He didn\

He didn't want to frighten Vicky or the boys, so he said, 'No, nothing.'

НазваниеHe didn't want to frighten Vicky or the boys, so he said, 'No, nothing.'
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He didn't want to frighten Vicky or the boys, so he said, 'No, nothing.'

'What shall we do?' she said. 'The boys are afraid.'

'We can all go into the other tent, 'Tom said.

It was crowded in the tent, but they all felt safe there. The two young boys slept between Tom and Vicky.

'Goodnight, Tom,' Vicky said softly.

'Goodnight, 'Tom said. He closed his eyes and smiled.

Tom could hear a voice calling him. It sounded far away. He woke up. Then he remembered where he was.

His mother opened the tent, and light poured in. 'What are you doing?' she shouted. 'Where's Bob?'

Tom looked round. The boys weren't there.

'He was here,' Tom said. 'And Sam, too. Perhaps they've gone for a walk.'

'Get out of there, immediately,' his mother said.

Slowly, Tom and Vicky came out of the tent. The four adults were standing outside.

'Why were you in the tent with this girl?' Tom's mother shouted.

'Because -'Tom began.

'Where's Bob?' his father asked.

Tom looked towards the beach. Bob and Sam ran out from behind some rocks. They were playing football.

'There he is, 'Tom said.

'Why aren't you with him?' his mother shouted. 'Why are you here with this girl?'

'I'm trying to explain but you aren't listening,' Tom said. 'Somebody killed a sheep and —'

'Who killed a sheep? Is this true, Vicky?' Gavin asked.

'I —' Vicky stopped and looked at Tom.

'She didn't see it,' Tom said. 'I didn't want to frighten her or the boys.'

'I don't believe you, 'Tom's mother said.

'It's true! 'Tom shouted. 'You never believe me!' He pulled his mother to the other tent and pointed to the roof. 'What do you think this is? It's blood. And this!'

He walked into the long grass. He found the sheep's head and picked it up. His mother put her hand on her mouth and looked away. Danielle screamed.

'Who did that?' Gavin said.

'I don't know, 'Tom said.

'Who lives on this island?' Gavin asked.

'The only people here are Mr Mackie and his family,' Tom's father said.

'I'm going to see this Mr Mackie,' Gavin said. 'Is he stupid, trying to frighten people like this?'

Tom's mother looked at Tom and Vicky. 'We can't leave the children alone. We'll all have to go.'

^ Chapter 5 A Mystery

It was hot, walking up the hill.

'Is it very far? I'm tired,' Sam said.

'Oh, stop being a baby,' Gavin said to his son. 'You're too weak. You need some exercise.'

At the top of the hill, they looked down at the lake. It was beautiful with the sun shining on the blue water.

'I'm thirsty. Is that water clean?' Danielle asked. It's the best water that I've ever tasted,' said Tom's father. 'We always drink it when we're here.'

'Good,' Danielle said. 'Who's coming for a drink?'

'We'll all come, 'Tom's mother said.

'I'm staying here,' Sam said. He sat down on the grass. Bob and Tom sat down next to him.

'I'll stay with the boys, 'Vicky said.

The adults walked down towards the lake. Tom felt the hot sun on his back. He looked up at the blue sky. Then, quietly, Vicky started to sing 'Lonely Tomorrow'. She had a really good voice. After a minute, she stopped.

'Don't stop, 'Tom said.

She smiled shyly. He smiled back. She was so lovely. He wanted to put his arm round her and kiss her. She began to sing again, and now Bob and Sam sang with her.

Tom felt so happy. He looked down at the lake. The adults were on their knees by the water. He saw them put their hands into it and lift some to their mouths. The water shone in the light of the sun. They put their hands into the lake again and drank some more water. Tom wanted them to stay at the lake for a long time. He just wanted to be here, listening to Vicky. He touched her hand and she smiled at him.

The adults finished drinking and walked back up the hill. Vicky stopped singing.

'Was the water good? 'Tom asked.

'Very good,' his mother replied.

'It didn't taste the same,' his father said. 'It tasted strange. But it was good.'

'It was wonderful,' said Gavin. 'And you'll all be thirsty later. Now, let's go and see this Mr Mackie.'

