't see anybody when we came in.

I heard Mayhew's words again: "They're watching you ..."

"We have to take you to the police station," the first policeman said.

He put his hand on my arm. I kicked at him with my foot and hit him on the leg. His gun fell from his hand to the floor. Then the second policeman tried to hit me, but I kicked him, too. I kicked him again and again.

The two men were on the floor. They didn't move. Suddenly the room was very quiet.

I put on my shirt and pants.

"I have to get out of here," I thought. I looked back at Hannah, but I couldn't help her now.

I ran out of the room. My car was outside and I jumped in. I started it and drove away.

"Nobody can help me now," I thought. "There are aliens in the police, and maybe in the FBI, too. I can't go to them. But I can go to 19 Haven Street ..."

Chapter 8 "Nineteen—always nineteen"

Nineteen Haven Street was an old house near the river. It was dirty and there was no glass in the windows. Nobody lived there. There was a big number nineteen above the door.

"Nineteen—always nineteen," I thought.

The door was open. I took my flashlight from the car and slowly walked inside.

It was very dark and cold. I went into the first room and shined my flashlight across the floor and walls. There were some old chairs, a table, and another door.

I went slowly through the door into the second room. Was anybody there? I shined the flashlight in front of me and saw— nothing.

There were some stairs at the end of the room. I ran carefully up them. At the top there was another door, and I opened it.

I was in a large, square room. It was full of white light, so I turned off the flashlight. There was nothing on the floor of the room, but on every wall there were big photos. There were hundreds of large photos of men and women. Under each picture there was the word "subject" and then a number.

I walked around the room and looked at each photo. There were men and women, young and old. I didn't know them—they were strangers to me.

Then I saw two pictures on one of the walls.

"You're not strangers," I thought. "I know you."

The first picture was a photo of Mayhew. Under the photo were the words: Subject 110—dead. The second picture was a photo of Hitchens with the words: Subject 114—dead.

I looked at two or three other pictures, and then I saw it.

I saw a picture of a young man with short, dark hair. He had brown eyes and a friendly smile. I knew that face well because it was my face. Under the photo were the words: Subject 117—he will die today.

Who put these photos in this room? Why were they here? Who were these people? And why was I "Subject 117"?

I wanted those photos.

"Now the police will have to listen to me," I thought. "Something very bad is happening. Hitchens and Mayhew are dead—and I'm going to die, too!"

I pulled the three photos from the wall. Then I heard a noise.

I looked out the window. Outside the building, there were two police cars. The police—again! Here at 19 Haven Street. How did they know? They always knew.

"Don't move!" a policeman shouted. "Put the flashlight down. Do it now!"

"Help me!" I cried, "Come inside the house and look.Then you'll understand."

"Don't speak," the policeman said. He had a gun in his hand.

"Look at the pictures!" I said. "Look at these pictures!"

I ran down the stairs and gave them to him. The policeman took the pictures and looked at them.

"What are these?" he asked. "I can't see anything."

"Can't you see?" I cried. "Mayhew, Hitchens—me. In the photos. Look at them!"

But there were no photos in his hand—the paper was white.

"Put your hands behind your back," the policeman said. "We're taking you to the police station."

"No!" I shouted. "They were there—photos of me, Mayhew, and Hitchens! I'm Subject 117! You have to listen to me! Please listen to me!"

"Get in," the policeman said. He pushed me into his police car.

"No!" I cried. And then I understood. Why did the police come to 19 Haven Street? Because they knew. And how did they know? Because they knew everything about me.

I started to shout and fight, but the policemen were very strong. I couldn't get out of the car.

"You're an alien!" I cried to the man next to me. "You're all aliens!"

Chapter 9 "This is Subject 117"

The next day, I stood in front of a police detective.

"Please! Listen to me," I cried. "I didn't hurt Hannah. Something's happening to me—"

"Be quiet!" the man said.

"But you don't understand. There are people—things—out there. They killed Hannah and they want to kill me—"The detective didn't listen to me.

"You're a dangerous man, Mr. Foster," he said. "You killed a young and beautiful woman. She was your wife, and you killed her. I'm sending you to Wilsonville Special Hospital.You're going to stay there."

He turned to another policeman.

"Take him away," he said.

The police put me in a car. I saw a woman across the street. I didn't know her but I watched her carefully. There was something strange about her.

She put her hand up to her mouth, and I saw something red on her finger. Red glass. The red eye. I remembered the red glass on the box in Mayhew's yard. Was she an alien? Or was she a friend?

The car started to move.

"Wilsonville Special Hospital," one of the policemen said. "That's a bad place, a place for crazy people. You'll be there for a long, long time."

