Medical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 50 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 22. 11. 2010 icon

Medical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 50 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 22. 11. 2010

НазваниеMedical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 50 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 22. 11. 2010
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Medical -Strategic analysis of the case   Litvinenko. Dissident  dissertation . / 50 / Boris Paramonow / UK /
  (Выражаю сердечную признательность госпоже Алле Дудаевой за разрешение использовать этот рисунок в моих статьях.)
This chapter is written in time 4 anniversary of the death of Alexander Litvinenko.

Armenian radio /Radio Yerevan/asked Aleksandr Litvinenko- when people in Russia and around  will stop to feel terrible, brutal,desperate ,dreadful,hateful, gruesome, horrible, paralysis, otherworldly, insufferable , duff  fear?
only then-answer  Litvinenko-when they become free. :)

Music  pause
t.A.T.u.  N
Not believe,  not  afraid, do not ask ...

Different nights, different people
he wants - he don't , he love- he don't
someone comes off , someone jumps off
someone  tired and don't want more

someone twists  wire on  clips
someone mix wrong a new topics
somebody guy,  someone maniac
someone like you, someone like I

not set fire,not put out
not believe,  not  afraid, do not ask
and calm down and calm down
not believe,  not  afraid, do not ask
not believe,  not  afraid, do not ask
not believe,  not  afraid
not believe,  not  afraid
and do not ask !
somewhere many,that what's not enough
but on the roads will be rounded up /raid up/
someone will  risk, someone could not
understand  someone , but  help you not

somebody leaves, someone  return
find somebody   a new sun
someone in  bush, someone in me /shot/
someone like you, someone like me

not set fire, not put out
not believe,  not  afraid, do not ask
and calm down and calm down
not believe,  not  afraid, do not ask
not believe,  not  afraid, do not ask
not believe,  not  afraid
not believe,  not  afraid
and do not ask !

Translation  Boris Paramonow/UK/

Armenian radio /radio Yerevan/ asked Boris Paramonow-what did you do djuring the treat for poisoning of the KGB? -I invented a new pocket-sized  AMBU bag-replied Paramonow- for resuscitation in the wrecks.
 - and how -invented?, -donqt stop Armenian radio.
- yes- oqkey
-The interior of any soccer ball has a camera.
Carefully cut the ball and pull out the camera and cuts through the two holes opposite each other. In one of them put in the valve of any industrial masks / air just inside the camera/ .For  other site, is more complex.
  -through   valve the chamber /  air just only from the camera/ 
  -connection with simple mouthpiece  from simple diving  tube/ or similar  design /WHICH BY RESUSCITATION INSERTED BETWEEN THE LIPS AND TEETH AND PROVIDES  MUCH, MUCH MORE TIGHTNESS DURING CPR -Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation / well, certainly- major problem /
   -Between the mouthpiece and the valve should be one more valves to pass /exhale/passive patient air  breath in atmosphere, NOT BACK IN THE BAG .
/check some old   medical technical staff, they use a combination valve/
  -Main  idea, any physician / yes, and any non-professional, too / can always take with  the new AMBY  bag in the breast pocket of his uniform  in compact  form.
   -Resuscitation AMBU bag at first pump  by  mouth, and then bag squeeze  by hands- that easily enough, even after prolonged resuscitation.
   -The work compare with conventional resuscitation CPR eng
/Peter Safar wrote the book-ABC of resuscitation in 1957. in the U.S. /
becomes  of magnificent  easier and  becomes very efficiency of a even for the non-professional / by airtight mouthpiece between  teeth and lips/

   -PS do not forget  straighten his  head   back and close his  nose during  the patientqs resuscitation.

How do you call your new AMBU-bag- did not  want stop the Armenian radio ?
-I named it after the dissident and journalist-freelancer Mr Aleksandr Litvinenko-
Why- surprised Armenian radio - Mr  Litvinenko has no relation to medicine? -
- Imagine, what a sexual thrill to be experience intensive care physician, when Mr Putin kick the bucket and he / doctor /  will  be resuscitate him with  LITVINENCO AMBU!

Back to Litvinenko

11.21.2010 13:01: in the case of the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, it seems, new materials.

We are talking about documents, which says that a few weeks before the poisoning in London of former Russian secret services FSB officer to obtain the radioactive material polonium-210.
Dangerous goods transported in the second research institute of the FSB from the Saratov region, more precisely, with the Balakovo, in late august 2006. This is evidenced of lading, a way-bill issued by a branch of the FSB, which is located in Yaroslavl and the coupon to that sheet.
These materials are the wife of Alexander Litvinenko and his friend Alexander Goldfarb received from an unnamed source within Russia. Copies of the documents were also in possession of the newspaper «The Sunday Times».
 However, it should take into account that the  three of these document directly  do not prove that it is polonium that  a couple of months later have poisoned Mr Litvinenko, Alexander Goldfarb said.

it is worth adding that after the death in London of former Russian intelligence colonel in the press have already mentioned the second institute of FSB in the south of Moscow as a place where they could keep the polonium-210 that poisoned Litvinenko.
"," suggests that the substance was taken there from Sarov. However, now its assessment instruments should give the investigators - in Scotland Yard, according to Alexander Goldfarb, are already exploring these materials.

Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned and died in London four years ago. British prosecutors accused of this crime the state DUMA deputy, former Russian secret services of Andrei Lugovoi. He declares innocence in the poisoning.
Polonius is not produced in Russia since the eighties- said the assistant head of Rosatom Mr Sergey Novikov. He explained, "Ekho of  Moscow" radio broadband that the production of polonium is not beneficial for several reasons.
How  Mr Novikov said, there is no evidence that Mr Litvinenko was poisoned with polonium was produced in Russia.


Analysis would not be complete if we had not keep public posted at the discussion around the book Mr Litvinenko and Mr Felshtinsky "Blowing up Russia"
  russ book in PDF
second edition, revised, 2007
  - the main reasons why president Putin ditched Mr Litvinenko.
Alexander Goldfarb
 Berezovsky has learned the truth about Putin in 2000
/ see also
 fellow prisoner  of GRU- we blew together with the KGB
 this is number 89 of December 2, 2002 novayagazeta newspaper

FSB blows up Russia attack on Russia

Businessman Boris Berezovsky has admitted his mistake to promote Putin came to power after he received information about the involvement of the FSB to the apartment bombings in Moscow and Volgodonsk in 1999.
About it in an open letter to the journalist Yulia Latynina writes historian Yuri Felshtinsky, co-author Mr Litvinenko  of the book is banned in Russia, "FSB blowing  Russia".

According Mr Felshtinsky, in 2000, having received sufficient evidence that the FSB orchestrated apartment bombings in Moscow and Volgodonsk, and planned to blow up apartment building in Ryazan, he flew to New York for a meeting with Mr Berezovsky. "wait a minute. shut up, do not say anything more," - said Mr Berezovsky, hearing contained Felshtinskiy version of events. "my God, how Iam an as... I understood everything: how I am as..." - quoted Mr Felshtinsky Mr Berezovsky.

According to Felshtinsky, Mr  Berezovsky described himself as "as...", "not because they had not thought about the explosions." "he understood what still can not understand you: Putin become so confidently and went to the power because of feeling for a support of two forces - "the family "and the FSB. Only such support provided in 2000 presidency. But Berezovsky something did not know.
 He  believed that nobody supports of Putin , accept  the "family".   "He sincerely believed that Putin puts it by  Berezovsky. yes, and everyone else thought so," - wrote in a letter Felshtinsky to Mrs Latynina.

in his letter, Felshtinsky disputed the statement  Mrs Latynina that the version of FSB involvement in the explosion was invented by Mr Berezovsky after he was excommunicated from the authorities. "if he (Mr Berezovskiy. - ed.) when they did Putin felt that Putin stands for someone else, some scary security forces, which can blow up the blocks, they would have thrown Putin away, like a hot potato," - Mrs Latynina said in the "access code" to "Echo of Moscow" radio broadband .

As an indirect confirmation of his version of the September terrorist attacks in 1999,Mr Felshtinsky quote Mr Berezovsky last conversation with president Putin in september 2000. According Felshtinsky,Mr Berezovsky- in Mr Putin conversation expressed his resentment over "attacks" in connection with the lost  of " Kursk". "Boris, why you want me all the time run down"? - Putin asked.- "Volodya, I am not bump  you with  the "Kursk". If I wanted to run over you, I would raise another question. I would raise the question of who blew up the blocks  in September 1999, "- said Mr Berezovsky- writes Felshtinsky. After these words Mr Putin did not say anything, "because he had nothing to say, because he knew very well who and why blew up the blocks."

Atacks in Buinaksk, Moscow and Volgodonsk were made 4-16 September 1999. As a result of the attacks 307 people were killed and more than 1700 people received injuries of varying severity. January 12, 2004 the Moscow city court sentenced him to life imprisonment Adam Dekkusheva and Yusuf Krymshamhalova accused of organizing bombings in Moscow and Volgodonsk. Convicted persons have pleaded guilty only partially. Dekkushev said that the organizers of the attack forced him to act, drugged drugs. Krymshamkhalov said that while engaged in the manufacture of an explosive mixture, and also brought the explosives in the truck to the house in Volgodonsk, but did not know that it will be used for terrorist attacks.
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25.09.2009 18:13

Note: Boris Paramonow/UK/ -
All comments on this article carefully removed by kremlyads

attack on Kashirskoye Avenju

explosion at home # 6 / 3 Kashirskoe highway occurred on sept. 13, 1999 at 5:00 am. Power of the explosion was equal to 300 kilograms of TNT. Eight-story brick house was completely destroyed. In a suicide attack killed 124 residents, including 13 children, nine people were injured. In total, 119 were injured families. Four days earlier, terrorists blew up a house on Guryanov street, and September 16, 1999 - apartment house in Volgodonsk.

In April 2003 the Russian prosecutor general office concluded its criminal investigation into the bombings in Moscow and Volgodonsk. According to investigators, the organization of terrorist acts were involved eight people. most of them were later killed during counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya.  Managed to detain only Yusuf Krymshamhalova and Adam Dekkusheva.

The investigation revealed that they were engaged in delivery of explosives to the sites of the attacks. In January 2004, the Moscow city court sentenced them to life imprisonment. Achimez Gochiyaev, who directly supervised the execution of terrorist acts in Moscow, is wanted internationally.

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 Theory and practice of the big bang.

