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Aurak draconians
From the Desk of Scott McClure
From the desk of Scott c mcClure
From the Desk of Scott c mcClure
From the desk of Scott C. McClure
Alternate Alignment System
Alternate Hit Point System for use on Ivrel
Ac and rf system Expanded
Quick Race List Information Sheet
From the Desk of Scott C. McClure
General Proficiencies; = In addition to those normally in the Players Handbook
Compiled List of Proficiencies; Extended & With Descriptions
Kits allowed on Ivrel [No Kits allowed to multi-class characters unless they are multi-class kits]
From the desk of Scott C. McClure
Specialty classes of Ivrel; these classes are unique to the Ivrel setting and as such may be very new to players not familiar with the setting
From the Desk of Scott C. McClure
Ivrel System Notes
Pantheon of Ivrelian Gods
Societies of Ivrel
From the Desk of Scott c mcClure
Compiled Character Tables
Character; Your name; dm; Scott C
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Chapter Five
Chapter Four
Chapter Nine
Chapter One
Chapter Seven
Chapter Six
Chapter Three
Chapter Two


Appearance: Draconians have short, stubby tails, lizard snouts, and scaly bodies. They are the twisted creations of dark magic used to mutate the eggs of Good dragons. There are five draconian sub-races: the auraks from the eggs of gold dragons, the Baaz from brass dragons, the Bozak from bronze dragons, the kapak from copper dragons, and the sivaks from silver dragons. All draconians but auraks have wings that allow them to glide a distance equal to four times the height they begin from. Only sivaks can fly. Whenever a draconian dies, enchanted energy courses from their body and may harm bystanders.

Scholars believe that draconians do not have sexes and do not mate. There near immortality (1,000 years) and their origin in magic make procreation unnecessary. Dragonmen are invulnerable to many diseases and can survive on little food and water. They love ale and spirits.

Personality and Powers: All draconians are Evil. Their heinous deeds and crude desires have won them hatred from humans and demihumans throughout Krynn. Corruption and perversity typify these folk. Draconians serve the Dark Queen and her generals faithfully and unquestioningly. They feel no fear in a dragon's presence, but rather awe (+1 to morale and attacks when within 120 feet). Humans and demihumans mercilessly hunt draconians. Some bands of adventurers even specialize in eliminating these offspring of Evil.

Aurak draconians;

Aurak are special agents of the Queen of Darkness. They can move among other races undetected. They are the rarest and most powerful of all draconians, and have an arsenal of attacks and defenses to choose from. Aurak cannot fly, but move swiftly on foot and can use a limited dimension door three times a day to teleport up to 60 yards away.

Aurak have very acute senses, with 60' infravision and the ability to detect hidden and invisible creatures within 40 yards. They can also see through illusions.

Aurak have several natural defenses that can be invoked at will. They can become invisible once a turn and polymorph self into any animal their size 3 times per day. They have a natural resistance to magic and special damage and gain a +4 bonus to all saves. Finally, aurak can change self to perfectly imitate the appearance and voice of any humanoid they have seen. They can retain this form for 2d6+6 rounds, thrice per day. The widespread rumors that aurak smell of sulfur are merely wishful thinking. Unfortunately, the Dark Queen's spies can be detected neither by sight nor smell.

Aurak engage in three modes of physical combat and two modes of mystical combat. They generate bursts of energy from each hand, striking targets within 6" and causing 1d8+2 points of damage with each. When using changes self, these bursts appear to be attacks using the aurak's illusory weapon. Alternately, aurak can attack with claws and a bite. And thrice per day they can breathe a noxious cloud of gas with a 5' diameter. Victims caught in the cloud suffer 2d10 points of damage and are blinded for 1d4 rounds. A save vs breath halves damage and prevents blindness.

Auraks use magic spells and an innate ability for mystical attacks. Each day, an aurak can cast two each of 1st to 4th level wizard spells. Preferred spells include: enlarge, shocking grasp, ESP, stinking cloud, blink, lightning bolt, fire shield, and wall of fire. The auraks' most insidious power, however, is mind control. They can use suggestion once per turn if they concentrate. Once per day, they can use mind control on one victim of equal or fewer Hit Dice for 2d6 rounds. A save vs spells negates this attack. Mind control lets the aurak control another creature's body as though it were his own.

