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By Mario, KD6ILO: 


**** KD6ILO Amateur Radio Television Report

for the week of July 12 2010 ****


Well, "I'm back", Its' been about three weeks since my last

input to the newsletter just after the June Field Day activities

for 2010. For me it was kind of disappointing as there was

no activity or participation on any of the simplex ATV

frequencies here in the San Diego area north or south county,

I made a call out on the 2m ATV coordination frequency with

no answers returned. So not to have wasted my time setting

up to operate I set-up a receiver unit with four receivers at

my QTH (1) on 23cm on 1289.25 MHz AM, (2) on 70cm

on 426.25 MHz AM and (3) on 13cm on 2398.0 MHz FM.

With a DVR in-line to record my signals I set out around to

the Del Mar Fair Grounds, La Jolla Golf Course parking lot

and the Del Mar Heights Shopping Plaza. I had my wife on

GMRS (WPZT957) so she could tell me how well my video

was being received at home. From what I've seen on my

DVR most of my video signals from Del Mar Fair grounds

were between a P4-P5 on both 70cm and 13cm, on 23cm

it was about a P3-P4. from the La Jolla Golf Course all

signals were P4-P5. And from the Del Mar Heights

Shopping Plaza the only poor signal again was on 23cm

about a P2-P3 with color, on 13cm and 70cm P5. So that's

how I spent my 2010 Field Day doing ATV simplex test

shots back to my own QTH thank goodness for DVR

recorders. One of my future task is to test my portable

EMCOMM ATV Repeater Unit here in San Diego County

its' a great unit and it worked very well in Washington State

where it was used with ARES/RACES and Medical

Services in the Puget Sound.
I had fun on my own during

Field Day, but it would have been more fun if I had company

at a distant location with other local ATVers, O'Well that's

amateur radio. Anyway I made my visits to most of my

favorite BATC TV repeater stations for the week and I had

notice that most of the streams were not active during the

the week It must be the summer heat or everyone is on



* W7AMQ ATV Net for

Saturday, July 10 2010 @ 11 AM PT.  A++

Great group get together that morning with our host

WB2QHS, Ed and the rest of the AMQ family. The group

was small but we had a great net. Steve, K7SF as always

had a great P5 picture in to the repeater. Ken, KA7OSM

was finally at home using his ATV station and not using

"Skype" to check in to the net as he travels to Spokane

Washington a lot on business. He has a good looking

station set-up at his QTH. Frank, K2NCC was watching

from his QTH both via batc and via a satellite receiver unit

on the AMQ output frequency. All he needs now is a

transmiter to complete the station. NB7C, Carl in Idaho

and I in San Diego checked in via Skype as Ed patched

us in to the repeater so to say hello and pass our

comments and well wishes to the group. Mike, KB7WUK,

had a power supply issue and could not put a picture on

the AMQ repeater, but at nearly the end of the net he

came on with his P5 picture, guess he found the problem

nice to see you Mike! O'ya Dennis was missing WA7DRO

somewhere in the Pacific NW. Where are you Dennis?

Here were the check ins: WB2QHS, K7SF, NB7C,



^ GB3GW ATV Group Net

for Sunday July 11 2010 @ 12PM PT.  A +

As always a very friendly group of ATV operators, a video

tour was given by Derek, GW3FDZ of an old English country

home which my wife enjoyed viewing with me very much.

P5 pictures with great audio from the GW repeater users.

Here were the check ins:


(call not posted), and two guest (no calls or names).



for Sunday July 11 2010 @ 1230 PM PT.  A+

Other Derek, G4WLA was testing his ATV station via the

TB repeater his picture was about

a P2-P3 with color but he had no audio. He explained he

needed a better antenna and height added to improve his

signal to TB site. He gets an A+ from me for working on

improving his station and signal, that's what its' all about

with ATV. Good job Derek see you on soon, 73! 



^ GB3BH ATV Group

for Sunday July 11 2010 @ 2PM PT.  A++

Great afternoon program via Russell, G7RZF of the "Flying

Legends Airshow" held on Saturday, July 10 2010. Perfect

video presentation Russell. Joining us that afternoon was

Dave, G8ADM and Carl, NB7C from Idaho and he is also

a regular on the W7AMQ nets in Portland, OR.  Check ins

were; G7RZF, G8ADM, NB7C, KD6ILO


^ GB3KM ATV Group

for Sunday July 11 2010 @ 2:30 PM PT.  A+

I dropped in on Rob, M0DTS working on his DATV receiver

he was trying to flash new updated firmware on to the

board but was having problems, but he got it to update.

Group was as follows; M0DTS, KD6ILO, G8BYI, G3YWG

of the GB3SQ group, M1AHN, NB7C.


 ^ GB3IV ATV Group

for Monday July 12 2010 @ 2:30 PM PT.

I dropped in late for the group get together with G4KLB and

G3NZL. Subject matter was a technical issue concerning

repeater RF output capacitors. See you all on the next

group net on Monday. G3NZZL, G4KLB, KD6ILO and 3

guest (no call or name posted).