Alexander Goldfarb
Only deep turmoil could force Julia Latynina on the tenth anniversary of the bombing to leave the protection of the FSB. Latynina seem to know all the facts and not peculiar illusion with respect to this government and its key figures. Strange aberration that it happened in this case - another case of mystery bombings.
Alexander Goldfarb

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================================================== =========

Theory and practice of the big bang (
/ Latynina came to the defence of the FSB /

Alexander Goldfarb

Note: Boris Paramonow /UK/
This article on the site destroyed  by krenlyads

Like the "big bang", which is said to cosmologists, the universe was born, terrorist attacks in 1999 gave rise to the Putin regime, defined its essence and pushed Russia back on track, on which she has since go like a train without brakes. Historians will long debate about who blew up the blocks - the Chechens or the KGB. The answer to this question if it could get, once and for all delivered to the Russian educated class of the uncanny ambiguity, in which he resides for a decade, clearly highlighted the moral coordinates for the nation, improve to the collective psyche.

For some, like Mr. Putin said, the idea of FSB involvement in "immoral". For other immoral the idea of the legitimacy of the government. Those who are trying to understand the essence and separate fact from ideological and husk of information warfare, waiting for the deep emotional turmoil.

Only deep turmoil could force Julia Latynina on the tenth anniversary of the bombing to leave the protection of the FSB. Latynina seem to know all the facts and not peculiar illusion with respect to this government and its key figures. Strange aberration that it happened in this case - another case of mystery bombings.

Mrs Llatynina, opens defence of a statement that it considers the version of FSB involvement in the explosion "is not just absurd, [that] this version is deliberately invented by Boris Berezovsky after he was excommunicated from the authorities." but Mrs Julia Latynina come against the truth: it does not come up with Mr Berezovsky.

This question is important not only because it shows how fairly Mrs Latynina calls the facts, but also because people want to attitude to any controversial theory largely depends on who is its author. It just so happened that in the modern Russian mythology Mr Berezovsky - the archetypal enemy of man, a kind of  devil. In the eyes of the masses he is - an anti-Putin, the same as what was Mr Trotsky to Stalin or Orwellws Emmanuel Goldstein for big brother, they frighten children in Russia. What better way to stir up the subject away from the issue, attributing its authorship to Berezovsky. Putin himself has hinted that Berezovsky killed  Mrs Politkovskaya to harm Russia. But Mr Gaidar said that berezovsky had killed Mr Litvinenko that everything to think of Putin. Now and Mrs Latynina said that Berezovsky invented version of FSB involvement in the explosion that put the blame to his Kremlin foe.

My God, Julia! Do you not remember how soon after the blasts the whole society of Moscow said that it was not without security officers, when Berezovsky was busy worked with  pre-election campaign of Putin. On the possible involvement of intelligence in terrorist acts wrote newspaper " Moskovsky Komsomolets ", 13 September 1999 on the day of the explosion  on Kashirskaja highway . The same day the accusations against the Kremlin made by communist MP Viktor Ilyukhin. The next day, "chekist" version discussed by the " Moscow times" in a material called "Theories of explosions walk in Moscow."

January 24, 2000 Boris Kagarlitsky published in "Novaya Gazeta" great article titled " GRU blowing   Moscow." At the same time the London "Independent"published an interview with a captured Chechen Galtinym GRU officers, who claimed the same thing. In march, the eve of presidential elections, media vengeance exaggerate the theory that the bombings - a Kremlin project, accusing ,well, the same Berezovsky. About it openly  said on NTV. Excommunication Mr Berezovsky from power took place only six months later, in late august 2000, after drowning the "Kursk". I can confirm the testimony of Yuri Felshtinsky: Mr Berezovsky first became interested in the version of the involvement of the FSB only a year after the bombings - at the end of September 2000, when Mr Felshtinsky provided him details of the incident to "exercise" in Ryazan. It was after that Berezovsky in my active participation began to support those who are trying to understand this history, including Mr Felshtinsky, Mr Litvinenko, Mr Yushenkov and the French, who made the film "Assassination of Russia", but it was already in 2001-2003. He has done a lot to the story is not forgotten, his motivation - the theme of a separate debate, but an attempt to brush aside the topic with horror Mr  Berezovsky says only that Mrs Latynina involve in  technology of black PR .

Mrs Latynina calls the "main argument"  of non-involvement of the FSB is the following:
Mr Berezovsky - an insider, one of those who led Putin to power. If he knew that Mr  Putin faces security forces, abilities of the blast at blocks, he would not make Putin the president, realizing that   Mr Putin - not his puppet. Truly a strange logic! If Mr Berezovsky knew that  Putin will take away his ORT and "SIBOIL", expel from the country and will send for a purpose  killers in the London, he certainly would not move his successor.  It is , that Berezovsky was mistaken about Mr Putin, and the security forces appear only after Putin was in the Kremlin.

But back to the main topic: who is still blew up the blocks?

The second main argument Mrs Latynina: supporters versions of the involvement of the FSB ignore the misanthropic nature of the wahhabits, for whom killing infidels (read: Russian) supreme valor, and their subsequent behavior, including Beslan, speaks for itself.
They say that detractors of the FSB deliberately withheld the information about  Islamic extremism and who is Mr Basayev." "none of the books supporters version - says Mrs Latynina - we can not be explained at least in any detail, that by the year 1999 in the Chechen republic was formed two streams-one  was formed Mr Maskhadov, which was purely for chechnyans independence and  another shaped by Mr Basayev, who was elected head of congress of peoples of Chechnya   and Dagestan. That on 1 august in Dagestan, Basayev decree declared shariah board, and the 9 th proclaimed liberation of Dagestan from the infidels, and so on. 
But the point is not that what the book says, but what really happened in 1999 in Dagestan and about him, because it is directly related to the bombings.

