"I'm Alan Abernathy," said Alan. "We live in the house behind

Название"I'm Alan Abernathy," said Alan. "We live in the house behind
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"It's my birthday this week," said little Tim. "I'm here to look at the toys." Christy smiled at Alan and began to look round the store.

"I'm Alan Abernathy," said Alan. "We live in the house behind


"I think I know your face," said Christy. "But I never see you

after school."

"That's because I usually work here," 'said Alan. They heard a noise from the back of the store: "We will win!" Then Tim ran to them. "Hey Christy, I want a soldier and a monster - listen, they can talk! And they can walk and fight. They're great!" Christy and Alan went with him to look at the Commandos and the Gorgonites.

"How much are they, Alan?" asked Christy.

"119 dollars," answered Alan.

"What!" said Christy. "I'm sorry,Tim - 119 dollars for a doll!

Mom and Dad won't buy you those."

"Oh yes they will. You have dolls for your birthday."

"Not now - I'm sixteen," said Christy angrily. She had dolls in

her room, but she didn't play with them. "Listen, Alan, can you

put my name on one of the soldiers?" "Yes, of course," answered Alan. "And a monster," said Tim.

"No," said his sister. "Goodbye, Alan. Say hello sometimes." After they left, Alan saw his father's tickets on the table. What

time was it? He had to find his father quickly. He left the soldiers

and monsters on the floor when he closed the store. It was a big

mistake — but Alan didn't know that.

^ Chapter 3 Archer the Gorgonite

Alan took his schoolbag and went home on his bicycle. He went past Christy's house. Phil Fimple, Christy's dad, was in his yard. He liked big tools, big machines, and noise. There was a lot of noise now: Phil Fimple had to cut a tree down. He had a new satellite dish for his television, but the tree was in the way.

Alan's parents didn't really like Phil Fimple. Alan's dad liked quiet things; he liked beautiful toys. He made boats and dolls and little houses from wood for his store. He had all his tools there. Sometimes he sold the toys - sometimes.

Stuart Abernathy shouted at Phil Fimple: ''Stop that noise!" But Phil Fimple shouted too: "I have to cut this tree down — is that a problem?"

Alan's dad was angry, but he had to leave. Then Alan ran into the house. "Hey, Dad, here are your plane tickets.You left them in the store," he called.

"Oh, thank you," said Stuart. "You're a good boy! Now, remember, you're the boss. Be careful in the store tomorrow –

don't break anything. And don't play with my tools!"

"OK, Dad." Alan went upstairs to his room.

He turned on his computer, then put his hand in his schoolbag. "What .. .
? Something's moving in there!" he thought. He looked inside, and Archer the monster looked back at him. Alan took the toy out of his bag.

"Hello. I am Archer the Gorgonite," said the monster. "The fight will be long."

"Oh, really!" said Alan.

"I am Archer the Gorgonite," said the monster again. "What is your name?"

"I'm Alan, now be quiet," said Alan. "I have to do my school work."

"Hello, Alan-Now-Be-Quiet," said Archer.

"What!" said Alan. But now the monster was quiet.

Alan did his homework and ate his dinner. Then he listened to

music. Later he turned off his computer, and went to bed. He left the toy monster on the table next to the computer. Alan was tired, and he went to sleep quickly.

Archer began to move again. He turned on the computer, and began to look at Microsoft Encarta. He found a beautiful picture of trees and flowers. "Home," said Archer quietly.

Alan woke up. "Strange," he thought, "the computer is on." Then he saw Archer in front of the computer.

"What are you?" asked Alan suddenly. "You're very different from other toys. Talk to me."

Archer turned round quickly. "Hello, Alan-Now-Be-Quiet!" he said. "I am Archer the Gorgonite."

"I think you're really ,smart," said Alan. "Listen - my name's Alan, OK?"

"Hello, Alan," said Archer.

"Now - walk to the end of my table," said Alan. Archer thought for a minute, then walked to the end of the table.

"Alan, friend of Archer," he said, "friend of the Gorgonites. You have to help us." Alan looked at him. He didn't understand. "This toy can talk and walk," he thought. "And it can turn on a computer."

