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1. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/01-Lady Lou.rtf
2. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/02-Tired Of Me.rtf
3. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/03-Seawinds.rtf
4. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/04-Take Him In My Heart.rtf
5. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/05-Sounds Of War.rtf
6. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/06-Free Me Now.rtf
7. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/07-Glad To Be Alone.rtf
8. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/08-That's Rock'n Roll.rtf
9. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/09-Helldriver.rtf
10. /Accept/01-Accept (1979)/10-Street Fighter.rtf
11. /Accept/02-I'm A Rebel (1980)/05-China Lady.rtf
12. /Accept/02-I'm A Rebel (1980)/06-I Wanna Be No Hero.rtf
13. /Accept/02-I'm A Rebel (1980)/07-The King.rtf
14. /Accept/02-I'm A Rebel (1980)/08-Do It.rtf
Trying to find my ride C'mon, let's go to town
But people have ( ) and nobody wants you
As I'm walking through the rain Sit beside the room all night long
Take him in my heart And holy pray ( ) before she went to bed
Mighty war machines are on their way I'm ( ) here no place to stay
Man he thought the world and just the law was just a lie Free me now free me now free me now
I don't like such stupid people With their ( )
That's rock'n'roll Come have some fun, we're gonna run today run today
Your body looks perfect, your face like a rat You are a loser, only shit in your head
Street fighter All the people gone street fighting mad
I want you baby, so hold me tight C'mon let's do it now c'mon
I wanna be no hero You wake me up, you make me glad
Commiting crimes each day But time has changed where he was proud
html">My love is gone out of sight My brain is manic, my mind insane

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