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Gilbert shout. Then everything went black…

НазваниеGilbert shout. Then everything went black…
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Gilbert shout.

Then everything went black…

'I'm king now,' Einon shouted back. 'Kings don't have to live by the Old Code!'

Bowen couldn't understand Einon. He took him by the arm and cried, 'I taught you the Old Code, boy. I taught you everything. Never forget that. What's wrong with you?'

But Einon didn't listen. He pulled his arm away and started to fight Bowen again. Again he fell to the ground. Bowen looked down at him sadly. 'Fight with your head, boy!' he said. 'Don't fight with your heart!'

His heart! His heart! Bowen thought about the dragon's words in the mountain: 'This light's half my heart, boy. I'm giving it to you.' Why was Einon as cruel as his father now? Was it because he had a dragon's heart, not a man's heart? Bowen threw his

sword down on the ground next to Einon. He sat down near him

on the ground and looked into his eyes.

'Everybody has to live by the Old Code, Einon. Kings, knights

and peasants — everybody in the country. Why can't you.

understand that? 'Then he slowly stood up. He got on his horse,

and rode away.

Brok wanted to ride after Bowen, but King Einon said, 'Let: him go, Brok. He's an old man. He doesn't understand. I don't want him to help me now. I'm a king, not a child. Go and find Redbeard. And when you find him, burn out the stupid peasant's eyes!'

Brok rode away fast and looked for Redbeard. When he found him, he burnt out his eyes, slowly and cruelly. The peasant could never see Kara, his beautiful daughter, again.

Bowen slowly rode away from Einon with a heavy heart. He thought hard about the boy and the dragon. 'Einon isn't a cruel ' boy. But he's got half the dragon's heart. That's the problem. It's the dragons heart. So now he's as bad as his father. I'm going to find that dragon ... and kill him!'

The knight rode quickly back to Queen Aislinn's castle. Then "
he started on his long journey to find the dragon.

After many days he arrived at the dragon's cold, dark home in , the mountain. But this time the dragon wasn't there.

Bowen shouted loudly, 'Dragon! Can you hear me? Where are you, Dragon? Why did you do it? Why did you give my King half your cruel heart? I'll never stop looking for you, Dragon. And when I find you

Bowen stopped shouting. He stood in the dark and listened.
Outside, from somewhere above him, he could hear the dragon's strange song. He quickly jumped on his horse and rode away. He wanted to find the music ... and the dragon.

^ Chapter 5 Sir Bowen and the Dragon

Sir Bowen rode up the mountain all day and all night. Early the next morning he saw an old man on the road in front of him.

'Who's this?' he thought. 'Who's he talking to? And why is he riding a horse and writing at the same time?'

'Old man!' he shouted. 'Be careful! Look at the road, not at your books. Now please, move out of my way.'

The old man turned round and saw Bowen. Then suddenly his face went white. He looked very afraid. 'No! Help! There's a dra ...dra ...drag ...'

'What is it?' asked Bowen. 'What's wrong?'

'Be ... be ... behind you,' answered the old man. 'Look

behind you!'

Bowen turned round quickly. Behind him there was a big, ugly dragon in the sky! The knight pulled out his sword and they began to fight. This dragon wasn't as big or strong as the Great Dragon in the mountain. In minutes it fell to the ground with Bowen's sword in its heart. Then everything went very quiet.

The old man spoke first. 'Oh, thank you, thank you, Knight! That dragon looked very dangerous. We nearly died! I'd like to thank you a thousand times!'

'All right, all right, it's dead now,' answered Bowen. 'Old man,

what's your name? And what are you doing here?'

'My name's Brother Gilbert, and I'm a monk. I ride on my

horse round the country and try to help people. And I write

stories about my journeys. I write about kings and knights, about

dragons and the Old Code.'

Well, I'm on a long journey too, Brother. So I'll say goodbye

now,' answered Bowen.

'Will you ride with me, Knight? asked Brother Gilbert.

