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Bowen. 'And I found a name. Up there. Can you see those stars?'

НазваниеBowen. 'And I found a name. Up there. Can you see those stars?'
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answered Bowen. 'And I found a name. Up there. Can you see those stars?'

The dragon looked up at the sky. 'Yes,' he said.

'We call those stars Draco,' said Bowen. 'In our language, "draco" is the same as "dragon".'

'And would you like to call me Draco?' laughed the dragon.

'No, you're right. It's a stupid idea,' said Bowen, with his head down.

'No,' said the dragon kindly. 'It's not stupid. I like the name Draco. Thank you, Knight. And have you got a name?'

Yes, my name’s Bowen’


Chapter 7 A Sad Day for Kara

King Einon sat on his horse and looked at his new castle. 'Good. The peasants are working hard,' he thought. 'I was right. This is going to be the biggest and most beautiful castle in the world.'

Below him, the peasants worked hard in the hot sun. They were all hungry and thirsty but they couldn't stop work. Kara, Redbeard's beautiful daughter, walked round with a large bucket of water. She gave the men a drink when she spoke to them. She wore old, dark clothes, but she looked lovely with her long, red hair and kind face. Kara went to an old man. It was her father, Redbeard. His hair and beard were grey now. He wore old clothes too, and his hands and arms were dirty.

'Drink, father,' Kara said. She looked at her father's eyes. 'Cruel King Einon burnt your eyes, dear father, but you have to eat and drink.'

'Kara! Don't come here. It's dangerous. Please go home!' said the old man, when he heard his daughter.

'No, father. I'm not listening to you. Drink!' Kara said.

The old man put his hand up to her face. 'You're not a child now. You're a woman, a beautiful woman,' Redbeard said. 'One day the king or one of his knights will see you. And they'll want you. Go home, Kara!'

'You're my home, father,' answered Kara. 'Now drink this. 'And she gave the old man a cup of water.

Suddenly a sword pushed the cup out of Redbeard's hand.

Kara looked up. In front of her she saw Einon and his knights on their horses.

'That was clever, King Einon,' laughed Sir Felton. 'Now try the water bucket. There. Behind the stupid old peasant!'

Einon laughed and pushed the bucket with his sword. The water went over Redbeard.

'Don't move, father,' said Kara quietly.

She left her father and went to King Einon and Sir Felton. The knight threw his sword down hard at Kara's feet, but she wasn't afraid.

'Look at the girl!' shouted Einon.
'What are you doing?'

'My father's an old man, King Einon,' Kara cried. 'He can't fight you now. Please, don't hurt him.'

'Don't hurt him?' Einon shouted, and quickly moved nearer Redbeard. Then he pushed his sword hard into the peasant's heart.

'Father!' shouted Kara and ran to the old man on the ground.

Einon watched and smiled. 'Your father's dead! 'he laughed.

Kara had Redbeard in her arms. Her beautiful, long red hair fell down her back. Einon looked at her. He remembered the girl’s lovely, but not her name. ‘Who is she?’ he thought. ‘She’s beautiful. What’s her name? Where does she come from?’ Then he turned his horse and started to ride away.

Kara looked down at her father, dead in her arms. Then she looked up at Einon and his knights on their horses. ‘I hate that cruel man’, she said quietly. ‘He killed my father. ‘I’ll never forget that. One day…’

^ Chapter 8 Kara Meets Draco

At his castle King Einon sat down to dinner. His knights and their wives ate with him. At the end of the table his mother, Queen Aislinn, sat quietly. The other men and women at the table were loud and noisy.

Suddenly Einon turned round. He saw somebody behind him with a knife in his hand. The man threw the knife at the king, but he was ready. Einon caught him and pushed him down on to the table. Then Einon and Brok, the king's cruel knight, looked down at the man. But it wasn't a man! It was a woman! She had beautiful, long red hair. It was Kara!

'I know you,' Einon said. 'You're Redbeard's child.' Then he turned

to Queen Aislinn. 'Look at her, Mother! She tried to kill me!