"The fight will be long," said Archer.

"OK. Say something different now," said Alan.

"The fight will be long," said Archer.

"I don't think you are very smart," said Alan. He put Archer in his bag. Then he closed the bag carefully.

"Tomorrow," Alan thought, "he's going back to the toy store."

^ Chapter 4 "The Gorgonites will die!"

That same night, in the toy store, Chip Hazard climbed out of his box. He stood up. "Commandos! Here! Now!" he shouted. Five

more small soldiers climbed out of their boxes. They stood in front of Chip Hazard. "Men, are you all here?" asked Chip. "Give me your names."

The first soldier answered: "Link Static, sir! I work on radios."

Then the other soldiers spoke.

"Brick Bazooka. The greatest soldier. I love guns."

"Kip Killigan, sir. I can hide anywhere."

"Butch Meathook, sir. Good with a gun. I can hit anything."

"Nick Nitro. Explosions. The biggest explosions! I'm ready, sir!"

Five small soldiers — six with Chip Hazard.

Chip Hazard spoke to his soldiers. "Right, men. You are the Commandos. Your job — to kill the Gorgonites. The Gorgonites will die!"

"Yes, sir," shouted the five small soldiers.

Chip broke his little toy gun in two pieces.

"But first, men, find some good weapons," he said.

"Yes, sir!" the five answered.

They saw Stuart Abernathy's tools, and moved fast. Only a few minutes later, the small soldiers had new weapons - Stuart's best


Now Chip spoke to his men again. "Commandos! We will fight the Gorgonites, and we will win! Find the Gorgonites," he shouted, "and kill them all!"

^ Chapter 5 A Difficult Saturday

The next day was Saturday. Alan looked in his bag. Good — Archer the Gorgonite was there. Alan got on his bicycle and went to the toy store. He opened the door, turned on the light — "Oh no!" There were toys on the floor, in pieces. And where were his father's best tools? They were not on the shelf.

Archer climbed out of Alan's bag, but Alan didn't see him. His eyes were on the Commando boxes. There were no toy soldiers in them now. He turned round and saw Archer. "Who did this?" he asked. Archer looked at the Commando boxes, then looked at Alan.

"What — the toy soldiers? Those stupid Commandos? No!"

"The Commandos have to kill the Gorgonites," said Archer.

"Well, I know one thing," said Alan, "I didn't do this. I know — I'll speak to Globotech. There's a big problem with these ... things!"

He called Globotech, but a computer answered the phone. "This is Globotech," said the machine. "For Globotech Guns, push 1. For Globotech Trucks, push 2. For Globotech Computers, push 3. For Heartland Toys, push 4." Alan pushed number 4 and waited to speak to somebody. But it was another machine: "Everybody at Heartland Toys is busy. Please wait. Have you got our new Commandos - the toys that play with children?" Alan put the phone down angrily.

There was somebody at the door. "Sorry, the store's closed," he shouted. "Oh, Christy, it's you."

"I only want to buy a soldier and a monster," said Christy.

"Sorry, I can't sell them. There's a problem."

Suddenly Christy saw the toys in pieces on the floor. "What happened here? Hey, Alan, do you want some help?"

"Yes, please!"

Christy and Alan worked hard, and four hours later the store was fine again. Christy was busy with the last toy, a beautiful boat. Alan talked to Christy about his past. He was a bad boy when he was young, but these days he tried to be good — sometimes. Christy was interested. Then he asked about her.

"Everybody thinks I'm always happy. But I'm not," she said. "Sometimes I'm sad or angry. Nobody understands me."

"I understand," said Alan.

"Really?" Christy looked at him. Now they were good friends.

But then Alan's dad walked in. "Hello," he said. Then his mouth fell open."What happened in here? Look at this boat - look at it!"

"I'm going," said Christy. She saw Archer and the two pieces of a toy monster on the floor. She quickly put them in her bag and left.

"You go too, Alan," Stuart said angrily.

Outside, Christy gave Archer and Troglokhan, the other monster, to Alan. "Here, have your toys back," she said. Her boyfriend, Brad, was there too, with his new car.


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