\"An electric field a strong electromagnetic field,\" said Irwin. \"That\

"An electric field a strong electromagnetic field," said Irwin. "That's the only answer."

Название"An electric field a strong electromagnetic field," said Irwin. "That's the only answer."
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"An electric field — a strong electromagnetic field," said Irwin. "That's the only answer."

"Then let's make one," shbuted Christy.

"Hah! Do you think it's easy?" said Larry. Then Phil Fimple spoke: "Every electric machine makes an electromagnetic field." Something hit the windows. The Commandos were very near the house now.

"We want a big one," said Alan. Perhaps Phil Fimple was not a bad man really. He knew a lot about machines and electricity.

"They're in the back yard," shouted Alan. Suddenly he had an

idea. "Look - outside. Can you see? Up there, there are two

transformers. Can we use them to make an electromagnetic thing?"

"Electromagnetic field," said Irwin. "We'll have to make an


Phil Fimple spoke again, and everybody listened. "We have to connect the transformers with a big piece of metal. The electricity will go through the metal, and there's your explosion. The electromagnetic field will follow."

Alan began to move fast. He went into the kitchen and found a heavy metal tool. "This will connect the two transformers," he thought. Then his father came in. "Alan, what are you thinking? You can't go outside. It's dangerous."

"Have you got a better idea?" asked Alan. "You're my son, and you can't..." Alan looked at him. "Dad, I have to do this." Stuart looked at his son. Did he know this young man? "Let's go, Alan," he said.

Archer watched them leave, then he hid in a closet.

^ Chapter 13 The Last Big Fight

Outside, there were Commandos everywhere. Stuart fought hard. They were only small soldiers, but they never stopped. Their weapons were small, but they were dangerous. Alan ran to the posts with the two transformers. He had to get there quickly and climb up, but the Commandos tried to stop him.

Christy, Irwin, and Larry were now in Christy's house, but it was dangerous there too. The Commandos wanted to get inside.

In Alan's kitchen, the Gorgonites stopped hiding. "Gorgonites — we have to help Alan," said Archer.

"We can't fight — we'll lose," said Slamfist.

"But we can't hide — we'll lose," answered Archer. "Let's fight!" he shouted.

"Yes!" shouted the others. So they ran outside.

They fought hard and well. The Commandos began to fight with the Gorgonites now, so Alan's job was easier. He climbed up one of the posts, and he was ready to connect the transformers. But then Chip Hazard arrived. This time he was in a small flying machine, like a little plane. There were two rockets, then an explosion, and Alan's metal tool fell from his hands. Chip came nearer. "Oh no!" thought Alan. "This is the end! I'm going to fall.

Now Chip brought the plane to the ground and climbed up to Alan. He had a knife. But Archer arrived and the two toys fought. "The Gorgonites will die!" shouted Chip, and Archer fell to the ground. Chip was now very near Alan, so Alan put out his hand: "That's it, you stupid toy," he said. "I haven't got that metal tool, so I can use you." He took Chip in his hand, and pushed him hard between the two transformers.

Then he jumped down to the ground. Christy was there. "Come into the house!" she shouted.

The metal inside Chip Hazard connected the two transformers. Electricity ran through him. Slowly the toy changed. Now you could only see the metal inside the toy. it was hot and white. Then the electromagnetic field started, and there was a loud explosion.

And in each small soldier there was a small explosion. They all fell down. Heads turned or fell off. Arms and legs moved fast, then slowly. Then they all stopped.

Christy and Alan were inside again. Stuart threw his arms round them — all four parents were very happy. And Larry put his arm round Irwin. But where were the Gorgonites?

^ Chapter 14 "Thank you, satellite dish"

An hour later, a small plane arrived in the street and Mr. Mars climbed out. First he saw Joe and his truck. "You work for us, don't you? That's a Globotech truck. I don't want to read this story in the newspapers. Drive that truck away!"

Joe looked at him. "I can't drive very well," he said."My head


Mr. Mars gave Joe some money. "Here, you can put this in the

bank," said Mars.

Joe looked at the money. "I feel better. I'll go now, Mr. Mars,"

he said. He started the truck and drove away.

Next it was Phil Fimple. "Look at my house and garage! And my television, my tools, my new satellite dish." Mr. Mars took out some more money. Phil Fimple looked at it and was quiet. "And our house?" asked Irene.

"And the problems?" said Stuart. Mr. Mars looked at him, then gave him some money too.

Last, Larry and Irwin. Now they were friends. Larry spoke. "It was my idea to use the computer chips, Mr. Mars," he said. "I'm sorry."

"Oh?" said Mars. "You made a big mistake. Now — how much did these toys cost in the stores?" "119 dollars," answered Larry.

"Very cheap! Make them expensive," said Mars. "We'll sell them to South American fighters. Now get in the plane." The plane flew away into the night.

Little Tim Fimple was half asleep. "Dad, you know my birthday," he said, "I only want clothes this year."

The Fimples went home. Alan's parents went in too, but Alan stayed outside. He wanted to look for the Gorgonites.

He looked everywhere for Archer and the others, but he could not find them. Christy came out again for a minute. "Did you find Archer?" she asked. "No," he answered sadly. "I have to go," said Christy. "See you later?" Alan looked at her. "She wants to see me again," he thought. "Yes, OK," he said, quietly.

He began to clean the yard. He threw the dead Commandos into a bag.

Suddenly he heard a noise. It came from the satellite dish. The dish was on the ground in his yard. He looked under it and found the Gorgonites. But they did not look good. "Archer - are you OK?" he shouted. "Hello, I am Archer the Gorgonite," said Archer slowly. "Oh no - the electromagnetic field hit your computer chip too," said Alan sadly. "But the Commandos are all dead."

"The Commandos are dead?" Archer asked. He turned to the others. "Gorgonites! We won!" Suddenly the Gorgonites moved again.They laughed and ran round the yard.

"Archer, I'm so happy - you're all OK!" laughed Alan. "Of course we're OK," said Archer, "Gorgonites are good at hiding. So we hid. Thank you, Mr. Fimple — thank you, satellite


It was a sunny day. Alan was next to the river with one of Stuart's beautiful toy boats. And on the boat were the Gorgonites.

"Do you really want to go?" asked Alan.

"Yes, Alan, it's time," answered Archer.

"1 understand. But where are you going?"

"Home. To Gorgon."

"But Archer, there is no ..."

"Alan, we have to look for our country."

Alan stood up and pushed the boat into the water. The river carried it away.

"Goodbye, Alan!" they shouted. He stood and watched. The boat moved slowly away.

"Goodbye my friends," Alan said quietly.

Then there was nothing.


\"An electric field a strong electromagnetic field,\" said Irwin. \"That\Valery M. Cheplashkin
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