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Specialty classes of Ivrel; these classes are unique to the Ivrel setting and as such may be very new to players not familiar with the setting
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Ivrel System Notes
Pantheon of Ivrelian Gods
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Pantheon of Ivrelian Gods

Pantheon of Ivrelian Gods; there are eighteen gods of Ivrel. At the pinnacle of the pantheon is the creator, which is the supreme god of Ivrel. Under him are four greater gods, two polar, one neutral and one on the fence. Under them there are six lesser gods and goddesses who carry out some of the more specialized functions of the greater gods. Below the lesser gods are the Demi-gods who are the last level of god hood before becoming a non-god immortal. The Ivrelian gods are immune to the effects of any mortal weapon, device, abilities, spells or any other thing a mortal can do. Unlike most systems the Ivrelian gods do not depend on the faith or worship of them to exist. Many existed before any sentient beings did on Ivrel, the Greater Gods of Light and Darkness have existed well before the emergence of elves or man. Each god holds and controls a certain amount of domain power over Ivrel. These domains start at the top and work down. Adon the Creator controls all of Ivrel; he delegates responsibilities down to the greater gods of Light, Darkness, Nature and Magic. These gods in turn delegate specific responsibilities down to the lesser gods of Life, War, Elements, Seasons, Peace and Death. These gods in turn delegate a small more specialized piece of their authority down to the demi gods who carry out the base their specialized tasks. No Ivrelian god is allowed to attack or harm a god of the same statues as himself. Though it is only hinted that they cannot harm the gods below there statues. Each god has groups of Immortals who serve their private interests in the physical world; these aren’t avatars but instead actual minions of the gods. Only the greater gods and creator have immortal minions, the lesser gods have high-level minions and the demi gods often have mid ranged minions.

The story of the pantheon is fairly simple, Adon the Creator gathered together the dusts of time and space in his hands. From those particles he formed and molded the shape of Ivrel and its two moons. The world was still with only the most primal forces at play. Adon breathed on the great sphere of Ivrel and thus the world warmed. The great creator wept a tear, which became the seas of Ivrel. Finally he created light, his first son. The god Palintose was born, and with his birth the seas fermented and boiled causing clouds to form and rain to fall on the arid lands of Ivrel. Seeing his son play the creator decided that his son must rest for a while each day or he would wear himself out too much. So with heartfelt consideration for his son Adon the Creator made his second son; Zaratoule who would play when his brother slept. With the birth of day and night Ivrel began to form into its present shape. And so time fled like sand through an hour glass and the eons passed quietly.

Adon the Creator looked down on this world and loe he saw no life, so he reached down with his right hand and pinched up some of the earthen soil he had created. With his left hand he scooped up some of the seas that had formed from his tears. He mixed the two primal materials together, after this he spread his mighty hand out over Ivrel’s body and let the mixed power to fall like faerie dust upon the surface of Ivrel. The surface immediately began to turn green and the seas began to ferment with life. Adon’s sons both in their turn asked of their father what he had done. He told his first son “I have created life for you to shepherd” he paused “make me proud with”. To the second son he said, “I have made life for you to corrupt” he sighed “challenge your brother in this”. So began the fight between the gods of light and darkness as they eternally chase one another every day. Seeing this Adon the Creator said unto him and thus the cycle begins. He looked pleased upon the body of Ivrel. Evald the God of Nature looked back and asked of the great face in the sky “who are you?” Adon grinned and said, “I am your creator, and please me by populating the land with all you can create”. Evald happily went to his tasks and thereafter never paid his brethren any heed. And so eons passed.

With time the sons and daughters of Palintose and Evald began to populate the heavens. So too the children of Zaratoule and Evald also come to the heavens. There came a time when Adon the Creator set down upon his mighty thrown and declared “there are too many of you my children”. With that he struck his fist to the floor of the heavens palace. It split wide with a great roar, many of the children of the gods fell to the surface of Ivrel. Thus the Elves, children of Palintose and the Orcs children of Zaratoule come to be. Evald seeing these unnatural beings was angered, so it set upon them intent on destroying them. So began the trials of the founding pillars of life. Both Zaratoule and Palintose can to Adon the Creator asking “please father can you stop Evald from destroying our children?” With a mighty roar of mirth, Adon looked upon them and said, “Can you not do that you’re self my children?” And so eons passed.