In brief , in the spring of 1999 in anticipation of the fall upcoming  elections was reached a secret agreement between Mr Basayev and Mr Udugov on the one hand and the top of the Kremlin - with another - a small victorious (for Russia) war in the Caucasus. Mr Udugov for this, even flew to Moscow. It was assumed that, in response to provocations wahhabits in Dagestan, Russia will begin limited military action that will end return Nadterechny region of Chechnya. As a result, in Grozny, Maskhadovws regime will fall, and his place will be taken by Basayev -Udugov, who renounce the ideas of separatism and remain within the Russian federation in exchange for full freedom of action and the actual introduction of sharia   - like that which now makes Mr Kadyrov. Mr Berezovsky knew about this plan, even discussed it with Mr Udugov and   with the prime minister Mr Stepashin, but he /Mr Berezovsky/ was against it. The main supporters of the plan were Mr stepashin and Mr Putin, who /Mr Putin/  as secretary of the security council, was on charge in this time  over situation about Chechnya.

At first all went according to plan and Basayev with Stepashin began to successfully play the gambit of Dagestan. But becoming in early September 1999 the prime minister, Mr Putin has decided to break the agreement and headed for total destruction of the Chechens.
 September apartment bombings were a pretext not to initiate military action (to them, according to Stepashin, prepared in march 1999 and they began in august), and for the conversion of a limited war in total war. It was after the /Russian bombing / explosions  massive bombardment started on Grozny.
If we accept this version of events, all the major defendants own statement fit into a coherent logical outline: Mr Basayev has denied his  role in the bombings, Mr Putin said "no negotiations - soak in the toilet", and Mr Berezovsky has publicly protested against the war, and then calls off the offensive and not to cross the Terek river .

It is clear that in this scenario explosions of houses were completely unfavorable to Mr Basayev a, but Mr Putin are beneficial and hawks in power structures. If Mrs Latynina not agree with this version, let us  raise the materials at that time, surveys of living persons involved, to involve experts and examine. By the way, Mr Basayev has always taken responsibility for their attacks and even for strangers - for example on Dubrovka, to which was not involved, but from this apartaments  bombings always denies!
All this, naturally, does not prove that the KGB blew up the blocks, but demonstrates that the KGB have the motive, and the Chechens have not.

Mrs Latynina mention Mr  Sergei Yushenkov to blame him for the "black PR" and remember about honest american journalist that linked the killing of a MP Mr  Sergei Yushenkov for his role in investigating the bombings. Yushenkov organized a public commission and was its co-chair. I note that he predicted his own  murder, when in april 2002, came to show the film "Assassination of Russia" in the state department and U.S. congress. He did not seek help from the americans. "I want nothing from you -- he said. - please do not interfere . Let your president Bush stops to hug with Putin and  advertise the beauty of  his KGB soul, that's is  all!"

By the way, Mr Yushenkov did not embarrass the absence of direct evidence. "I do not have to prove anything - he explained. - I am not an investigator, and prosecutor.
 I am politician. Government  is suspected in the massacre of its own citizens, and nearly half the population this opportunity allows. That is  enough for me.
 The presumption of innocence  does not extend to goverment. Mr Putin is obliged to do anything to dispel the suspicions. Instead, he is doing everything to hinder the investigation. So, has something to hide.
What is there more to prove? "

After that Mr Yushenkov was killed. "We know who killed Mr Yushenkov, even a person sits in jail," - wrote Mrs  Latynina. No, Mrs Julia, we do not know, and that Mr Mikhail Kodanev has been recognized by the customer that order the  murder PM Mr  Yushenkov ostensibly because of squabbles in the " Liberal Russia", absolutely nothing.      
   Just as condemnation of Mr Trepashkin  and Mr Khodorkovsky does not prove their guilt.
    Kodanev, as is known, pleaded not guilty. His conviction based entirely on the testimony of an assistant, a seriously ill person,  taking in  prison. You better than anyone else knows how mined in Russia testify in prison . This does not mean that Mr Kodanev innocent. But not mean that Mr Kodanevt guilty. Order to kill Mr Yushenkov could come from someone else.
The question remains open.

Open questions remain and about an "exercise" in Ryazan. Was there sugar or rdx / gexogen гексоген/ ? Where are the samples of the material? Why  investigate of this episode made secret ? Why did not produce FSB mens - participants of exercise? How to explain that the future explosions have stopped immediately after the Ryazan episode? About it so much written that there should not be repeated. Less well known episode of the ordinary private Mr Pinyaev ,discovered a warehouse in the Ryazan airborne bags of rdx / gexogen гексоген/, disguised as sugar. Where is private Mr Pinyaev? Why  rdx / gexogen гексоген/ was masked?

No answers and stories from Ros-convers-explosion-center, mysterious research institute in the area of the Lubyanka, the roof of which/ with help which /  large quantities of rdx/ gexogen гексоген/ moved from military depots in some strange civilian structures. For rdx/ gexogen гексоген/ no peaceful application. Who needed rdx/ gexogen гексоген/ in the center of Moscow? Chechens not was there at all. Documents on this story - on the internet. The question remains open.

