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Oleg Shaposhnikov. Runes and trees

НазваниеOleg Shaposhnikov. Runes and trees
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Oleg Shaposhnikov. Runes and trees.

Chapter 1.

Summer begins. It is always awaited with joy. And despite of all waiting, it comes unexpectedly. It comes and catches you unprepaired. Winter was warm, unusually warm for these place. Was there a winter at all? I thought, late autumn turned into early spring.

Autumn. Everything alive prepairs to say goodbye with warmness and change to winter. I remember my last trip to forest. It was not a dream, yet not a reality. It was somewhere inside me. Mind keeps silent, only focusing on what comes in. It comes from somewhere inside. And this is a trip. A trip in myself. Then you can really learn something very important. And you really can communicate with nature, you can talk to a tree and understand it. And it can understand you.

I close my eyes and fall into ‘silence’.

A walk in autumn forest. A guardian-deer is near. All the colors of autumn forest are around.

Lime-tree. Almost all leaves have already fallen. Bare black branches reach up above to the sky. The feeling of some flow, movement. The feeling is that it's possible to move inside this flow. But something hinders. The feeling of falling out of the flow. The feeling of isolation. It brings some kind of sadness, slight anxiety. I lean to the tree. Bark starts moving, an image appears, the image of a tree with eyes closed and with sad, almost suffering expression. Sad feelings get some kind of philosophic. The feeling of grief, but some special grief, giving some special power.

Note: Lime-tree is not associated with a specific rune.

Elm. Gebo. I touch the tree, I feel it. Through the bark, somewhere from deep inside a glow shines out. The light flow strengthens and now something similar to screen appears on the bark. There is a window in the screen. Perhaps, it's a building window. There is a young girl in the window. The strange window. It's not a building. It's a train. It moves very fast. It can be sensed quite obvious. But the window on the screen is fixed. The feeling of complete stillness of the picture. Time moves together with train, in another words, time stood still for this train. It gives some kind of new feeling, the feeling of sensing time, the feeling of an opportunity to find out and understand some rule, some mystery.

A willow grows near by. Laguz. This is an old mighty tree, growing high to the sky above, and at the same time leaning some branches almost to earth. A strange whirling sensation. An expectation of a tempest, a long-lasting heavy shower, a thunderstorm. I rest my back against the tree, and autumn forest have already gave in its place to the summer element. The sky turned black, but this reveals no anxiety, on the contrary, the feeling of awaited filling up with energy appears, with the energy that is brought by the thunderstorm, with the energy that already sparkles with lightning.
And the wind with powerful flow is ready to fill everything around with this energy. The willow is not bending under windblasts, but it is conducting this storm with its narrow leaves, which are like fingers playing with the whole world. And then, after next lightning strike a summer rainstorm pours heavily down. This stream brings not only long-waited moisture, but joy of renovation, giving energy to everything alive, washing off and carrying away everything unnecessary and obsolete. It's amazing, but there is no feeling of cold or humidity; on the contrary, this rainstorm warms up and gives new powers, energy and unusual joy.

Rowan tree. Hagalaz. I move immediately into winter. Snow causes typical sound under the feet. The snow is on branches. Berries. Bright red berries are in snow too. Snow kind of frames it. These two things add much to each other, and it seems that if separated they will become different. If separated they will be different, something whole will fall apart, some crystal will be destroyed. There's a bird. A bird with a red breast. The bird lands on a branch. This is the third thing. The bird. Rowan tree's berries serve as food for it. Something is destroyed and disappears to create something new. Life goes on.

Pine. Kenaz. Powerful flat trunk lifts crone of a tree up to the sky. I feel inner energy interaction with a tree. I keep my palms close to a trunk without touching it. This is the state when two energetic systems – the system of the tree and mine, combine together and begin to function as one. The powerful ecstatic feeling. The feeling of something that was in me even earlier, but could not open up, be realized.

Birch. Uruz. I go to the Tree. The most powerful energy funnel. It is created by the Birch. I touch the Tree, fusing with it. I enter the funnel. The energy whirl storms above me. A typhoon. The cosmic flow, swirling incredibly fast, enters me. I feel ability to move inside the funnel. Start… speeding fast I'm breaking into open space distances.

Poplar. A powerful, stretching high up trunk. Something different, not mine. Another world. I touch the bark. It's cold, cold as stone.

Note: Poplar is not associated with a specific rune.