^ GB3KM ATV Group

for Monday July 12 2010 @ 3PM PT.  A++

Dropped in on Rob, M0DTS again building one of G4DDK's

superb 23cm preamps. I always enjoy dropping in on Rob

as he always has something on the work bench, a repair

job, building a new project or working TV with the KM group.

He does answer guest questions on technical issues..

thanks Rob for being a great amateur and friend.




for Monday July 12 2010 @ 7PM PT.  A+

Due to a router failure that evening the W7AMQ repeater

video feed to the batc server was out for most of the net.

But we did still have a pretty good group locally and on

the batc stream "hardcore" ATVers hi hi! I had a show

and tell presentation for that night but I will have it show

it on our next net " Portable Manpack 70cm Unit". I gave

the net a A+ for their participation even if we did not get

to see everyone on video locally except Ed, WB2QHS.

Here were the check ins for that evening; K2NCC,


WA7DRO, NB7C, and N6QOG.

Thanks fella's for being there.


 ^ WR8ATV ATCO Repeater users group net

for Tuesday July 13 2010 @ 6PM PT.  A+

Other great net and participation by the ATCO local

repeater users and guest on the BATC stream that evening.

We had a special guest from Auckland, New Zealand Grant,

ZL1WTT. He dropped in just to see and hear what US

ATVers were up too. No program that evening just local

user check ins, and the DATV part of the repeater was

operational  for the net. here were the check ins; WA8RMC,



KD6ILO and special guest Grant, ZL1WTT.



for Tuesday July 13 2010 @ 7:30 PM PT

*** Net activity night? ***, no streaming that evening and I

have no line of sight to Santiago Peak to transmit or receive

so I could not participte. No path to Point Loma repeater either.

San Diego Amateur Radio TV has pretty much gone in-active.


^ GB3BH ATV Group

for Wednesday July 14 2010 @ 2:30 PM PT.  A++

We had other good group get together to watch more

Airshow video provided by Russell, G7RZF. We also got

to see more flight video in a Cessna 172 from the cockpit

which was fun with take off and landings. The group net

participtes were; G7RZF, G8ADM, M0SAT, G4BID,



^ GB3KM ATV Group Net

for Wednesday July 14 2010 @ 3:30 PM PT.  A++

The group get together was all tech talk and information  

between the local KM repeater users. Rob, M0DTS was

working on his DTV receiver unit as the net carried on with

other subject matter. It went pass mid-night in England

before they turned in for the night. But I'm glad always to

be there to hear and see what the group is up to with ATV,

always interesting to learn from Rob, Clive and Terry.

Group for that evening were; KD6ILO, M0DTS, G4LVP,

and G1LPS.


^ W7ATV Group net

for Wednesday July 14 2010 @ 7:30 PM PT. A+

It was a good net that evening not a large group but good

participation by all who checked in thanks to our host

Robert, KA6PSD. Most were checked in locally on the

2m voice repeater and ownly three on the W7ATV/r and

three on the BATC TV stream. Ron, AE6QU had an

owsome P5 picture in to W7ATV'r, great work Ron don't

touch a thing its' working great. Here were the Check ins

for that evenings net were; KA6PSD, KD6ILO, K1ATV,



W6CX ATV net

for Wednesday July 14 2010 @ 8PM PT

Its was a technical net with something on the work bench I

asked what it was but no one answered me back on the

batc chat room, I guess no one was looking at the window

during the net. W6HUY, KD6ILO, W6DKE, KA6IVF,




>>^  Amateur Radio TV Talk <<


Most of us ask ourselves where is Amatuer Radio going

and taking us when new technology is introduced to us.

No matter what the new use of that new technology is, it

is sometimes hard for us to keep up or even have a chance

to use that new technology and even to afford that new 

radio, data or ATV video equipment. I have never tried to

"Keep up with the Jones'" as they say, I can't afford it. I

just read, reseach and experiment with that new mode of

communicating, give it a try and see how it would help

me to became a better communicator and pass it on to

other Ham's if they are willing to learn that new technology

or mode. Some..and I mean some Hams' don't feel that the

use of the internet should be part of Amatuer Radio, why?

IRLP, Echolink, Winlink, D-Star and ATV video streaming 

will always be part of Amateur radio its not going away

anytime soon and I have used each and one of these

internet tools for my ARES/RACES/SAR operations with

great success in drills, exercises and real emergencies

saving lives and property. You don't have to like it,

just be open to the use of these new modes and promote

"Amateur Radio" for what it is, a friendly and fun way to

communicate with people locally or around the world and

lets be friends. I've been a Ham for 18 years and been a

Amateur television operator for that long and always

enjoyed that mode. My other favorites are satellite, digital

communications and building my own equipment and

antennas. I did not have great success during field day

with trying to get someone or club to join me on the air

for simplex work on the ATV frequencys' but I did

something anyway because I love playing with my Amateur

TV equipment. Because, "Its' FUN!