Mrs Latynina calls on us to get acquainted with the materials laid out on the internet -trial of Mr Krymshamhalovym  and Mr Dekkushevym and convicted for the bombing in Volgodonsk. Everyone who is familiar with them, can see that the binding of Volgodonsk explosion to together Moscow explosion is wrong , and most likely they were two totally different operations. The role of the two semi-literate caucasians, reduced to a mix of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder in makeshift conditions in the town of Mirny  of the Stavropol territory and delivering a mixture in Volgodonsk. They did not know who led the operationand were convinced that the explosion is not preparing to blocks  but for  dam, on which the driven forces in chechnya and left town a day before the explosion. Selbst  explosion was carried out "by unknown persons ." Neither one nor the other were not even in Moscow.
The group in Volgodonsk  only tie of  with the moscow bombings - is unsubstantiated statement Mr Krymshamhalova that among the "unidentified persons", probably resieved from  them  part of  explosive mixture, was Gochiyaev from Moscow , which they saw one times.

But was it really there Gochiyaev? - a moot point.
After the trial Krymshamkhalov and Dekkushev and lamented that they believed the investigator, "taking on" moscow's line in exchange for a promise to knock them time in prison.
Meanwhile, how to explain the act of examination showed that the composition of explosives and a thread in the bags found in Moscow and Volgodonsk, was completely different? and why at first officially claimed that the houses were blown up in Moscow, rdx/ gexogen гексоген/,  explosives, access to which is the only military and security forces, and only then, after "opening" of Volgodonsk groop- about the rdx/ gexogen гексоген/, suddenly forgotten and  talking  now about the homemade ammonium aluminum mixture?

 Much time Mrs latynina  spend to discredit Gochiyayev, who in letters to Felshtinsky and Litvinenko claims that he was framed.
Gochiyaev really dark person, and none of his words can not be taken for granted, but that does not mean that his testimony should not be checked.
 In particular, when he discover the bases  told authorities about the explosives on the  Kapotnya and Borisov Ponds.
Mobile number of Gochiyayev discovered by Trepashkin. It is might be easier - to check the old records of calls and determine who Gochiyaev in those days called. Instead this Mr Trepashkin put in jail.

 Mrs Latynina says  that allegedly Gochiyaev personally admitted and  rented a basement and transported explosives in four Moscow address. Where did you get this, Mrs Julia? The only thing he admitted, and that independently confirmed, is that  on his construction firm, "Brand 2" on a false passport had been rented rooms on the  Guryanova street, Kashirskoye highstreet ,in Kapotnya and Borsovyh Ponds.
Gochiyaev says that he is not engaged in the rent, There was another man whom he was framed. Maybe he lying.
But how then to explain the episode with the substitution of identikit /фоторобот B.P./?
Here is the episode in the exposition  of Latynina: "Mr Trepashkin says identikit /фоторобот B.P. / Gochiyayev has  been tampered with /chang for another B.P./ , that one time in the wake of the explosion on sept. 8 was drawn up a sketch . The september 13, was drafted another sketch. And Mikhail Trepashkin alleges that on an identikit of 8 september was a completely different person, in which he identified his personal enemy and the federal security service officer, Mr. Romanovich. Next MR  Latynina casts doubt on the integrity Trepashkin: that one FSB men wheel barrel to another FSB men , how can such a trust?

Well, shame on you, Mr Julia? why are you silent, that the story of a substitute identikit /фоторобот B.P. / - not Mr Trepashkin allegation .
That the original sketch was released by the police from the  landlord home from Guryanova  str  Mr. Blumenfeld, the testimony which this sketch was drawn and then taken to the FSB, which was forced him to abandon his testimony and "learn" photography of Mr Gochiyayev, which he had never seen, and what about all this, Mr. Blumenfeld said, not only to Mr Trepashkin,
 but also for recording your colleague /journalist B.P. /Mr Igor Korolkov
/Возможно статья article -ЗАПАСНЫЕ ОРГАНЫ- B.P./,
 who published all this  story in  "Moscow news " .And why are you silent, that "personal enemy" of Trepashkin Mr. Romanovich was soon killed under mysterious circumstances in Cyprus?

MRS Latynina rightly raises the question about Mr Gochiyaev firm, which, apparently, was organized specifically for the explosions. Interesting question. And the answer is there, but about him Mrs Latynina modestly silent, although this can be found on the internet.
 It turns out that the company "brand 2" is not registered by Mr Gochiyaev himself but his girlfriend, a certain Mrs Tatiana Koroljova . What that was wrote about in "Kommersant" on  October 10, 1999: "  Koroljova was hold  on the night of sept. 13. but when law enforcement officers arrived at her home, Mr Gochiyayev was not there ... Mrs Koroljova  said that her boyfriend  have some business problems and he told her for the time to leave Moscow ...  The interrogation decided to continue the next day, while Mrs Koroljova was sent to prison. But the next morning, several hours after the explosion at Kashirkoe highway, it somehow let her go free /release from prison/ . "

  As find meticulous Felshtinsky with Mr Trepashkin, Mrs Koroljova served not only Mr Gochiyayev, but also Max Lazovsky, head of the "under roof" criminal gang, whose connection with the FSB from anyone - even MRS Latynina - no doubt. As was shown in two cort treal , the gang of Lazovsky made on behalf of the FSB a series of terrorist attacks. Relationship with Mrs Koroljova to Mr Lazovsky was not limited to its registration of firms: one of the phones Lazovsky led to the office of Mrs Koroljova, who, incidentally, was located at Furkasovsky lane 3, that is, across the street from the main building of the federal security service FSB on Lubyanka square.