In time the children of Zaratoule began to become very diverse; at first one tangent then another until in the end there where many different races upon the surface of Ivrel. Of these Humans, Halflings, Dwarves, Southrons, Beastmen and the more bestial creatures. Even Evald had childe of its own; the bestial lupines and feline creatures. For his part Palintose’s children had also become diverse; no there were the Qujhal, Moon Elves, Warrows and the many fey of the world. Soon to a war broke out on the surface of Ivrel between the childe of Palintose and Zaratoule. Even the heavens shook with the mighty brawls of the two brothers. In their zeal they ripped the fabric of time and space. In time a fourth entity came into being under the knowing gaze of Adon the Creator. This pleased the great creator for it was the birth of magic, a force not easily explained or controlled. Thus chaos came to Ivrel. The war between the brothers simmered to a quite roar over the eons. Adon took this force and molded it into the water like substance of magical energy and declared it his. He soon touched his lips to the flowing tide and spoke its name “Geublahan” and it responded as a devilish brook does as it plays over the rocks of a stream “Yes lord of the Heavens”. Adon told unto it “go now and bring chaos to the and free thought to the world, set upon the childe of the brothers and Evald”. And eons passed.

So the eternal evolution goes on as the brothers vie for control of the world during their anointed times. Ever the whole while the gender less Evald multiplied its minions of beast, dragons and things more bizarre. The magic’s of the world now loose upon the land, the brother’s war became more muddled and the line between them began to blur. Thus the lesser gods and demi gods were born of the rifts and divisions of power within the respective camps of the four greater gods. And so eons passed quietly as Adon looked upon the greatly complex world of Ivrel with a sense of pleasure.

Thus the story goes … eons upon eons till modern times.

Personalities of the Pantheon; these are the eighteen gods of Ivrel. Each has a distinct personality and holds power over certain aspects of the world. The greater the god the more power they wield over the world and its inhabitants.

  1. Adon the Creator; the great creator of all that is Ivrel. Adon is both man and woman all in one. Often referred to as he though. For the most part after creating the world and his four direct representatives he has taken a passive role in the affairs of Ivrel. He is often viewed as swift to punish, violent of temper, deeply demanding of respect and generally a very stern father. Most scholars believe Adon the Creator is a transient of misplaced God of another time or place who out of a desire to rule over something created Ivrel. Adon looks upon the multitude of races on Ivrel with amusement and satisfaction. He seems to favor diversity and a certain degree of chaos. Secretly he holds Evald highest among his creations, as the natural force is the purest of them all.

  2. Palintose the First Son; the right and just son of Adon. Pure as light and just as cold to those seeking it for warmth, Palintose is the primary force of good, justice and creation on Ivrel. He looks upon the world as his charge and seeks to insure that it remains as pure as it was when Adon gave him rule over it. He sees his brother as a despoiler of all that is good and grand about Ivrel. He distrusts the motives of Geublahan and courts the favor of Evald only to ensure that the fluid nature of the beasts will not go awry. He sees all the races of Ivrel as lost children and looks most favorably upon the humans who give the most of them when they worship and believe in things. Palintose is the bringer of daylight to Ivrel and he is the enforcer his fathers law of the Bain.

  3. Zaratoule the Second Son; the sly and cunning son of Adon. Dark as night and just as moody, Zaratoule is the primary force of evil, injustice and destruction on Ivrel. He looks upon the world as a place to play out his plans for the eventual dethroning of his father, Adon. He sees the various races of Ivrel as petty and delights in their pain and suffering. At times he becomes lost in the satisfaction brought by bringing discord among the kingdoms and people to whom Palintose so valiantly tries to help and educate. For the most part he fears the brilliant and searing light of his brother Palintose so he avoids direct dealings with his sibling. Evald escapes his understanding, as it seems unhindered by any type of desire for power. The force of magic intrigues him, but he finds its chaotic nature irksome and most often leaves it alone. Zaratoule is the bringer of nighttime to Ivrel and the bringer of dark tidings.

  4. Evald of Nature; the ambivalent force of nature who simply seems to exist. Secretly Evald seeks to over power the quarrelling forces and minions of the brothers. Evald lives to bring joy to Adon and as such it diligently goes about creating more than Palintose can handle and Zaratoule can kill. For the most part this gender-neutral god is the patron of all things natural. Until the day when it can quell the forces of light and darkness Evald simply exists and moves steadily through the core of Ivrel working its miracles of creation.

  5. Geublahan of Magic; the force created of the chaos between the warring brothers now made real by the breath of Adon. Like water it ebbs and flows as it sees fit. He neither takes nor receives anything from the brothers and passively works in unison with Evald. He seeks to thrive in the fertile minds of the races of Ivrel and wants no more than to exist and expand with the races of Ivrel. For the most part he is the sage watcher of all things on Ivrel, always knowing what is happening but taking no hand it changing it.

