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Daughter. She wore dirty, old clothes but

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daughter. She wore dirty, old clothes but she was very beautiful.

Suddenly somebody shouted, 'Einon! Einon! Where are you?' When Kara heard this, she quickly ran away. Sir Bowen ran to Einon and cried, 'It's me, Einon. I'm here, My King.'

Einon looked up at Bowen, and then closed his eyes. Bowen took the prince in his arms and tried to help him. But the boy didn't move. The knight could do nothing.

Chapter 3 The Great Dragon

In the king's castle, Queen Aislinn sat in her room. She looked out of the window with sad eyes. She couldn't see the battle, but she could hear the sound of fighting. 'The Old Code says it's wrong to kill the peasants,' she thought. 'My husband's a bad, cruel king.' V Suddenly Brok, the king's knight, ran into the room. 'Queen Aislinn, your husband's dead,' he said. 'The peasants killed him. King Freyne is dead!'

The queen listened to Brok quietly. Behind him she could see

Sir Bowen. His face was tired and sad and he stood with her son, Prince Einon, in his arms.

'I'm sorry, Queen Aislinn,' said Bowen, with his head down. 'The prince fell too.'

'Don't be sorry, Sir Bowen,' answered the queen. 'They killed Einon because of his cruel father, the king. Now, put him on my bed.'

But Einon wasn't dead. 'The crown, the crown ...,' he said weakly. Bowen put the crown into Einon's hands. But the queen didn't listen to him. She stood next to Bowen and looked down at her son. Then she slowly took off his shirt.

'We can't help him now,' Bowen said sadly.

The queen said nothing. She walked to the window and looked at a beautiful picture of a dragon on the wall. 'Perhaps we can, Bowen,' she answered. 'Perhaps we can…’

Queen Aislinn rode quickly. She turned her horse and started to climb the mountain behind the castle. Brok rode in front of her and Sir Bowen followed. Behind them two men carried Einon carefully up the mountain.

After a long time, Bowen heard the sound of music - a strange, sad song. It came from somewhere inside the mountain. Then Einon made a sound and his eyes closed. Bowen got off his horse fast and ran to the young boy. 'Wake up! Wake up!' he shouted. 'Don't go to sleep, My King. You can't die now. Listen to me, and remember the Old Code. Bowen then spoke quietly into Einon's ear. He talked to him about the Old Code.
Einon moved his mouth and tried to repeat Bowen's words. He didn't
want to die on the cold mountain.

They climbed slowly up the mountain, then stopped. The queen got off her horse and turned to the men behind her.

'This is the end of our journey. We're going into the mountain now.'

It was a cold, dark place and it looked dangerous.

'Follow me. Don't be afraid,' said the queen. She walked in and the men followed her. They couldn't see much. There was a lot of smoke, and there were dead animals on the ground near their feet. Then Bowen heard the strange song again.

Suddenly, the music stopped. From out of the dark somebody asked sadly, 'Are the stars shining tonight?'

'No, there aren't any stars in the sky tonight,' answered the queen.

'Is that Queen Aislinn, wife of King Freyne?' said the dragon.

'Yes, Great Dragon. The people in my country love you and the other dragons. We're your friends.'

'No, Madam,' answered the dragon. 'Men and dragons were friends for thousands of years. But things are different now.'

The dragon came slowly out of the dark and sat on the ground near the queen.

'Bring Einon here, Bowen,' said the queen.

The knight carried Einon in his arms and put him down on the ground. The dragon's face was high above him. It was very ugly — brown and black, with a large mouth, big teeth, and sad eyes. Bowen felt very afraid — he never took his eyes away from that face!

The dragon looked down at Einon. 'It's King Freyne's son!' he said. 'I hated the king. He loved killing dragons and peasants. What do you want from me, Queen Aislinn?'

'I want your help,' answered the queen. 'A peasant hurt my child in the battle. Einon's not the same as his father, Great Dragon. This knight, Sir Bowen, is teaching him the Old Code. And I'm going to teach him about dragons in the future. Please help him.'

'You're asking a lot, Madam. Your son's very ill,' said the dragon.

'I know,' cried the queen. 'But he's king now. He'll be a good king. Sir Bowen and I will help him. He won't be cruel, Great Dragon.'