However, in the article with the words operatives alleging that Mrs Koroljova, recollecting himself, he immediately declared wanted, and she, being pregnant by Mr Dochiyayev, disappeared with him in Chechnya. However, Mr Trepashkin later found that she continued to work in Moscow ???  and record sales of the company for at least another nine months. His trace is lost in june 2000, two months after a sniper shot in Moscow, that killed Mr Lazovsky.

Communication Mr Gochiyayev with Mr Lazovsky through  Mrs Koroljova may be the purest coincidence, just like everything else in this story.
But why is  too many matches?

The article was published on the website

Alexander Goldfarb

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Medical -Strategic analysis of the case   Litvinenko. Dissident  dissertation . / 51/ Boris Paramonow / UK /
Одно из рабочих названий этой диссертации :
-Очерки гнойной хирургии под редакцией Александра Литвиненко или как нам пережить Путина-
Выражаю сердечную признательность госпоже Алле Дудаевой за разрешение использовать этот рисунок в моих статьях.)

Александр Литвиненко сказал Вальтеру Литвиненко- ты знаешь, я принял ислам.
-Это ничего- ответил Вальтер- главное, что бы ты не принял коммунизм.

 Армянское радио/радио Ереван/ спросило Boris Paramonow -что нужно делать, если тебе очень плохо, всё кругом рушится, на душе кошки скребут,  ты сам не свой, камень лежит на душе,кровь стынет, сердце падает, небо с овчинку кажется и никакого выхода нет ?   
Мыть посуду- ответил Paramonow- ежедневно, тщательно, смывая малейшую грязь, наводить чистоту и  блеск- а счастье в твоей жизни само- собой приложится!

 Назад к Литвиненко  ! 

Интервью с Александром Литвиненко
Политический эмигрант
CHECHENPRESS, 30.03.2006 г.

Интервью взял Давид Кудыков.

- Александр, скажите, пожалуйста, кем Вы себя ощущаете внутри себя сегодня в этой стране. Ощущаете ли Вы себя, как и прежде, русскими офицером?

- Я сегодня в этой свободной стране ощущаю себя, в первую очередь, свободным человеком. Конечно же, 20 лет в строю из жизни не выкинешь, но тем не менее для меня сегодня намного ближе и теплее тюремная роба политзаключенного, в которую меня чекисты сами и одели в начале 1999 года, предварительно сорвав с меня гэбэшный мундир и отправив меня в печально известную Лефортовскую тюрьму.

Сегодня, оглядываясь назад и как бы переоценивая свою жизнь, я считаю величайшим счастьем то, что мне все-таки удалось сменить гэбэшный мундир на тюремную робу политического зека и все-таки выползти из этого гадкого и вонючего кегэбэшного болота. Попал же я в него, как и сотни тысяч других наивных пацанов, насмотревшись лживых кинофильмов о «героическом» прошлом советских чекистов.

- Но, насколько мне известно, Вы отказались от звания подполковника и от всех наград. Расскажите, как это произошло?

- Мне еще не было восемнадцати лет, когда я добровольно пошел служить рядовым солдатом в армию. У меня, как и у Путина, Патрушева, Иванова и его сынка, были все возможности не служить срочную службу, но я добровольно пошел в армию. Служил я не в блатных частях, а в обыкновенной строевой роте. Через год службы поступил в военное училище и в общей сложности прослужил 20 лет, 5 месяцев и 12 дней, от рядового до самого молодого подполковника, на полковничьей должности, где у меня в подчинении были 25 старших офицеров.

Но постепенно пришло понимание, что я служу не России и ее народу, а банде преступников, фактически оккупировавших мою страну, отребью, держащему людей в страхе и нищете, грабящему народ, набивая свои карманы миллиардами ворованных денег. Я не пожелал даже формально состоять в этой банде, в которую Путин окончательно превратил российскую армию и спецслужбы.

Когда, среди известий о многих преступлениях, творимых российской армией на территории Ичкерии, пришло сообщение о том, что капитан российской армии Ульман расстрелял беременную женщину и стариков, и его за это оправдал суд – я послал письмо В. Путину, в котором отказался от званий и наград, полученных из рук российской власти...

Календарь Путина
Mr Putin calender

Translate- When  will be next terrorist act?
/ this nice Lady Russia  ask Mr Putin /

