\"Brick we\

"Brick we're coming," answered Chip Hazard. "Wait, my man!"

Название"Brick we're coming," answered Chip Hazard. "Wait, my man!"
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He laughed at Alan — toys! Alan felt angry. "Christy thinks I'm stupid now," he thought. "And those toys - are they toys? I'll have to call Globotech again."

Alan put Archer in his bag. He looked at the pieces of Troglokhan and threw them away. Then he got on his bicycle and started for home. A small soldier watched him. It was Link Static. He saw Alan on his bicycle, then told the other soldiers by radio, "Alan is going home. He's leaving now."

Chip Hazard and the other small soldiers waited at the other end of the road. Chip spoke quietly. "Ready, men? Brick Bazooka — are you ready to fight? Wait — can you see him? Now!" Brick Bazooka ran to Alan's bicycle, and jumped on.

Alan felt nothing. He moved fast and turned into his street. Suddenly the soldier was on the ground — in two pieces. But he could talk through his radio.

"I can see the boy's house," said Brick Bazooka. "And Archer the Gorgonite is with the boy."

"Brick — we're coming," answered Chip Hazard. "Wait, my man!"

At home Alan tried to call Globotech again. This time, he got a person. "What is the name of the toy and what is the problem?" she asked.

"The Commandos and the Gorgonites," answered Alan. "They broke everything in my father's store, and they ran away."

"I'm sorry" said the woman at Heartland Toys. "You lost the toys — it's your problem, not ours. We can't help you."

"But there's a big problem," said Alan. "The toys are dangerous! They fight, they break things. I can't stop them because I can't turn them off!"

"Yeah, yeah, OK," said the woman. "It's only a boy," she thought. Alan put the phone down angrily. He looked at Archer. "Don't talk to me!" he said. Then he sat down and listened to loud music.

The woman at Globotech told Irwin and Larry about Alan's telephone call. Irwin was afraid. But Larry did not think there was a problem.

"These toys aren't dangerous," said Larry. "They're only toys."

"But perhaps the boy's right. We can't sell dangerous toys," said Irwin. He turned on his computer and looked at the plans for the Commandos and Gorgonites. He read quietly. Then he looked up. "Where are the computer chips from?" he asked. "Oh, they were for weapons — very expensive. Why?" "You put chips for weapons into toys?" shouted Irwin. "I think that's the problem. We have to do something about it now."

Larry looked at Irwin. "I think perhaps you're right this time," he said slowly. "Tomorrow, we'll go to Globotech Guns.We'll talk to the people there."

^ Chapter 6 Problems for Archer

That night Alan went to bed early. Of course, Archer did not sleep — he was a toy. He sat and thought on Alan's table. Then he heard a funny noise. "Help!" said something — or somebody.
"A Gorgonite — they're not all dead!" thought Archer. He went downstairs. "Help!" he heard. The noise came from a closet!

Archer opened the closet, and looked inside. "Kill the Gorgonites!" shouted Chip Hazard. Butch Meathook and Nick Nitro jumped on Archer and carried him away.

A minute later Archer was in the kitchen. His feet were above his head, and his head was over a dangerous machine. "This is the end for you, Gorgonite!" said Chip Hazard. "Now talk! Where are the other Gorgonites?"

Archer suddenly felt happy inside — the other Gorgonites weren't dead! But he said nothing.

"Right. Let's turn the machine on!" said Chip. Archer closed his eyes.

But then Alan arrived and turned on the light. "Hey!" he shouted. The three Commandos ran; Alan took Archer out of the

machine. Chip Hazard and Butch Meathook quickly climbed through the window. But Nick Nitro stayed in the kitchen, and he had a knife. He stood on the table behind Alan, then pushed the knife hard into Alan's arm. "Ooow!" shouted Alan. He turned ' round, and took the soldier in his hand. Then he pushed him hard into the machine and turned it on. There was a loud noise, and the machine stopped. The soldier was in pieces.

Alan's parents ran into the kitchen. "What's all this noise? What's happening?" shouted Stuart.

"Alan, your arm!" said his mother, Irene.

Alan told them about the soldiers. "You were away, Dad, and Joe came. He had these soldiers, and he gave me some. I wanted to sell them — I wanted to make money. I know it was wrong. I really am very, very sorry."

Stuart looked at Irene. "Really?" he said to his son. "So, did you sell my tools? Did you pay Joe with money from my tools?"