Inner trepidation. Ash-tree. Leaves have already fallen. Wind tears off catkins and carries them to the world. Branches shake loose friendly as if they are calling somewhere. The tree gives light warmth when touched. Suddenly space, which was a tree seconds earlier, gains new quality. It forms a rectangle with size of a door. This is a blinking colorless space, an entrance to other worlds.

I come in there with the guardian-deer. The feeling of delight. We walk in this blinking tunnel quite long. A stairway. I go up. Kingdom of the ice. I feel cold. Snow. Icy figures. Silence. Black sky. A man comes up to me. A muscular figure. Warm cloth. A face, typical for northern peoples. He tells me that he is my guide. He calls up northern deer. They will convey our sleigh. We sit in a sleigh and ride in the spaces of black sky. My guardian-deer gallops near. Sleigh stops near the other tunnel. It is lightened from somewhere inside with soft glistening light. I say goodbye to the guide, I grant him a fir-tree branch.

I and the guardian-deer proceed in the tunnel. Suddenly a blind man appears. He has a big boldness, on the borders of which long grey hair grows. A long crooked nose of unpleasant shape. A skinny body suffered a disease. He says that he is punished and asks to help him, taking him with me. The guardian deer doesn't let him approach me, and pushes him aside to the walls of the tunnel. I try to use the chance and pass by. But the tunnel is narrow, and long skinny hands of the old man seem to reach me. I scream. This is a loud, piercing yell. Then there comes another one even more loudly. Everything around trembles from it. With every shout the old man decreases in size, and after the third one he turns into something very small. I pass by, and we come farther. I suddenly feel that the old man appeared again and tries to reach us. I cry out loud and he is left behind. We come out the tunnel and find ourselves in some strange place. On pillars at the height of my head large green around a meter in diameter balls hang. All the space is filled with them. We maneuver among them and step before another tunnel. We enter it. It seems that he is made of grey rock. The tunnel is short. We pass through it and find ourselves in modern world. A modern city scenery. A return. The feeling of relief and a little tiredness.

The guide appears again. He invites me for a journey. I sit behind him on a sleigh. Northern deer carry us. Together with my guardian deer we fly away somewhere in the tunnel. And the tunnel ends and we are in the kingdom of ice and snow again. Black sky and complete silence. Cold. Now we are riding in black sky. Snow and ice are over. There's a sea beneath us, and an island far. We approach it.

The most part of an island is occupied with a construction, made of stone plates. The base is two rows of plates, laid on each other the way that they form a giant circle. The plates of the lower row are almost in the earth and close to each other, forming the fundament. The plates of the higher row are laid the way that plates-columns are installed vertically on the fundament. The second circle of plates-columns is installed above them, and it consists of two rows of stone plates, laid the way that the borderline between plates is located at the middle of lower plate, and vice versa. The same rule is used in the lower circle. The upper part of vertical plates has a section of triangle top up (like wedge). This wedge is inserted between lower plates of the higher circle, which represents a symmetrical trapezium in section base up. Thus, all the plates-trapeziums, installed in circle between wedge-triangles, are held in the upper part of the plates-columns with their own weight. Plates of the upper part of this circle are tightly adjusted to plates in the lower part and give extra stability to the construction. The diameter of this structure is about 70-90 meters. And the height exceeds 10 meters. Vertical plates divide this construction in segments. The number of segments is 24. There also 24 plates in every row of both circles. The thickness of plates is around 2 meters, the length is 10, and the width is 4. I judge the size with my eyes. All plates are precisely linked with each other and their sizes are equal, surfaces are smooth. A circle, formed with these plates, is of a regular shape. The size of the structure and the technical level of construction amaze me. This is something magnificent.

I am in the middle of the construction. What an unusual feeling. Very unusual. Expectation. The guide and the guardian-deer have not come in here; they are waiting for me outside. It's time to leave. The guide hurries me. We rush away. From sky we can see how the construction becomes lightened with fire.

To be continued.

Maple. A feeling of home, rest and vacation. Of active rest, and at the same time it is absolutely not creative and untroubled. Vacation is not only for body, but for creative work, for the soul.

Note: Maple is not associated with specific runes.