Елена Маглеванная
Наша самая главная революция
...Диктатура не обязательно имеет страшное лицо фюрера, генерала или чекиста. Иногда это лицо бывает милым и интеллигентным, даже либеральным на вид. И так хочется поверить, что и режим от этого перестал быть людоедским. Вот на этом нас и ловят – всех, кто верит в сказки о том, что «товарищ волк» может вдруг начать питаться травой. Поддавшись на кажущуюся безобидность нашего нового вождя нации,
/ЛИДЕР или ВОЖДЬ НАЦИИ на чистейший немецкий язык- Hochdeutsch переводится как ФЮРЕР.
Примечание Boris Paramonow/UK/
 мы готовы в очередной раз совершить роковую ошибку. Почему, в конце концов, все время нужно выбирать зло, пусть даже и меньшее – может, стоит хотя бы ради разнообразия попробовать отыскать добро? .................
...Какими бы масштабными не были фальсификации, подделать волю всего народа невозможно – если только мы сами им этого не позволим. Провалился же в Венесуэле референдум, целью которого было оставить тамошнего президента Уго Чавеса править пожизненно – народ не захотел, и правитель был вынужден к мнению народа прислушаться. А чем россияне хуже венесуэльцев?
Нужно, в конце концов, уважать себя самим – только так можно заставить считаться с собой других. Если каждый, кто не согласен с превращением российской власти в хунту, придет 2 марта на выборы и проголосует против «преемника», а не будет отсиживаться дома, успокаивая себя тем, что «все и без меня решено» – мы сможем переломить ситуацию. Если власть все равно подделает результаты – выйдем на майдан.
Но пока главная революция, которую нам предстоит совершить – это революция в собственной душе, восстание против так называемого здравого смысла, который учит нас, что ничего в этом мире изменить мы не в состоянии – и не стоит даже и пытаться. Возможно все, если только этого захотеть.
Елена Маглеванная

Mузыкальная пауза
Ещё один видео, посвященное    Марине Литвиненко и Александру Литвиненко
Александр Градский, Елена Минина, Мастер и Маргарита
/Чтобы посмотреть веб-ссылку-нажмите клавишу Ctrl и щелкните по ссылке/

За что тебя! Все ложь, навет!

Ты уходи... Ты уходи...

Мой Мастер, жизнь моя и свет!

Пилат! С решеньем погоди...

Казню я критиков твоих.

О людях строго не суди...

Люблю с тобою каждый миг!

Ты уходи... Ты уходи...

Все образуется, не плачь!

Ты уходи... Ты уходи...

Ты болен, болен! Нужен врач!

Я — лекарь римского судьи...

Усни, я утром буду здесь!

Уже Голгофа впереди...

За что тебе такая месть?!

Ты уходи... Ты уходи...

Сжигает рукопись.

Рукопись моя ослепла,
стала легкой горсткой пепла...

Милый Мастер!..

Словно огненные птицы,
улетают в ночь страницы...

Вот несчастье!..

То, что было словом ясным
стало сумраком безгласным...

Боже, боже!..

То, что мне казалось былью,
обернулось вечной пылью...

Кто поможет!..

Превратись в молчанье слово,
Если ты — причина злого...

Вот несчастье!..

Сгинь мой разум-соглядатай!
Стань улыбкой виноватой...

Бедный Мастер!..

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07. 12. 2010

Medico-STRATEGIC analysis of case Litvinenko.Dissident dissertation / 51 /
One of the working titles of this thesis:
- Purulent surgery .Essays under the editorship of Alexander Litvinenko, or how we could survive the  Mr Putin-

  (Выражаю сердечную признательность госпоже Алле Дудаевой за разрешение использовать этот рисунок в моих статьях.)
Thank you for MRS Alla Dudaeva for picture

Alexander Litvinenko said to Valter Litvinenko :
- you know, I converted to Islam.
-This is nothing- answer Valter -importantly,that you not convert in  communism.

 Armenian Radio / Radio Yerevan / ask Boris Paramonow-what to do if you're really bad, everything around is crumbling, on your soul the cat  scratch... /russ/, you're not yourself, the stone lies on the heart, heart drops,your plans went up in smoke,you make no headway, you come to a dead end, you fall through, you plans is flop  and no  way out?
Wash dishes, said Paramonow-daily, thoroughly washing the slightest dirt, make clean and shiny, and joy  and good lack in your life will follow!

 Back to Litvinenko

Interview with Alexander Litvinenko
Political refugee
CHECHENPRESS, 30.03.2006, the

Interview by David Kudykov.

- Alexander, please tell us who you feel being within ourselves today in this country. Do you feel yourself, as before, the Russian officer?

- I have today in this free country, I feel like, first of all, a free man. Of course, 20 years in the ranks of life can not throw, but nevertheless for me today is much closer and warmer than the prison robe political prisoner, in which I was clothed security officers themselves, and in early 1999, after tearing off my KGB uniform and put me in a sad known Lefortovo prison.

Today, looking back, as if reevaluating my life, I think the greatest happiness is that I still managed to change KGB uniform for prison overalls political convict and still crawl out of this ugly and smelly KGB swamp. I got into it, as well as hundreds of thousands of naive young men, after watching films about the false "heroic" days of the Soviet KGB.

- But as far as I know, you gave up the title of lieutenant-colonel and all the awards. Tell me, how did this happen?

- I was not yet eighteen years old when I volunteered to serve as an ordinary soldier in the army. I, like Putin, Patrushev, Ivanov and his son, had every opportunity to not serve military service, but I willingly went into the army. I have served not in the parts of the thieves, but in an ordinary timber company. After a year of service, I entered the military school and served a total of 20 years, 5 months and 12 days, from privates to the youngest lieutenant colonel in the colonel's office, where I have been subordinate to the 25 senior officers.

But gradually come to understand that I serve is not Russia and its people, and a gang of criminals who actually occupying my country, the rabble, to keep people in fear and poverty, plundering the people, stuffing their pockets with billions of stolen money. I did not want to even formally a member of this gang, which Putin has finally turned the Russian military and security services.

