Can't sell them the toys are dangerous

НазваниеCan't sell them the toys are dangerous
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"We can't do that!" said Larry. He didn't want to lose his job. "Well, then, we have to go and find those toys," said Irwin. • "That boy doesn't want them." "Yes, I think you're right." "And we'll tell Joe to get the toys from the other stores. They

can't sell them - the toys are dangerous."

"OK, Irwin," said Larry. "Now, let's go and see this Alan Abernathy."

In Alan's bedroom Gorgonites were everywhere.Troglokhan used the computer. Ocula and Slamfist watched television. Punch-It sat and thought. Scratch-It jumped up and down on the bed. Insaniac played happily with the family cat. "What am I going to do with you?" said Alan. But then he heard his mother.

"Alan!" she called.

"Gorgonites — hide now!" said Archer. And they hid!

Alan's mother opened the door and came in. "Christy called," she said. "Here's her number." She gave Alan a piece of paper with the number on it and left.

"What is Christy?" asked the Gorgonites.

"Not what — who!" said Alan. "She's a girl. I really like her. Why did she call?"

"Ask her!" said the Gorgonites.

"But I'm a little — well, afraid," said Alan slowly.

"Afraid!" shouted the Gorgonites. "Then you have to hide. She will hurt you!"

"No," said Alan, "I really like her — she's great."

"You aren't afraid?" asked Archer.

"Well, no."

"Then call her!" said Archer. Alan looked at him — he was right. So Alan called Christy.

"Oh, hello, Alan," she said. "Was your dad really angry about the store?"

"No — not really." Alan thought hard. "Would you like to come to the movies with me, Christy?" he asked.

"Alan, I have a boyfriend. I'm going out with Brad. He's older than you. And my mother doesn't like you. People tell her things ..."

"Well, I don't want you to have problems with your mom

because of me."

"OK. Goodbye, Alan," said Christy.

"Goodbye," said Alan, and he put the phone down sadly. He looked at the monsters."Thank you for your help," he said. "Why

do I listen to toys?"

In the garage, Commando Link Static put his radio down and

went to Chip Hazard.

"I connected my radio to their telephones. I heard them, sir,"

he said. "The boy likes the girl."

"Good — we are learning," said Chip Hazard. "The boy is weak. He likes girls. We have to do something now - the time is right! Go, men, go!"

^ Chapter 9 Commandos 3: Fimples 0

In Christy's house, her mother and father were in the living-room. The new satellite dish was in place, and the television was


"That's a great picture," said Marion Fimple.
She brought two

drinks and put them on the table.

Brad arrived. Christy came down from her room and said goodbye to her parents. "Don't wait for me. I'll be back late, so you go to bed." Then she and Brad left in his fast new car.

The Fimples sat in the dark and watched television — and three small soldiers watched the Fimples. Chip Hazard saw the

drinks on the table.

"To the bathroom, men!" he said. "They have to sleep!" Upstairs, the three Commandos looked in the bathroom closet. They found sleeping pills.Then they went downstairs again, with the bottle of pills. Chip opened the bottle and Kip Killigan put a pill in his gun.

Go! The pill went very high and then it fell on the floor. Next time Butch Meathook helped, and the pill fell into one of the glasses. A minute later there were two pills in each glass. And two minutes after that, Phil and Marion Fimple were asleep. Commandos 2: Fimples 0.

"Good, men!" said Chip Hazard. "Now — the girl's room!" Chip and the two other soldiers ran through Christy's bedroom door. At the same time, Brick Bazooka and Link Static came through the window. They shouted "AAAAAAAAAAAhhh," but then stopped. There was nobody there — only Commandos.

"She is not in here," said Chip. "Look everywhere." But suddenly somebody turned the light on. It was Tim. He came into the room, the happiest boy in town.

"Great!" he said. "Five small soldiers - five Commandos - for my birthday!" He looked at the toys.

"Stop, men," said Chip Hazard. Chip wanted to think. "Hey, great," said Tim. "You can talk." He sat down on the floor and began to play. "You're Chip," he said, "and you're the boss. "Then he took Kip Killigan in his hand. "Kip fights you one day, and he wins. So now he's the boss."