At the top of the hill, Tom looked down at Mr Mackie's farm. The house seemed dark and lonely in the valley. He suddenly felt nervous. Something was wrong. There were no animals in the fields. No birds in the sky. Everything was quiet. Too quiet.

When they got to the house, the kitchen door was open.

'Hello! 'Tom's father called. 'Mr Mackie?'

There was silence. A strange silence.

There were dirty plates and bits of food on the kitchen table. Chairs were lying on the floor. There was a bad smell in the air.

'I - I feel sick, 'Tom's mother said.

'I do, too,' said Danielle.

They both went outside. The men went to look round the other rooms. Tom crossed the kitchen. There were lots of small holes in the wall.

'That's strange,' he said. 'I think someone's shot a gun at it.'

'And what's that?' Vicky said. She was pointing to a dark area on the floor.

Tom went to look. 'Is it ... dry blood?'

'Let's get out of here, 'Bob said. 'I don't like it.'

The two women were standing outside with their backs against the wall. They were pale and shaking.

'I don't feel well,' Danielle said. 'My head hurts.'

'Mine does, too,' Tom's mother said. 'I want to go back to the yacht.'

A few minutes later, the men came out of the house.

'We'll go back to my yacht and send a message to the police,' Gavin said. 'There's something —' He stopped talking. Then he touched the side of his head and closed his eyes. He was very pale. 'There's a mystery here,' he said. 'Let's hurry'

Everybody followed Gavin. At first he walked fast, but then he began to run. Everybody started to run with him.

After a few minutes, Sam stopped. Vicky and Tom went back to him. 'I can't ... I can't run,' Sam said. 'Don't leave me here.'

'Of course we won't leave you,' Vicky said, and put her arm round him.

'We'll walk with you, Sam, 'Tom said.

He and Vicky held Sam's hands. They walked through the valley and climbed the hill. The sky was covered with dark clouds now, and a cold wind was shaking the grass. When they passed the lake, the water looked black.

Tom felt more and more nervous. There was something wrong on this island. Three or four times, he looked back over his shoulder. Once he thought he saw someone on top of a hill. But when he looked again, it was just a small tree.

'Look Sam, there are Mum and Dad,' Vicky said, pointing down the path.

Bob was standing, but the four adults were sitting by the side of the path. Tom was pleased to see them. He felt safer with them. He wanted them to tell him that everything was all right.

But everything was not all right.

Tom saw that his mother was crying. His father was looking at his hands. Danielle was holding her head and making strange noises. Gavin was repeating the words, 'Red sky. Red sky'.

Bob ran to Tom and held his hand. 'I think Mum and Dad are ill, Tom,' he said quietly. Then tears started to run down his face. Tom felt his heart jump with fear.

'Mum? Dad? Are you all right?' he asked.

There was a sudden silence when he spoke. His mother stopped crying and Danielle stopped making noises. Gavin stopped speaking for about fifteen seconds. Then he began again. 'Red sky. Red sky. Red sky'.

'Dad, stop it!' Vicky said. 'Stop saying that!'

Gavin looked at her. 'What? Oh, I'm sorry,' he said. He touched his head. 'Everything was ... red. I'm better now.' He stood up and looked at the other adults. 'What are you doing?' he shouted. 'We've got to get back to the yachts.'

Yes, of course,' Tom's father said. He stood up. 'Let's go, Margaret.'

Tom's mother stood up. Tom noticed that the skin round her mouth was very red. Gavin helped Danielle to stand.

'We'll go back to my yacht and send a message to the police,' he said. 'Everything will be OK.' He began walking and then stopped. He lifted his arm and pointed. 'What's that?' he asked. Everybody looked. A cloud of black smoke was coming from the beach.

'My yacht!' Gavin screamed, and started to run.

^ Chapter 6 Fire!

They ran down the beach to the sea.

The two yachts were burning. The Sharps' yacht was lying on its side. It was already starting to sink.

'My yacht! 'Tom's father said, as it sank lower and lower in the water. 'Who did this?'

'And mine!' shouted Gavin. 'Look at that fire! It's destroying my yacht. All that money! We've got to do something!'

Gavin's small boat was on the beach. He ran to it and started to push it towards the sea. Then he stopped.

'Who did this?' he shouted, pointing at the boat.

There were two big holes in the side. Gavin looked round. Then he ran and picked something up. It was an axe.