After twenty minutes, we arrived at the hospital.The same young doctor came to the door.

"Detective Hitchens?" he asked. "Or is it Cade Foster?" He looked at the policemen. "Take him inside."

The policemen put me in a small white room. There was only one chair in the room. They put rope around my hands so I couldn't move.

The policemen left the room and the doctor came back in. There were two other men with him. One was tall and thin with black hair. The other was smaller and his hair was gray. I knew the man with the dark hair.

"I saw you," I thought. "I saw you in a car outside Sam Hitchens's house. I saw you here, too, on my first visit to the hospital."

The doctor had some pills in his hand. He stood over me.

"Open wide," he said. He pushed the pills into my mouth.

The three men stood and watched me. After two minutes, I closed my eyes.

"He's asleep now, so we can talk," the doctor said to the other men. "This is Subject 117. There are 117 types of people on Earth. This man is type 117. And he's different from the other men.

"When we gave pills to the other men, they saw strange pictures in their head. They also lost their jobs and their money. They went crazy very quickly and then we killed them."

"Subject 110 and Subject 114—they're dead now," the man with the dark hair said.

"Yes," said the doctor. "We gave the same pills to Subject 117. He didn't know, of course. He didn't see us. Then we took away Subject 117's job and his money. We were very smart. We took Hannah away, and we put an alien in her place. Now he thinks she's dead."

The other two men laughed.

"But Subject 117 is different," the doctor said. "When we hurt him, he fights us. He's not crazy. He visited Hitchens and Mayhew and he asked questions. He went to 19 Haven Street. Mayhew and Hitchens didn't find the place. Subject 117 is smart.

"Nothing stops Subject 117, so he's dangerous. But why is Subject 117 smarter than other men? Why is this man different? We want to know. We're going to cut open his head and look inside. We're going to learn everything about Subject 117. We have to learn everything about this type of man."

"This is very interesting," said the man with dark hair. "Good work, doctor."

"No," the doctor said. "Subject 117 did the work. He's a great fighter."

"Really?" the man said. "When we come to Earth again, we don't want to find dangerous men here. Are there more men of this type? What's his name?"

"They call him Cade Foster," the doctor said.

The man with gray hair moved near me and spoke. His voice was strange.

"Nineteen ... Nineteen ... The aliens will kill nineteen million people," he said.

"Now," the doctor said, "we'll leave Foster. Let's look at Subject 56. He was the boss of a large company. We only worked on him for two weeks and now he's crazy."

"Only two weeks? That's very interesting," the man with dark hair said.

Chapter 10 "I know you're here ..."

The three men left the room and closed the door. I opened my eyes. I wasn't really asleep—the pills were in my mouth, not in my stomach.

I pulled at the rope around my hands. It was strong, but I broke it with my teeth. Then I took the pills out of my mouth and put them on the chair. I made a number nineteen with the pills.

"The aliens like the number nineteen," I thought. "What did Nostradamus say? Nineteen million people will die. Somebody has to stop these aliens."

I looked at the lock on the door. It was a Goodwin lock. Quickly and quietly I opened the door and looked out.

There were a lot of people outside. I knew some of them. I saw Birmingham, my boss. Why was he here? And then I saw Mrs. Hitchens and the two policemen from the hotel. Why were they here, atWilsonville Special Hospital?

I looked again at their cold, dead eyes.

"That's not Birmingham," I thought. "And that's not Mrs. Hitchens.These are aliens."

The doctor stopped Mrs. Hitchens.

"Good work," he said.

"Thank you," she said.

Mayhew was right! The aliens were here on Earth. Now I understood. I wasn't crazy. They weren't men and women—they were aliens. The doctor and the other men in the hospital, Mrs. Hitchens, my boss Birmingham, my beautiful Hannah—they were all aliens. My Hannah—they took her away and put an alien in her place.

"They want to watch the people on Earth," I thought. "They want to understand everything about us. That will make them strong. Then they'll come to Earth again and they'll destroy us."

I remembered Mayhew's book. Nostradamus said:

Aliens will come to Earth three times.

The first time, nobody will know them. They will be men

and women.

The second time, the aliens will kill nineteen million people.

The third time, the aliens will destroy the Earth.

On the seventh day, a man will walk on Earth. Only he

can stop the aliens . . .

I moved quietly out of the room. A man tried to stop me, but I hit him. He fell to the floor. Other people came. They wanted to stop me, too, but I was too fast for them. I was angry and I was strong. Nobody could stop me now!

I ran quickly to get out of the hospital. There was a camera high up on the wall and I looked into it.

"Take my picture," I said angrily. "I want you to remember my face. I'm Subject 117. I know you're here. I know you're here. I know you're here ..."


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