The queen looked at her son, but she didn't sav a word. Einon looked at Kara. 'I killed your father, girl,' he said to her. 'And now I'm going to kill you.'

'Kill me then! I want to die,' shouted Kara. 'I don't want to live in this country. You're not my king!'

'So what shall I do with you? I'll think of something,' Einon shouted at her. 'Now, take her away!'

Brok and some other knights quickly took Kara out of the

Einon looked down at her knife in his hands, and then he looked at his mother. The queen watched him but she said nothing. Einon threw the knife down on the table and looked into the hot fire. He thought for a minute. Then he suddenly stood up and ran out of the room.

'Where is she? Where's that woman?' he shouted. He found Kara in a small dark room in the bottom of the castle. 'I remember you now!' Einon shouted at her. 'Your red hair! At the battle! When my father, the king, died! It was your sword! It went through my heart!' He opened his shirt. 'Look! You did that. Now I'll find a way to hurt you'

Kara looked into Einon's eyes. She wasn't afraid.'Next time I'll kill you!'she shouted at him.

'You can't. I've got a different heart now. It's very strong,' answered Einon.

'Your heart's black,' Kara shouted.

When he heard this, Einon looked at her with cruel eyes. 'You wait,' he said. Til think of something . ..'

Kara sat in the cold room and looked out of the small window. How could she get out? But then Queen Aislinn came quietly into the room.

'You!' Kara said. 'How did you get in here?'

'Ssh! Be quiet! I want to help you,' said the queen.

'I don't want any help from the mother of that cruel king,' answered Kara.

'I am Einon's mother,' the queen said sadly. 'But he had a father too. I had to marry King Freyne, but I didn't want to be his wife. Einon's cruel because of his father, not me.'

'Why didn't you kill him when he was a baby then?' shouted Kara.

'You can ask that now,' the queen answered. 'But when a mother looks at the baby in her arms, she only sees her child. She doesn't know that he's going to be a cruel man.'

'And now you want to help me,' Kara said. 'All right. Give me my knife. Then I can die.'

'Don't die now, my girl, when you can live,' said the queen. Then she showed Kara a small door behind the fireplace. 'Only three people know about this door,' she said. She opened it and quickly walked outside the castle walls with Kara. 'Can you see that road?' the queen asked. 'Run away now. Run fast!'

Kara turned to say thank you to Queen Aislinn, but she wasn't

'What? Dogs!' shouted Einon angrily. 'Stupid men! Where's the girl? How did she get out?' Einon threw his food and drink on the floor. Brok and Queen Aislinn watched him.

'Sir, there's only one way out of that room,' Brok said. 'And only you, me and the queen know about it.'

'I know!' shouted Einon. 'So how did the girl find the door?' His eyes turned to his mother. 'It was her,' he thought. 'She helped her.'

He shouted at Brok,'Get your best men. Quickly. Go and find her. And bring her here fast.'

Brok ran out, and the queen said quietly to her son, 'I'll ask somebody to clean up this room.' Einon looked at his mother with cold, angry eyes.

Kara ran away from the castle as fast as she could. When she arrived at her village, she told everybody her story. 'I've got a plan to kill the king. Will you help me?' she asked the villagers. But they were afraid. They didn't want to hear her ideas. Her father, Redbeard, was dead. They didn't want to die too. 'Listen to me! We have to fight!' said Kara. But the men shouted at her and started to hit her.

'Stop that!' somebody behind them said. They turned and saw Sir Bowen on his horse. Then suddenly one of the men cried, 'Look! Look up there!' It was Draco, the dragon, high in the sky!

'You're late!' thought Bowen, when he saw the dragon.

Draco flew down near the village. 'Look at that fire!' the men shouted. 'It's coming out of his nose! He's going to burn our village!' Some of the villagers ran away into their houses, but Kara and the oldest man in the village stayed behind.

'Do you want me to kill this dragon?' Bowen asked them. 'You'll have to pay me, or I'll leave him here!'


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Bowen. \Bowen looked hard at Kara and said to the old man, 'All right

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Bowen. \Find some of the familiar patterns of stars. Perhaps none of them had ever been seen without the help of a telescope

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