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Capacitor recharge.

The task was to match voltages on capacitor before and after its recharging by interaction with switchable inductance.

No generation


The experiment conditions

A capacitor is charged from a battery and is connected to the inductance throw the first diode (protection against oscillations). In time of back flip a half of inductance is shunted by the second diode (by fact of its polarity), and inductance must have no changes.

If after recharging the voltage on capacitor is the same (but the other polarity), then generation will take place (because a half of energy will stay in the shunted half).

It is impossible in principle for an ordinary inductance consisted from two coils.

^ The result

The result is conformed to the prediction – energy is more then a capacitor gives to the coil (with accuracy 20%).

Conditions: capacitor 47 nano Farads, inductance LS is about 2 mHn , Shotky silicon diodes BAT42, voltage is 12 V.


For verification of the results and accuracy improvement, all measurements were fulfilled under the other conditions and with the help of the other devices.

Conditions: A capacitor is 1.5 nano Farads; total inductance is 1.6 mHn, germanium diodes (Russians) D311, voltage for charging is 5V.

The result: Confirms previous measurements (a).

(а) (б)

An accuracy of recharging was raised to 10 percents.

Moreover, the checking measurement without the second diode was fulfilled. The results were alike to the shunting diode.

The missing 10 percent of the voltage can be explained as looses in spread capacitors inductance and in its resistance.


The polarity of shunting diode was changed.

^ The result: It seems, the charge is on spot…


An oscilloscope is connected to the coil instead of capacitor, in order to avoid influence of the first diode, and watched oscillations based on spread capacitors of the inductance.

The result: The accuracy of capacitor recharging was raised up to 5 percents (influence of the first diode is not in account). After the main capacitor was switched off (by the diode), one can see oscillations based on spread capacitors of inductance.

Based on oscillations frequency (4 – 5 times high of the main) one can estimate spread capacitors as 16 – 25 times low then main capacitor.


Testing of the oscillation circuit shunting, on conditions of two cases combination (without the first diode)

^ The result: A contour (oscillation circuit) is not destroyed, but is shunted a lot.

One can explain it by the moments when the diodes are opened both and shunt the circuit.

As an addition, the voltage on the down diode is shown (the time scale is stretched). The negative voltage is close to full.


Charging a capacitor by shunting current in oscillation mode.

Conditions: An additional chargeable capacitor is 47 nano Farads.

^ The result: A capacitor is charging without shunting a circuit.
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