'He has to say that, not you,' answered the dragon. Then he looked at Bowen. 'Give me your sword, Knight.'

Bowen pulled out his sword and gave it to the dragon. The dragon stood over Einon, with the sword in his hands. The boy opened his eyes. He saw the dragon, and tried to move away.

'Don't be afraid, son,' said the queen quietly. 'The Great Dragon's going to help you.'

'I will help you, boy. But first you have to say these words: "I won't be a cruel king. I won't kill dragons and peasants. I'll love my people and be kind to them. I'll always live by the Old Code." Now, are you ready? Repeat them after me!

Einon was very tired, but he repeated the dragon's words. Then he fell back into Bowen's arms.

'Einon, Einon!' shouted Bowen. 'No, no! He's dead!' Bowen was very angry and tried to pull his sword away from the dragon. But the dragon shouted, 'Knight of the Old Code. Stop! Watch me! Now! 'Then he pushed Bowen's sword into his heart! A red light came out of the dragon. He caught the light in his hands and turned to Einon. 'This light's half my heart, boy. I'm giving it to you. It'll make you strong. Enjoy a long life and always remember the words of the Old Code.'

Einon's eyes slowly opened. He felt weak, but he wasn't dead. Bowen looked at the boy, then he looked up at the dragon. 'I'm sorry, Great Dragon. I was angry and afraid. Thank you.'

'You can help Einon now, Sir Bowen. Teach him the Old Code well. Never forget my words.'

Before Bowen could answer, the dragon went back into the mountain. Everything was dark and cold again. Nobody spoke they listened to the sound of the strange, sad music.

^ Chapter 4 Cruel King Einon

Einon sat on his horse, high above the peasants. He looked strong and happy with his father's crown on his head and his sword in his hand.

'I'm king now,' he thought. 'I love watching my peasants. They're building me a wonderful new castle. It's going to be bigger and better than my father's old castle. It's going to be the greatest castle in the world!'

King Einon was as hard and cruel as his father now. He never remembered the words of the Old Code, or the Great Dragon in the mountain. He hated the peasants, and they had to work harder and harder every day.

Brok, old King Freyne's knight, rode past Einon on his horse. Behind Brok, some peasants walked slowly up to the castle. They looked weak and ill. They didn't look up at the king when they walked past. But Einon looked down at them and suddenly shouted loudly, 'Stop, Brok! Stop!'

Brok quickly jumped down from his horse.

'Look, Brok! There! That peasant there! That's Redbeard! He killed my father!'

Einon and Brok looked at the tall, strong peasant with the red hair and red beard. Redbeard looked back at them with hate in his eyes.

'Yes, I killed your father, boy!' he shouted at Einon. 'You can thank me now. Now you're king and the crown's on your head.'

Brok ran to Redbeard and put his sword up near his face.

'No!' Einon shouted. 'Don't kill him. That's too kind.' He smiled cruelly at Redbeard. 'Look at me, dog! Look carefully. You can see me now, but you'll never see me or anything again. Get some wood from the fire, Brok. Burn out his eyes!'

Brok got some wood from a hot fire. Redbeard watched him angrily but he wasn't afraid. Brok put the burning wood near Redbeard's eyes, then he suddenly stopped. He felt a sword on his arm, and the wood fell from his hands to the ground. He looked up quickly and saw Sir Bowen. Bowen called to the peasants, 'Run away! Quickly! Run!'The peasants understood. They ran away from King Einon and his castle as fast as they could.

Kara, Redbeard's beautiful daughter, ran to her father. 'Father! Father! Are you all right?' she cried.

'Kara! Quickly!' shouted Redbeard. 'Let's go. Run!' And Redbeard and Kara followed the other peasants.

King Einon was very angry with Bowen. He jumped down from his horse and pulled out his sword. 'What are you doing, Bowen?' he shouted angrily. 'Those are my peasants, not yours! Who's king in this country? Me! Not you!'

Bowen got off his horse and pulled out his sword too. They started to fight, but after a few minutes Einon fell to the ground. Bowen stood over the boy and looked down at him.

'Einon,' he said, 'don't do this. What's wrong with you? Are you ill? Remember the Old Code, Einon. Remember my words and the words of the Great Dragon.'


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