Chip was not happy. "This is stupid," he thought. Then he shouted, "Men! Fight him!" The soldiers ran at Tim, but he only laughed happily. Tim was stronger and bigger than the toys, so he won the fight easily. The soldiers ran away and hid.

But Tim wanted to play again. "All right," he said. "Now you can win — and I'll lose, OK?" Suddenly the Commandos were on him. Tim's arms were behind him and there was something round them. He couldn't move his hands. "That hurts!" he shouted. "I can't move! This isn't funny! Hey!" But Chip put something in his mouth, and other soldiers worked on his legs. Then they pushed him into Christy's closet. Commandos 3: Fimples 0. "Good work, men!" said Chip. The soldiers stopped and looked round the room. On a shelf there were a lot of beautiful


"Well, hello!" said Kip. "Girls!"

Chip looked up. "We can use these young women. They can fight with us. Now, where is Nick Nitro? "Two soldiers brought the dead Commando. Chip Hazard broke the toy's head. And then he took out the intelligent computer chip. "Men - to work.

Bring the dolls."

Two hours later, the dolls looked very different. They had no hair. In their heads were small computer chips — from old phones and other machines from Phil Fimple's garage. The dolls were all on the floor, with Tim's electric train. The intelligent computer chip from Nick Nitro's head was now in the train. Link Static connected the dolls to the train.

"Let's finish now," said Chip. "Is the train ready? And the chip? Right - let's connect the dolls to the electricity."

Slowly the dolls all stood up. "Hi, boys!" said one. The girl dolls were not toys now — they were soldiers.

"Strange soldiers," thought Chip. "But they can fight with us. Now we are stronger!"

^ Chapter 10 "Gorgonites, you can't win!"

When Christy and Brad came home, it was very late. Phil and Marion Fimple were asleep in the living-room.

"Goodnight, Brad," said Christy. She was tired. She went up to her room, and put her coat away in the closet. It was dark, so she did not see Tim in there. And Tim couldn't speak, because there was something in his mouth.

She put on the light in her room but nothing happened. She tried a different light. Then the door closed suddenly with a loud noise. Something ran under the bed. And then Christy saw the dolls. One doll opened its eyes and sat up. "I'm beautiful. Everybody likes me," it said. The dolls all looked at Christy. The pretty faces were ugly now — and they had no hair.

Christy shouted loudly — and outside, Brad heard the noise. He got out of his car and ran into the house: "Christy - it's all right! I'm coming!" He ran upstairs and into Christy's room — and stopped. Christy was on the floor and she couldn't move or speak. Round her stood these ugly dolls. "What the ..." Brad began, and then a doll jumped on him.

"You're pretty!" said the doll. A second doll arrived. "Take me to the movies!" she said. Then the others began to fight Brad. They hit him and pulled his hair. They climbed up his legs and ran up his arms. He fought back hard. "No! No!" he shouted. He moved to the door — but the Commandos were in his way.

"Men do not fight women," said Chip Hazard. Brad stopped and looked at the small soldiers. He looked at the ugly dolls. He looked at Christy on the floor. This time, he did not say goodbye — he ran downstairs and out of the house. Then he jumped into his car and drove away fast.

Upstairs, the Commandos went into Christy's room with Phil Fimple's video camera.

"Are you afraid?" Chip asked her.

Christy was not afraid — she was very, very afraid.

It was very late, but Alan and the Gorgonites were not asleep. Ocula looked out of Alan's window and made a strange noise. Alan looked up. "What can you see?" he asked. Then the window broke — and a video flew into the room. There were some words on the video box: You can't win! Alan put the video into his machine, and began to watch. He saw Christy, with papers in her hand. She read from them slowly.

"I am fine. The Commandos didn't hurt me. They always win because they are the best fighters. Ooh, there are pages and pages of this. Ouch!" She looked away from the camera. "I'm doing it, I'm reading it," she said. She looked at the camera again. "I can leave this room, but first two things have to happen. One, you have to give the ugly Gorgonites to the Commandos. Gorgonites, you can't win! Two - er - that's all. Alan, please ..." And then the picture went. Alan was very angry. And the Gorgonites were afraid.



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