When an aurak is reduced to 0 hit points, he does not immediately die. The escaping magical energy causes him to burst into green flames and enter a fighting frenzy (+2 to hit and damage). Anyone within 3 feet suffers 1d6 points of flame damage per round, unless they save vs petrify.

After 6 rounds or when his hit points drop to -20, the aurak transforms into a whizzing ball of green lightning, attacking all within 10' radius as a 13 HD monster and causing 2d6 points of damage. Three rounds later, the ball of lightning explodes, causing 3d6 points of damage and stunning all within 10 feet for 1d4 rounds. Items must make a save vs crushing blow or be destroyed.

Draconian, Aurak: Lawful Evil; TR: Any; FQ: Rare; #AP: 1d2; SZ: M (7'); HD: 8 (41 hp); ML: 15; Str: 16; Dex: 15; Con: 12; Int: 15-16; Wis: 15; Cha: 15; MV: 15; MR: 30'/o, TS: K/L/N/V; AC: 0; THAC0: 13;

AT: 1d8+2 (x2) or spell

Baaz Draconians;

Weak of mind and character, Baaz appear as men with scaly, patterned skin. Small wings, which Baaz often cover with cloaks or other clothes, protrude from their shoulder bones. Although the facial appearance of each Baaz is as distinct as any man's, many of these draconians have doglike snouts. Baaz often masquerade as humans through the use of masks and bulky clothing. The most "human" appearing Baaz are usually employed as spies.

Injecting a hardening liquid into the eggs of Good dragons created Baaz. When alive, Baaz remain flesh like, despite the hardened liquid in their bodies. However, when the creatures are killed, they turn to a substance similar to stone -- trapping inside them whatever weapon dealt the final blow. The attacker must make a Dex check at -3, or his weapon becomes stuck in the statue for 1d4 rounds, at which point the stone crumbles to dust.

Baaz are the smallest and most plentiful draconians. They are especially sadistic when drunk. They can attack twice in a round with their claws, or substitute their bite for one claw attack. They prefer to use easily concealed weapons when attempting to ambush prey; otherwise, they use long swords and spears.

Draconian, Baaz: Neutral Evil; TR: Any; FQ: Uncommon; #AP: 2d10; SZ: M (5-1/2); HD: 2 (9 hp); ML: 13; Str: 12; Dex: 8; Con: 11; Int: 11-12; Wis: 6; Cha: 8; MV: 6, run 15, glide 18; MR: 20%; TS: M/Q; AC: 4; THAC0: 19; AT: 1d4/1d4 or by weapon

Bozak Draconians;

These offspring are typically 6 to 6-1/2 feet tall. They are covered with bronze-hued scales. The scales are small and fishlike on the draconian's face, hands, and feet, but are about the size of a copper piece on the remainder of the offspring's body. Although limited in flying ability, Bozak have learned to glide indefinitely in strong winds. They prefer gliding at night, when they are safer from the eyes of humans.

Fouling the eggs of bronze dragons created Bozak. When killed, a Bozak’s flesh becomes dry and brittle, turning to dust. The bones begin to vibrate, then explode violently, causing 1d6 points of damage to all within 10'.

Bozaks are the most cautious of the draconians, serving as special forces and commanders for their Dark Queen. Their caution is reflected in their use of magic and of missile weapons, preferring to use these before charging into melee. They can cast spells as 4th level wizards (three 1st and two 2nd level spells), preferring such spells as 1st: burning hands, enlarge, magic missile, shocking grasp, and 2nd: invisibility, levitate, stinking cloud, and web. They gain a +2 to all saves.

Draconian, Bozak: Lawful Evil; TR: Any; FQ: Uncommon; #AP: 2d10; SZ: M (6'+); HD: 4 (19 hp); ML: 13; Str: 14; Dex: 10; Con: 8; Int: 13-14; Wis: 12; Cha: 10; MV: 6, run 15, glide 18, fly 6 (E); MR: 20% 12; TS: Q x 2; AC: 2 THAC0: 17 AT: 1d4/1d4 or by weapon

Kapak Draconians;

Kapaks look less humanlike than Baaz do. Kapaks sport a short mane that hangs down to one side of their mouths. Their large, leathery wings make them fair at gliding. They disdain clothes, considering them worthless trappings of humans. However, they have been known to wear trophies of their kills -- necklaces, bracers, and other shiny objects.