  6. Dauthghoul Lord of the Dead; lord of the dead, collector of souls and general bringer of pestilence to the land. Dauthghoul is the ever-active god of death, who is fascinated by the affairs of these mortal ever-dieing creatures. He exalts in their pain, suffering and misery finding no match among the gods for this need. Dauthghoul is a cruel master of the dead, cynical and never one to trust a mortal of any religious stance. He looks upon necromancers and pain priests as his favored sons and daughters.

  7. Dynia Goddess of Life; bringer of life and protector of the heart, Dynia is the epitome of the virtues of life and its destiny. She guards and protects all life as diligently as Dauthghoul tries to destroy it. She sees the other gods as misguided and petty. For the most part she tries to bring life, peace and comfort to the thriving masses of creatures on Ivrel. She looks upon these children as a nurse would look upon a terminally ill patient.

  1. Urus the Bear of Mountain; the bear of the mountain is the great warrior of the heavens, often quick to action and less to thought, Urus is a salty mix of chaos and war. He seems to eternally lust for combat, killing, destruction and victories. He doesn’t really seem to care which side is winning as long as they are fighting. He is always on the move, never really resting to mull things over. A very impatient god who wants to see results right away.

  2. Tragor the Primal; the steady and indifferent force of nature. It serves Evald faithfully molding the land, fermenting the seas, scorching Ivrel and giving breath to Evalds creations. He doesn’t care about any of the races upon which exist on Ivrel. Having been around for eons Tragor is not interested in the transient nature of creatures on the planet he molds. He seems to be only interested in the shaping and reshaping of the planet itself.

  3. Kierien the Peacemaker; the bringer of peace and rest to the peoples of the world. She seeks to heal the wounds of the wasteful war in the heavens. She looks upon the world and its many creatures with love and almost endless understanding patients. Nothing that happens on Ivrel seems to displease her and with time she slowly steers the people of Ivrel towards the light of Palintose.

  4. Sharzia the Merchant; the creation of the creatures of Ivrel, he seeks only to see that the peoples of the world prosper and advance as they should. He dislikes Zaratoule for his endeavors that have put the races behind in their ascendancy to the heavens. He feels it is his duty to help the various races to prosper until they reach ascendancy into the heavens.

  5. Comhanach the Trickster; chaotic, trickster of the heavens. Liar of the gods, deceiver of man he is the epitome of chaos. Never the same thought twice or the same action twice. Always on the move and trying new things and tricks on the other gods and the races of Ivrel. Very mischievous and at times even malicious.

  6. Diarmoid the Birth Mother; the birth mother, she is a kind and ever caring for the races of Ivrel. She always takes an active hand in the affairs of mortals. She consorts with all the gods of the light and sees the gods of the darkness.

  7. Morgaine the Winter Queen; bringer of the seasons, Morgaine seeks only to accomplish her given tasks. She prepares the land for the races of Ivrel in spring, warms and nurtures it during summer, feeds it during autumn and restarts the process during winter. She seems to be a neutral goddess, not caring who or what is not in sync with her coming and going. She views the other gods with an air of indifference and only shows loyalty to Evald. Myrna seems to be the only other goddess to which Morgaine gets along with. On occasion the bringer of seasons will be kind to the mortals of Ivrel by granting a mild winter or summer and sometimes even grant a plentiful harvest in autumn.

  8. Myrna the Willow; She is a kind and constant guardian of all things living and sees the various races of Ivrel as precious things to be cared for diligently. For the most part Myrna watches and kindly helps the mortals survive the harsh world created by the brothers and Adon.

  9. Sealowik the Artificer; the great inventor of the gods. Eccentric and often considered flighty by the other gods Sealowik is the sharpest mind of them all. He tinkers and works with ideas throughout his days. Sealowik views the world as one big testing area, a place to perform and test his new toys on. He most loves the stoic dwarves for their ingenuity and tenacity in the technical arts. As to how he feels about his fellow gods its not know, he seems indifferent to them for the most part.

  10. Modru the Foul; the bringer of plagues and pestilence to Ivrel. This god is another minion of Zaratoule who seeks to create, test and cure all the diseases he can. Quick to inflict creature and slow to cure this god is malicious in the extreme. He enjoys watching his handy work kill and seems to be indifferent as to who gets killed by his efforts. For the most part Modru seems indifferent and aloof to his minions, though on rare occasions he has lent a hand in the affairs of the mortal world.

  11. Lioslaith the Retched; the vile corrupter of the souls of Ivrel. The right hand man to Zaratoule and prime enemy of the forces of light. He delights in the acidic thrill of pain and destructions. Any pain fits the bill; mental anguish, physical raking pain and emotional turmoil are the bread and butter of this god.

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