'Yes, I'd like to ride with you, Brother. We can talk. Let's go.'

And the two men went slowly up the mountain.

When it was dark, they stopped for the night. They were hungry and thirsty, and they cooked some meat on a hot fire. Then the monk read one of his stories to Bowen. It was a story about the Old Code.

'What do you think, Sir Bowen? Did you like it?' asked Brother Gilbert at the end.

'I liked the meat, Brother, but not your story. The Old Code's dead,' said Bowen sadly. 'Nobody lives by the Old Code now.'

'Ride with me, good Knight, and find the Old Code again,' answered Brother Gilbert.

'I'll ride with you, Brother. But I'm not going to look for the Old Code. I'm looking for a dragon. And when I find it, I'm going to kill it!'

The next morning Bowen and Brother Gilbert climbed on their horses again. They talked and laughed. The monk told Bowen more stories. After some time, Gilbert got off his horse and sat down on the ground. He started to write a story about Bowen and the dragon. Suddenly the ground round the monk began to move and his pen fell out of his fingers. Then his papers flew everywhere.

'Help! Help! What's happening?' he shouted.

Bowen turned round on his horse and saw the monk with his papers on the ground. Then, in the river behind him, he saw a dragon! He rode quickly down to the river. When he got there, he heard the dragon's strange song again.

Don’t come into this river, Knight, or you’ll die!’ the dragon said.

'I'm not afraid of you,' shouted Bowen.

'Aren't you?' shouted the dragon. 'Then look at this!'

Out of the river the dragon threw a dead man and his horse.

'That man tried to follow me into the river! Look at him now!

And there are more down here!'

Brother Gilbert stood behind Bowen. He was very afraid. But the knight got off his horse and pulled out his sword. 'Come and fight me, Dragon,' he shouted.'You can't hurt me.'

The dragon carne slowly out of the river and went behind a tree Bowen could feel the hot fire from the dragon's nose, but he couldn't see him very well. On the ground, round the tree, were dead men and horses.

Bowen moved nearer the tree. He felt afraid, but he didn't want the dragon to know. 'Why is all that fire coming out of your nose, Dragon? It's too wet in the river to start a fire, you know!' he laughed.

'Why do you knights always want to fight and kill us? Do you think it'll make you famous?' the dragon asked.

'I don't want to be famous,' answered Bowen, with his sword in his hand. 'But I want to be rich. These days people pay me for dead dragons. And I'm going to kill you.'

'Oh, you kill dragons for money! You're that knight!' said the dragon.

'Well, I have to live,' answered Bowen.

'Yes, everybody has to live,' laughed the dragon. 'Let's start the battle then.'

'Yes, let's,' shouted Bowen. 'I'll enjoy killing you!'

Bowen moved nearer. The dragon watched him and then he saw the knight's sword. 'I know that sword,' he thought. 'I used it in the mountain to cut out half my heart for King Einon.' He suddenly left the ground and flew up into the sky. He flew higher and higher, above Sir Bowen and Brother Gilbert.

The knight quickly climbed on to his horse and rode after the dragon. Bowen followed him for a long time but in the end he got down from his horse, tired and angry. Then the dragon flew down from the sky.

You're clever,' shouted Bowen. 'Cleverer than the other dragons. Come here! I want a good fight.'

'Well, it'll be your last,' said the dragon.

They started to fight. The dragon hit Bowen hard and he fell back into a tree. He got up quickly and shouted, 'You won't win, you know. I'm going to kill all dragons.'

'There's only me, Knight. I'm the last dragon.'

Bowen didn't know that this was the last dragon in the country. When he heard this, he stopped fighting for a minute. The dragon watched him and came nearer. He pushed Bowen hard and the knight fell over. Bowen could feel the fire from the dragon's nose. It burnt his face. He heard Brother

When Bowen woke up, he was inside the dragon's mouth. He pulled out his sword and shouted, 'Don't bring your teeth down, Dragon. Or my


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