73, Mario, KD6ILO

Del Mer Torrey Hills ATV

San Diego, CA DM12jw







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Repairs Needed for the ATN-CA Repeaters

1. Establish link from Mt. Potosi
Mt  Wilson:

Saw testing on 3/21/10.on 434 MHz and it was working
Oat Mtn.:
1. Replace plastic wire ties with appropriate fasteners.
2. Tune 2.4 GHz link dipole for better SWR. It would be a

    good idea to sweep the 1200 MHz antenna at the same

    time as well.

3. 3 GHz output could be installed anyday 6/15/10.
Santiago Peak:
1. Remove KC6UQH's call and Palomar from the W6ATN

    repeaters ID's (late spring early summer 08 when the new controller is installed)

      (Removable requested buy the Palomar Amateur Radio Club and KC6UQH in 2007)
2. Look into weak signal getting into one of the inputs.

3. Find intermittent receive problem for link from Oat Mtn..(1/24/09)

4. Resolve problems with WiFi getting into receiver for Snow Peak

    & Point Loma (April 28, 2009)

Snow Peak:

1. 2.4 Ghz input is operational but has audio problems due to

    receiver problems on the network hub.. July 23, 2009

2. The 1200 MHz output does work and you can watch.

3. Get repeater back on the air.

Point Loma, W6RDF: No Repairs Needed/Fully Operational

   Trustee Robert Swain, KA4JSR

1. Off the air do to AC problems at the shack.

2. 434 input unuseable (4/03.01)







Letters to the Editor



^ Are the ATN-CA Repeaters Off?

The Streaming video from W6ATN repeaters are not streaming

so does that mean that Mike has turned off the ATN repeaters or

he is doing some damage control?


No the repeaters are still operating but the stream has been off.

I suspect that there is a technical reason for the stream not

working. And I can't see Mike leaving the stream off for very

long. It would appear that he has lost control of the repeaters

and doesn't want the rest of the world seeing what is happening.

I guess that is damage control.


And I guess if the stream stays off for any period of time he has

decided he can't stop the problems and will be turning off the

repeaters very soon.

The Editor




^ Twenty Years Watching ATN

“I read with great amusement the recent

letters concerning KA6DPS and the happenings

on the WA6SVT “Animal House” ATV repeater.

I am an ex-ATN member and I have been watching

the repeater on and off for the last 20 years or so.

Dave Couch has many times boasted that he has

survived because of his “thick skin”. Thick skin is

another way of saying ‘I’m insensitive”. It is also

another way of saying I’m “numb”  He can’t be

insulted because he doesn’t

understand intelligent criticism.


            After being a “card carrying member” for several

years, I quit the ATN.  On net night there used to be dozens

of video check-ins and a “crunch contest” on 434 where we

competed to see who could capture the repeater with the

strongest video signal.  There was continuous activity nightly

on the repeater with technical discussions going on for hours. 

Members were encouraged to experiment.


            Now anyone with any technical background or

education is routinely shunned or ignored. A few old time

friends control who gets to use it and what happens on the

repeater. Anyone who wants to use the repeater must go

thru KA6DPS because he is there all day and far into the

night. What a trooper, he never leaves his post. Nothing will

happen on his watch.


            I only watch ATN now for “entertainment value”. I

still have all my ATV gear but I will not get on because of

KA6DPS and I know of about a dozen other guys who have

had similar experiences with him.


            I will not give any money to ATN.  ATN is not a

club. It is a hobby of Mike Collis.


            The ATN system seems to have no useful purpose.

No public service nets ever use it. It is only a few old guys

with nothing else to do.


            I guess I’ll have to “wait it out” with KA6DPS

before I get back on the ATN repeater. Let’s see how

old is that man?”



^ Dibs on "BANDIT"

I call dibs on the handle of "Bandit" for the new CB-TV

here in California. I don't want to end up with an un-cool



Dave is already using "Rocking Chair" and I have heard

other CBers call Bill "Wild Bill". So everyone should get

their handle ready.


I think that every CB-TVer on the ATN should go to the

salvage yard and pick-up a big truck steering wheel so when

you are are CBing you can pretend that you are driving a

18 wheeler. And maybe you can bounce up and down a

little like your on the road.


Maybe you can all talk more like a hillbilly so we can have

the real feeling of CB.


10-4 Good buddies



^ ATVQ Centerfold

Aren't these the same guys that wanted to have a

centerfold of an old ham wearing nothing but a thong

added to the ATVQ Magazine?


It didn't take long for them to get back on the horse.

And it looks like the centerfold might really happen.

I had no idea that they run ATN.


^ Things are Better

I have noticed that the language on ATN has gotten better

since this all broke in the news. But I expect it will be like

all the other times before. It will all come back worse then

before just like nothing ever happened.


^ Invitation to Anonymous


If you would like to send a "Letter to the Editor" and want

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Whenever I have been asked to protect someones identity

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