Kapaks are generally ignorant, ill mannered, famished, and witless. They are best suited to a military lifestyle, where their movements and actions are directed by more intelligent draconians, such as Baaz or Bozak. A force of kapak foot soldiers is dangerous, swift, and surprisingly strong. They prefer close fighting, where their venomous saliva and curving claws work to best effect.

Kapaks serve as skirmishers and assassins in the Dark Queen's army. They are notorious for their venomous bite. Before entering combat, they often lick their weapons to coat them with poisonous saliva. Anyone who receives damage from a venom-coated weapon or a bite must save vs poison or be paralyzed for 2d6 turns. The poison evaporates from a weapon in 3 rounds; reapplying the poison takes one round. Kapaks were created from the eggs of copper dragons.

When a kapak is slain, its body dissolves into a 10' pool of acid. This causes 1d8 points of damage per round to all caught in the pool. The acid evaporates in 1d6 rounds. All items exposed to the acid are rendered useless.

Draconian, Kapak: Lawful Evil; TR: Any; FQ: Uncommon; #AP: 2dlO; SZ: M (6'); HD: 3 (13 hp); ML: 13; Str: 13; Dex: 10; Con: 10; Int: 8-10; Wis: 10; Cha: 10; MV: 6, run 15, glide 18; MR: 20%; TS: K/L/M; AC: 4; THAC0: 17; AT: 1d4

Sivak Draconians;

Sivaks are the largest and sturdiest draconians (+2 to all saves). They are the elite forces of the dragon armies, shock troops wielding mighty flails and two-handed swords. Even so, like Kapaks, they need direction. Their small minds have trouble concocting long-range plans and elaborate tactics.

Birthed from the eggs of silver dragons, sivaks gleam like polished coins. Their eyes are dark, however, as black as their corrupt souls. Their great Strength makes the accomplished fliers, and when they take wing during the day, the brilliance of their scales is dazzling.

The most devastating ability of the sivaks is their mastery of shape changing into the form of someone they just killed and masquerading as that person. When they take the shape of a victim, they gain only the appearance and voice; they do not gain magic use or memories. They can change back to their normal form at will, but cannot change into humanoid form again until they kill another victim. This shape changing ability allows sivaks to function well as spies.

When they are slain by a humanoid, sivaks shape change into the form of their slayer. They retain this death shape for 3 days. At the end of this time, their form bursts into flames and is reduced to black soot. If the slayer was not humanoid or was larger than the Sivak, the slain draconian bursts into flames immediately, causing 2d4 points damage to all within 10' (no save).

Draconian, Sivak: Neutral Evil; TR: Any; FQ: Uncommon; #AP: 2d10; SZ: L (9'); HD: 6 (29 hp); ML: 14; Str: 18; Dex: 8; Con: 16; Int: 13-14; Wis: 10; Cha: 10; MV: 6, run 15, glide 18, fly 24 (C); MR: 20%; TS: Q1.5 V; AC: 1; THAC0: 15; AT: 1d6/1d6/2d6 or by weapon

Draconian Society;

Draconians progenitors dwelt upon the lower planes. Takhisis, when looking for a way to bypass the barriers between the plains, selected tanar'ri and encased them in draconian bodies. This creation by magic means that draconians are sterile, Unless Takhisis makes more of these creatures, they will someday fade from the face of Krynn.

Seeming to sense their inevitable demise, draconians turn to strong drink in large quantities. During the War of the Lance, inns and taverns became key strategic outposts. Takhisis did nothing to stop this love of alcohol: without it, Kapaks and sivaks were difficult to control.

Despite their inevitable demise, some Baaz refuse to give up on their race. These crafty draconians seek to capture more eggs – from good or evil dragons. They know that one egg alone could yield dozens of draconians. Once they secure the eggs, the Baaz intend to summon tanar'ri to occupy the forms, increasing their number on Krynn. These Baaz hope one day to subjugate humans and demihumans and dominate Krynn. In hopes of absolute power, the Baaz keep their vast armies of Kapaks training.

Until the day of tyranny arrives, however, the draconians hide themselves. They are well aware of the bands of humans who hunt them for revenge. Some draconians, such as well-placed sivaks, entrench themselves in human and demihuman communities, listening, learning, and gathering precious information on the strengths and weaknesses of the soft-skinned enemy.

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