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Scene 1

(a) Corvax in the computer room with the computer
Corvax (To cat) Go away!

Ah, Sylvia. I love you.


That's right.

Corvax loves Sylvia.

Oh, Sylvia.

Your eyes, your...

(b) Captions on computer screen, showing parts of Sylvia's body
Computer The Body!

A head.

A - an eye.

An eye.

A nose,

A mouth,

A - an ear,

A neck,

A - an arm,

An arm,

A hand,

A hand,

A leg,

A leg,

A foot,

A foot.

Scene 2

A computer printout of Sylvia is produced.

Corvax Good, good! '

My Sylvia. I've got you now.


Lovely. That's good.

^ Corvax has an idea, and searches for pieces of equipment. Corvax Where is it?

Ah, here it is! And this. And this. Now where? Ah! Here!

Now! Go! Ohh! The computer produces a replica of Sylvia.

Sylvia, my Sylvia!

Now I've got you.

^ Scene 3

(a) Back in the prison cell

Muzzy M-U- double Z-Y.

Bob B-O-B.

You - and me.

We! We're friends.

Song- We're free
Both We are Bob and Muzzy,

Muzzy and Bob are we.

Me and you,

We are two,

Two great friends are we.



Bob Hey! Look!

^ Muzzy What?

Bob Look! Up there! Bars.

Muzzy Bars.

Bob Lovely, delicious, yummy bars.

Muzzy Oh no! No, thanks.

Bob Yes! Eat the bars.

Muzzy Oh, hum!

Bob One! Two! Three! Four! Five!

We're free! You're free and I'm free.

We are FREE!

^ Muzzy You are free, and I am free. We are free.

Bob ' We are free!

You and me.

We are free!
Muzzy Free?

Bob Yes. We're free. Off we go!

Both jump out of cell window into a river.
Both ОШ (As they fall)

You and me...

I'm - free!

I'm wet, I'm cold and I'm hungry. But I'm free.

Scene 4 Norman Cold!






Scene 5

^ Norman rides over to a lady who is reading.

Norman I'm thirsty!

Woman Have a drink.

Norman Aah! It's hot!

Woman Oh! Sorry.

Norman I'm hungry.

Woman Have a hamburger.

Norman I'm hot.

Woman Have a shower.

Norman I'm wet.

Woman Have a towel.

Norman I'm cold. '

Woman Have a sweater.

Norman I'm tired.

Woman Have a rest.

Scene 6

Muzzy Brr! It's cold. Bob!

(Looks in water) Bob?

Where are you? Bob!

Bob Muzzy!

Muzzy Bob? Where are you?

Bob Here!

Muzzy Where? I can't see you.

Bob I'm here - in the tree.

Muzzy What tree?

Bob This tree. Where are you?

Yow!!! (falling)
Muzzy I'm under the... (as Bob lands on him)

Scene 7


Who? What? Where? When? Why? Where?

. Voice Where are you? :

Norman Under the box.
Voice Where are you?

Norman On the box.
Voice Where are you?

Norman In the box.
Voice Where are you?

Norman In front of the box.
Voice Where are you?

Norman Behind the box.

Voice Where are you?

Norman Between the boxes.
Voice Where's the box?

Norman Over there.
Voice Where's the box now?

Norman Over here.
Voice In,



in front of,


between. (Repeat)

Scene 8

Bob and Muzzy by the river
Bob Are you all right?

Are you all right?
Muzzy Oh, yes. Just cold and wet and hungry.

Where's the palace?
Bob It's over there.

Muzzy Where?

Bob There it is, over there.

That's the palace.

(Sigh) Sylvia's there!

Scene 9

(a) In the computer room

Corvax I'm Corvax. Listen! Can you hear me?


replica Mmm.

Corvax Look! Can you see me?


replica Mmm.

Corvax Can you - talk?


replica Yes, I can.

Corvax Can you walk?


replica No, I can't.

(b) Captions

can't - cannot - can't isn't - is not — isn't don't - do not - don't


Corvax Let me try again.

Now can you walk?


replica Yes, I can.

Corvax Can you run? Sylvia

replica No, I can't.

Corvax Let me try again.

Sylvia, do you - love me?


replica No, I don't. I hate you.

Corvax Oh, Sylvia!


replica Now I can run. Byee!

Corvax Sylvia, stop! Come back!

Agh!! What's happening?

Scene 10

(a) Song -1 can walk

The Sylvia replicas are singing.

SRI I can walk.

SR2 I can talk.

SR3 I can hear.

SR4 I can see.

SR5 Who are you?

SR6 Am I you?

SR2 Are you me?

SRI I can jump.

SR2 I can swim.

SR3 I can run.

SR4 This is fun.

SR5 I am you.

SR6 You are me.

All Who are we?


Norman Who are you?
SR 1-6 I'm Sylvia. I'm Sylvia. (All repeat)

Norman You're Sylvia.
All Yes, we are.

Norman Six Sylvias?
All Yes.

Man (Out of manhole) Who are they?

Norman Sylvia! Back on computer Corvax Six Sylvias! Ahhh!

Scene 11

Colours song

SRI You've got a green dress.

SR2 You've got a red dress.

SR3 She's got a blue dress.

SR4 I like brown.

SR5 I've got a yellow dress.

Yellow is for happiness.
SR6 Black and white looks all right.

SR4 But I like brown.

Voice Black and white, yellow, blue, red, green, brown.

Norman See ya!


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