'Whose is this?' he screamed. 'I'll kill them! I'll kill them!' He fell on his knees and watched his burning yacht. Then he threw the axe across the sand. 'I'll kill them! I'll kill them!'

'Dad, stop it, please,' Vicky said. She put her hand on his shoulder. 'What's the matter with you?'

'Don't touch me!' Gavin shouted. He jumped up and pointed at Vicky. 'You did this, didn't you? You used that axe to make holes in my boat. You started the fire on my yacht.'

'No, of course not! 'Vicky said.

'Yes, you did!' shouted Gavin. 'You and your weak brother. I give you everything. I send you to good schools. I buy you clothes. And what do you do for me? Nothing! You just make my life difficult.'

Suddenly, he hit Vicky across the face.

Vicky didn't speak. Slowly, she lifted her hand to touch the side of her face. Then she turned and walked away.

Sam ran after his sister and took her hand. They walked for about fifty metres, then sat down on the sand. Vicky put her arm round her little brother's shoulders.

There was a loud shout from Tom's father. 'My yacht!'

The adults watched the yacht disappear under the water.

Tom pulled Bob along the beach towards Vicky and Sam. He saw that Vicky's eyes were filled with tears. 'Are you OK?' he asked.

She tried to smile, but she couldn't. She looked away, then looked back at him. 'He never hits me,' she said. 'He gets angry with me sometimes, but he never hits me.'

'It's because of the yacht,'Tom said.'He -'

'No! There's something wrong — with all of them.'

Tom knew that she was right. But he didn't want to believe it. There was something wrong with them. They were all acting strangely. It was frightening.

'Maybe they're ill,' Bob suggested. 'Mum said she felt sick.'

'And my Mum did, too,' Sam said.

Bob looked at Tom with big, frightened eyes.

'Don't worry,' Tom said. 'They'll be better soon.'

He wanted the young boys to believe it. He looked at Vicky, and she understood.

'Yes, Tom's right,' she said. 'They'll all feel better soon. Let's go and sit near the tents.'

When they got to the tents, Tom saw Bob's football on the ground. 'Bob, you and Sam can go and play football while we're waiting,' he said.

The young boys ran off. They were kicking the ball and laughing together. Vicky and Tom sat down and watched. Then they turned to the adults, and the fear returned.

'I don't understand it,' Tom said. 'They're so ... angry'.

'They're more than angry. They're —' Vicky stopped.

But Tom knew what she was thinking. He was thinking it, too. Maybe the adults were ill. Really ill, inside their heads. It was a terrible, frightening idea.

'What do we do if they don't get better?' Vicky asked.

'We'll have to try and get help, 'Tom said. 'There's a radio at the farm. Mr Mackie uses it to order farm equipment. Maybe we can go back there and send a message.'

'I don't want to go back to the farm,' Vicky said. 'I think something terrible happened there. Where are Mr Mackie and his family? Maybe they're ill, too. Maybe they started the fires on the yachts.'

'Maybe,' Tom agreed. 'Let's wait for an hour. If our parents don't get better, we'll go back to the farm.'

'OK,' Vicky said. 'We'll wait. Wait and hope.'

^ Chapter 7 The Children's Fear

The boys were still kicking the football. The adults sat near the sea. They weren't moving and they weren't talking. They were just watching the fire burning on Gavin's yacht. Suddenly, there was an explosion. The adults stood up, and the boys stopped playing football. They all watched smoke pour out of the yacht. Then the boat began to sink. After ten minutes, it disappeared.

Gavin picked up a stone and threw it into the sea. Then he ran along the beach, picked up another stone and threw it. Then all the adults started to throw stones into the sea. Each time, they shouted words — terrible words. Even Tom's mother. She was shouting bad, ugly words that she never used.

Tom's hope died. The adults weren't getting better; they were getting worse. He turned to Vicky. He saw that she knew it, too. Her eyes were full of fear.

'What's the matter with them, Tom?' she asked.

'I don't know,' he answered. 'We've got to radio for help.'

'It's too late,' she said. 'Look!'

Tom looked. The adults were running up the beach towards them. Gavin was waving the axe in the air.

'Bob! Sam! Come here - quickly! 'Tom called.

The two little boys ran to him.

'Listen,' Tom said. 'Do what the adults tell you to do. Don't make them angry.'

'Why? 'Bob asked.


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