When, among the news of the many crimes committed by Russian forces on the territory of Ichkeria, it was reported that a Russian army captain Ulman shot a pregnant woman and the elderly, and it is justified for the court - I sent a letter to Putin, which refused to titles and awards received from the hands of Russian authorities ...

Календарь Путина
Mr Putin calender

Translate- When  will be next terrorist act?
/ this nice Lady Russia  ask Mr Putin /

Elena Maglevannaya
Our greatest revolution
... Dictatorship is not necessarily a terrible person - Fuhrer, general or security officer. Sometimes that person is a sweet and intelligent, even a liberal to look at. I  want to believe that the regime of that has not stop to be cannibalistic. Here at this and catch us - all who believe in fairy tales that the "wolf" may suddenly start to eat grass. Yielding to the apparent harmlessness of our new leader of the nation,
/ ЛИДЕР or LEADER OF THE NATION on the purest German-Hochdeutsch translated as Fuhrer./
Note: Boris Paramonow / UK /
 we are ready once again to make a fatal mistake. Why, in the end, all the time you need to choose evil, even less - might be worth at least for the sake of diversity, try to find good? .................
... Whatever the scale were  false, forged the will of the people is impossible - if only we will  let them.
Also failed referendum in Venezuela, whose goal was to leave  President Hugo Chavez to rule for life - people are not wanted, and the government was forced to heed the opinion of the people. But why the Russians different as  Venezuelans? It is necessary, in the end, self-respect yourself - just so you can get to reckon with the others. If everyone who disagreed with the transformation of Russian power in the Hunta /ХУНТА/, will come on March 2 election and vote against the "successor", and will not sit at home, reassuring himself that "all decided without to" - we can turn the tide. If the power is still falsifies the results - will come to the Maidan.
But while the main revolution that we have to make - a revolution in his own soul, the revolt against the so-called common sense, which teaches us that nothing in this world of change we are not able to - and not even worth trying. Everything is possible, if want to.
Elena Maglevannja

A music break
Another video dedicated to Marina Litvinenko and Alexander Litvinenko
Alexander Gradskij, Elena Minina, The Master and Margarita /autor Michail Bulgakov/

/ To view a web link, press the Ctrl key and click on the link /

What you! All lies, slander!

You go ... You go ...

My Master, my life and light!

Pilate! With the decision weit ...

I'm  kill your critics.

 Do not strictly judge about the people...

I love every moment with you!

You go ... You go ...

Everything will be fine, do not cry!

You go ... You go ...

You're sick, sick! Need a doctor!

I am  the doctor of the Roman judge ...

Sleep, I'll be here this morning!

Calvary has already come ...

For what to you this revenge?

You go ... You go ...

Burns the manuscript.

My manuscript is  blind,
has become an easy handful of ashes ...

VOICE Margarita:
Dear Master! ..

Like a fiery bird
fly at night page ...

VOICE Margarita:
That's bad luck! ..

What was the  clear word
became voiceless gloom ...

VOICE Margarita:
My God, my God! ..

 that was a true story,
turned into a perpetual dust ...

VOICE Margarita:
Someone help! ..

Turn in silence the word,
If you /word/- the reason the evil ...

VOICE Margarita:
That's bad luck! ..

Go away my mind-spy!
Become a guilty smile ...

VOICE Margarita:
Poor Master! ..

eng translation  Boris Paramonow/UK/

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Medical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 50 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 22. 11. 2010 iconMedical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 47 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 13. 11. 2010 Part 4
Выражаю сердечную признательность госпоже Алле Дудаевой за разрешение использовать этот рисунок в моих статьях
Medical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 50 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 22. 11. 2010 iconMedical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 45 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 31. 10. 2010 Part 4
Выражаю сердечную признательность госпоже Алле Дудаевой за разрешение использовать этот рисунок в моих статьях
Medical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 50 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 22. 11. 2010 iconMedical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 46 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 11. 11. 2010 Part 4
Выражаю сердечную признательность госпоже Алле Дудаевой за разрешение использовать этот рисунок в моих статьях
Medical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 50 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 22. 11. 2010 iconMedical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 49 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 14. 11. 2010 Part 4
Выражаю сердечную признательность госпоже Алле Дудаевой за разрешение использовать этот рисунок в моих статьях
Medical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 50 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 22. 11. 2010 iconMedical-strategic analysis of case litvinenko. Dissident's

Medical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 50 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 22. 11. 2010 iconMedical-strategic analysis of case litvinenko. Dissident's dissertation
Позвольте сейчас "лягнуть " госпожу Светличную. Литвиненко ездил в Израиль и предупреждал "олигархов " там и в других странах, что...
Medical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 50 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 22. 11. 2010 iconMedical-strategic analysis of case litvinenko

Medical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 50 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 22. 11. 2010 iconCan you publish this in both
Армянское радио спросило Boris Paramonow возможно ли существование в России нормального строя?- абсолютно, точно возможно- ответил...
Medical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 50 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 22. 11. 2010 iconОсновные тезисы
Медико-стратегический анализ случая литвиненко. Диссидентская диссертация./1/ Boris Paramonow
Medical -strategic analysis of the case Litvinenko. Dissident dissertation. / 50 / Boris Paramonow / uk / 22. 11. 2010 iconImagination in Children: Theoretical Approach and Experimental Analysis
«the creation of absolutely new mental constructions» with the help of analysis and synthesis out of primary impressions. Later
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