"No, Dad, I think the toy soldiers took the tools."

"Alan — do you think I'm stupid?"

Alan looked at Archer. "Archer — help me — say something!" Nothing.

His mother looked at him. "Alan, go to bed, dear," she said quietly. "And wash that cut on your arm."

They all left the kitchen. Nobody saw Nick Nitro climb slowly through the open window with one leg under his arm.

^ Chapter 7 "Where can a Gorgonite hide?"

It was dark in Phil Fimple's garage, but the small soldiers were all there.

"Men - Commandos - come here!" shouted Chip Hazard. "Now we know the Gorgonites' friend. He is big. He is fast.

Things are different now." He looked at Link Static. The soldier turned on the light in the garage.

There were tools there. Now they could make new weapons -fighting machines, trucks, everything!

Nick Nitro arrived. "Doctor!" he called. Chip Hazard ran to him.

"It's bad, Chip" said Nick.

"You did a good job," said Chip quietly.

"Did we win?" asked Nick.

"We will win," answered Chip.

Nick smiled at Chip Hazard - then his eyes closed and his

light went off.

Chip Hazard stood up and spoke to his men. "We will win! We have to make weapons — we have to make trucks — we have to make guns — we have to make fighting machines. Use these tools - use everything - move! Fast! Kill all Gorgonites! The

Gorgonites will die!"

But that was in the Fimple garage. In Alan's house it was quiet. Alan wanted to talk to Archer, but Archer didn't answer. This made Alan angry. "I know — I can throw the Gorgonites away. My

dad thinks I'm crazy. Christy thinks I'm stupid. And Joe - well..."

Archer looked at Alan. "The Gorgonites aren't dead," he said.

"What? "said Alan.

"Chip Hazard is looking for the Gorgonites," answered Archer.

"OK - I understand," said Alan. "He's looking for them, so they have to be somewhere. But where are they?"

"My Gorgonites are hiding — they do that very well."

Next morning was Sunday, so it was very quiet. The toy store didn't open on Sundays, but Alan was there. He looked for the Gorgonites but he couldn't find them. "Why are they hiding?" he asked Archer. "They're monsters — can't they fight the Commandos?"

"No, Alan, we always lose," said Archer. "It's in the computer chips."

"Hide or lose? That's sad," said Alan. Then he looked at a Gorgonite box. "On the box it says you're looking for home. Did they go to find their home?"

"Not without me," said Archer, "I'm their boss."

Alan thought: "Where can a Gorgonite hide? They fight but they never win. They always lose, they hide. They are sad — I know!" He ran outside and looked behind the store.There were boxes and old toys there. Archer followed him and looked too. It was a good place to hide.

"Hey, you in there — you can come out! I'm a friend!" Nothing. Alan turned back to the store.

"Ocula," shouted Archer. Alan turned again, and saw a big eye with legs! Something moved, and there were the small toy monsters. Archer said hello to each one. "Punch-It! Scratch-It! Insaniac! Slamfist! Troglokhan — what did they do to you? "They were all very ugly, but Troglokhan was the ugliest.

"We connected his head, and the pieces of his arms and legs, to an old radio," laughed Punch-It.

"So you're all here. I can give you back to Joe." Alan found a large box on the ground. "Perhaps things are getting better, he thought. "OK, everybody in!" he said. Then he took the Gorgonites home.

^ Chapter 8 Problems with Chips

That same Sunday morning, Larry and Irwin were at Globotech Guns.They walked into an office.

"Who are you?" said a man. "No visitors in here!" . Larry spoke. "Listen, it's me — Larry. You gave me some computer chips for toys."

"Oh, 1 remember," said the man, "They're great chips." "Yes — thank you," answered Larry. "But there's a problem." "There's no problem with my computer chips," said the man angrily. "The problem is your toys. The computer chips are fine — they're intelligent, they can learn." Larry and Irwin looked at him.

"Yes, my friends, they can learn," he said. "These computer chips are really very, very good. But there's one little problem, so

nobody wants them."

"So there is a problem then?" asked Irwin quickly.

"Yes," said the man. "When there's a very strong electromagnetic field, the computer chips don't work. That's the end of them. It's a great problem for weapons, but not for toys!" • Larry and Irwin left the office. "Let's tell Mr. Mars that there's a problem."


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