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Chapter 10 a new Star in the Sky

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Chapter 10 A New Star in the Sky

It was the day of the great battle. King Einon and his knights looked out of the castle windows.

'There are hundreds of peasants down there!' called Brok. 'They're ready to fight!'

'Then let's go!' answered Sir Felton.'One of us is as strong as a hundred of them!'

'Don't be stupid!' Einon shouted at him. 'They've got Sir Bowen with them. And the dragon.'

Queen Aislinn came into the room. 'Don't be afraid of the dragon, my son,' she said quietly to Einon.

Einon turned to her. 'I'm not afraid of anything!' he said. 'But it's strange, you know, mother. Sometimes the dragon feels very near me.'

'Come with me, son,' said the queen, and walked out of the room.

Einon followed and saw five great, strong knights outside.

'These men are for you, my son. They're the strongest in the world,' the queen said.

'The strongest what?' Einon asked.

'The strongest dragon killers,' answered his mother.

Einon took his mother's hand. He looked into her eyes and thanked her warmly.

The king then went back to his knights. Below them they could see Bowen and the peasants.'Look at them!' shouted Einon angrily. 'They're at my castle walls! Well, today Bowen's going to die, and the Old Code will die with him!'

Bowen rode up and down outside the castle, and looked up at Einon.'Come down and fight,' he shouted. Einon heard him and felt very angry.

Suddenly Draco flew down into the castle. The fire from the dragon's nose burnt the king's buildings and men.

Einon watched and shouted, 'We can't stay here! We'll all burn. Let's go outside and fight those stupid peasants!'

He and his knights quickly ran down the stairs. They jumped on their horses and rode out of the castle. Einon, on his great white horse, pulled out his father's sword. 'Right! Let's kill them,' he shouted to his men.

Bowen saw Einon and shouted to the peasants,'Quickly! Run! Run into the trees!' Einon and his knights followed the peasants but Bowen rode away from them.

The king and his men looked for the peasants in the trees. They didn't know that Bowen and hundreds of other peasants were behind them. Suddenly Bowen shouted out, 'Now!', and the peasants began to fight. They threw burning wood down on to Einon's men from behind them. Then hundreds of peasants came out of the trees in front of them too.

'Quickly! Back to the castle, or we'll die!' shouted Einon. He rode through the fire on his horse and his men followed. Bowen was near the king. He pulled out his sword and jumped on to Einon's horse. Then he pushed the sword through Einon's heart. But the king didn't stop. He didn't feel the sword!

At the same time, Draco suddenly fell from the sky into the

castle. Bowen watched and shouted, 'No! Draco!' He thought about the dragon's words: 'Einon will only die when I die.'

He turned to Kara and said, 'Einon didn't feel my sword in his heart, but Draco felt it. Quickly! Let's go and help him. 'Then he and Kara rode to the castle.

Einon also watched Draco fall from the sky. He saw his five dragon killers jump on to the dragon and pull out their swords. 'Stop,' he shouted. 'Don't kill him. I don't want the dragon to die. I want him to live. Then I'll never die.'

'No! 'Draco cried. 'Kill me! Please!'

From a window in the castle the queen looked down at the dragon. She wanted to help him. She ran down the stairs with a knife in her hands.

'Come here, Aislinn,' Draco said, when he saw her.

'I've come to help you, Draco,' she said sadly. 'I've got a knife. I'm going to kill you.'

'I know,' said Draco. 'You have to kill me. Then cruel Einon will die. Are the stars shining in the sky tonight, Aislinn?'

'Yes, Great Dragon. They're beautiful,' answered the queen.

'Then kill me now,' said Draco.

But before the queen could do anything, somebody pulled the knife out of her hands. It was Einon. 'So, mother, you gave me the five dragon killers because you wanted them to kill this dragon,' he shouted angrily. 'You wanted him to die. And you wanted me to die too!'

'Yes, son. I made a mistake when you were a child. I asked the Great Dragon to help you. But now you're king, you're as cruel as your father. You have to die.'

Draco listened to the words of mother and son. He couldn't stop Einon. And he couldn't help the queen.

Bowen and Kara ran quickly into the castle and found Draco. 'Don't try to help me,' said the dragon. 'I'm tired and I want to die. Then Einon will die too.'

'But we won the battle!' shouted Bowen.

'You'll never win,' answered Draco. 'Kill me! Then you'll kill cruel King Einon. Then you'll win.'

'No, I can't,' cried Bowen. 'I can't kill you, dear Draco. You're the last dragon in the world.'

'This is the end for me, Bowen! Kill me!' said Draco.

'But you're my friend,' Bowen said.

'So kill me!' Draco shouted.

Suddenly Einon arrived and Bowen pulled out his sword. He tried to push the sword into the cruel king's heart, but Einon moved away quickly. By mistake Bowen's sword flew into Draco's heart! Bowen ran to the dragon and pulled it out. Then he turned and pushed it into Einon's heart. The king fell to the

ground next to Draco. His eyes closed - cruel King Einon was dead.

Draco looked at Bowen and smiled warmly. Then he closed his eyes. Bowen went down on the ground near his friend.

'Are you going to leave us now, Draco? What will we do without you?'

Draco answered, 'I'm going up to the stars, dear Bowen. To my old dragon friends in the stars

In front of their eyes the dragon changed to starlight. Then Bowen and Kara watched the dragon's light fly up into the sky, to the other dragon stars. For a minute they couldn't see him, but suddenly they saw a new star in the sky. It was Draco.

'Look, Kara!' said Bowen. 'Look at Draco now. He's the biggest and most beautiful star in the sky!'


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