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1. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Addendums/Monster Addendum 1 [Draconians].doc
2. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Addendums/Monster Addendum 2 [Dragons].doc
3. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 0.0 - Ivrel Land of Legends Title.doc
4. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 0.1 - Table of Contents.doc
5. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 1.0 - Rules of Ivrel .doc
6. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 1.1 - Alternate Alignment System.doc
7. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 1.2 - Alternate Hit Point System.doc
8. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 1.3 - Expanded AC & RF System [LiteRF].doc
9. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 2.0 - Race Quick List.doc
10. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 2.1 - Races of Ivrel .doc
11. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 3.0 - Proficiencies List.doc
12. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 3.1 - Proficiencies Discriptions.doc
13. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 4.0 - Kits Allowed in Ivrel.doc
14. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 4.1 - Priest Kits of Ivrel.doc
15. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 4.2 - Specialty Classes of Ivrel.doc
16. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 4.2.1- Knight & Kelan Codex.doc
17. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 5.0 - Ivrel System Notes.doc
18. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 5.1 - Pantheon of Ivrelian Gods.doc
19. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 5.2 - Societies of Ivrel .doc
20. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 5.3 - Unique Weapons, Spells and Magical Items of Ivrel.doc
21. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 6.0 - Tables.doc
22. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core 7.0 - Character Sheet Ivrel.doc
23. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core Book Chapter Dividers/Chapter Eight Monsters.doc
24. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core Book Chapter Dividers/Chapter Five Campaign Details.doc
25. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core Book Chapter Dividers/Chapter Four Kits & Classes.doc
26. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core Book Chapter Dividers/Chapter Nine Addemdums.doc
27. html">/Ivrel/Core Rules/Core Book Chapter Dividers/Chapter One Rules.doc
28. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core Book Chapter Dividers/Chapter Seven Misc.doc
29. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core Book Chapter Dividers/Chapter Six Tables.doc
30. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core Book Chapter Dividers/Chapter Three Proficiencies.doc
31. /Ivrel/Core Rules/Core Book Chapter Dividers/Chapter Two Races.doc
Aurak draconians
From the Desk of Scott McClure
From the desk of Scott c mcClure
From the Desk of Scott c mcClure
From the desk of Scott C. McClure
Alternate Alignment System
Alternate Hit Point System for use on Ivrel
Ac and rf system Expanded
Quick Race List Information Sheet
From the Desk of Scott C. McClure
General Proficiencies; = In addition to those normally in the Players Handbook
Compiled List of Proficiencies; Extended & With Descriptions
Kits allowed on Ivrel [No Kits allowed to multi-class characters unless they are multi-class kits]
From the desk of Scott C. McClure
Specialty classes of Ivrel; these classes are unique to the Ivrel setting and as such may be very new to players not familiar with the setting
From the Desk of Scott C. McClure
Ivrel System Notes
Pantheon of Ivrelian Gods
Societies of Ivrel
From the Desk of Scott c mcClure
Compiled Character Tables
Character; Your name; dm; Scott C
Chapter Eight
Chapter Five
Chapter Four
Chapter Nine
Chapter One
Chapter Seven
Chapter Six
Chapter Three
Chapter Two

From the Desk of Scott C. McClure

Core – Knight & Kelan Codex

Knight Codex; the Codex of a Knighthood is the Law for that Knighthood. All knights of that sect are required to follow the codex to the letter. The punishment for violations of the Codex are grave and get worse with each infraction, though the maximum times the Codex can be broken numbers three. On the first breaking of the Codex, the knight looses all experience gained in that section of gaming [i.e. all the knights efforts are for not if he is afoul of his Codex]. The second breaking of the Codex results in lose of a level, all bonuses and benefits are also rolled back one level. On the third and final breaking of the Codex a Knight loses his connection with the God of His sect and thus becomes a fighter with hit points equal to that of half his earner hit points. All bonuses received as a member of the Knighthood are revoked along with all knight class benefits. In addition he now will be seen by all Knights as a fallen warrior to be despised. There are basically two types of Codex’s one though isn’t referred to as the Codex. They are called the Codex and the Manual. The manual is a list of things a Knight is expected to do in a day, such as maintenance of armor etc … The Codex is the law to which the Knight is unerringly held too. There can be may infractions of the Manual and none of the Codex.

  1. The Manual of Knighthood; [Will be updated constantly, as always the DM can arbitrarily ding you for violations he or she sees fit].

    1. Keep your armor in working and presentable shape. Maintain it as often as necessary to keep it usable and presentable as if you were to attend a function that very moment.

    2. Keep your weapons serviceable and of quality at all times.

    3. Never be without manners to those of the fairer gender.

    4. Never treat your horse ill it is a companion to be respected and cared for. If you respect it will hold you through all things.

    5. Always pay due respect to the position of priests and scribes within your sect.

    6. Never be seen unshaven in civilized company.

    7. Never be unclean in civilized company.

    8. Never speak dishonestly of your companions or cohorts.

    9. Always endeavor to do the just thing in situations of uncertainty.

    10. Always endeavor to destroy evil wherever it is. [Good if an evil knight].

    11. Always assist the local churches in apprehension of felonious entities.

  1. The Codex of Knighthood; [Will be updates constantly, as always the DM can arbitrarily ding you for violations he or she sees fit].

    1. Never knowingly kill an innocent humanoid being.

    2. Never be without weapon in places of immediate danger.

    3. Never decline to assist allies.

    4. Never decline to protect a known innocent.

    5. Never tell lies of half-truths to a fellow knight of your sect.

    6. Never retreat from battle before insuring the care and protection of your charges.

    7. Always bow before the High Priests of your sect aligned priests.

    8. Never leave a sect-aligned priest in danger.

  1. The Kelan Codex of Service; [Will be constantly updated, as always the DM can arbitrarily ding you for violations he or she sees fit].

    1. Never knowingly kill an innocent elven being.

    2. Never allow a just elven being to be harmed by anyone.

    3. Never leave just elven beings in a place where harm could befall them unescorted.

    4. Always pay proper respect to High Elven Lords.

    5. Never retreat from battle until all elven charges are taken care of.

    6. Never turn an elven being over to any persons who you know will harm them.

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