Oak. Raidho. This giant stands in the center of the forest meadow, free from trees. All other trees surrounded the oak meadow with a close ring, as if undecided whether come nearer or keep away. A crone rose high up to the sky, and it seems that clouds are just about to touch the top branches. Swirling around, autumn leaves fall. Acorns fall, producing a sound hitting the ground, already covered with foliage. Leaves talk under my legs, acorns make a characteristic sound, when I step on it. All these born a feeling of life and death, sad, but optimistic at the same time. It seems like the oak branches are eager to tell about kind of mysterious, but still quite familiar labyrinth. Each knot or bend on a branch is ready to tell about some global event or life stage. The tart smell of fallen leaves is ready to become a key to a riddle. The knotty, vigorous trunk seems like a way finding its beginning deep under the ground and streaming away to the boundless spaces of the Universe. It seems like it takes another moment and someone's large face will appear from the tree trunk. Face features are unclear, all that is clear is that two large knots on the trunk are transforming into two big eyes. I pick up an acorn; from now on it will stay with me.

Along a steep bank of a stream a thicket of elders lined up. Fehu. As if the soldiers, elderly branches, shoulder to shoulder sleep in expectation of unknown signal. Foliage fell, and together with crumbled black berries cover ground with motley carpet. The Cycle is finished. Time will come and there will be spring and the forest people, cheerfully singing with birds, will wake up, bringing happiness and good luck, ready to fight without lingering and doubts, sweeping everything away on their way. Enter this round dance of the wood brothers, share joy and sorrow with them. I cut an old branch off, I will cut runes on it.

The river flows into a small bog as it looks like at first. But, it depends how to say. What's there behind the bushes? Solid ground or... If it is a bank, it is close. The bog stretches far to the left as well as to the right. I need to get to the other side. If I bypass the bog, I will miss something, I will lose something… No, it's not time, it's something else. I can jump on this boulder, then on that boulder, and at last jump into the bushes that call me. The bushes are a cane. Algiz. I decided. Running start. Jump, then another one. I could hardly stand on the boulder and understand that without running start it's hard to jump over to a cane, or maybe impossible at all. But there is no way back. I push off with all my might and jump … unsuccessfully. My legs get stuck in this bog, which pulls me in itself even more and more. I hold on to stalks of a cane. It stretches to me, just like hands. And now, clinging to a cane, I get out onto solid ground. There is no bog behind bushes and, having thanked the cane for the rescue, I go on.

Apple-tree. Ingwaz. There are still plenty of leaves, but the fruits are gone. The last apple hangs on a branch. It is about to fall down. That is why I was in such a hurry. I'm running wanting to pick it, but it falls by itself, and I hardly get to catch it. How did this cultivated tree get here? The answer is unclear. But, there is another one, and another one. It seems like someone planted these trees. Perhaps, it's a forest warden, or maybe it was somebody else. There are already no apples on other trees too. I hold a ripe apple, the last gift of summer, in my hands And now I am in a summer heat. The sun shines brightly. It's very warm. I gladly feel the coolness, that is brought with a northern wind from a river. The wind moves light clouds as rain pours moisture onto garden. The clouds did not hide the sun and it shines on brightly despite of rain. Sun, fire, rain, water. Apple-trees greedily drink moisture bathing under the sunbeams. Everything fills up with energy, the energy of unbending vital growth, maturing. Trees are the center of this element. I step under a tree, touching it I feel my becoming a part of a energy circulating system, I am filled with it. It's the first aspect. The second. New, vigorous and necessary, it pushes, substitutes everything old, obsolete and unnecessary.

Chapter 2.

Summer begins and everything changes. Sun shines brightly and it’s already hot on a balcony. Not so long ago I bought two grape trunks, that are ready to be planted. Grape. Mannaz. A sprout comes from earth. He is like a conductor of the symphonic orchestra, ardently stretches its young sprouts to the sides. Once he was a young vine, stretching up to the sun, to the sky, greedily absorbing earth moisture and sun energy, a vine, learning the wisdom of the Milky Way with starry sky. Then a vine, being fed with earth juices, bowed down with heaviness of berries, which soaked all the best and useful in it. And gardener carefully cut it, and made trunks of it, so they will give roots, and give young sprouts. And now they are stretching up already, holding a base tightly with its tendrils, celebrating the beginning of a new cycle.

I have also planted ivy. Ivy. Ehwaz. Here is what Kenneth Meadows writes about it:

“Ivy is a creeping plant, which sprouts develop with amazing speed and persistently seek to the light. It possesses both positive and negative qualities. Being an emblem of regeneration, ivy also brings death to many trees which it parasites on. In shamanistic tradition ivy carries attributes of women kind and is considered in pair with holly, which is given attributes of man kind. Ivy with its ability to strike through the most narrow holes symbolizes spiritual search and travel of conscience during shamanistic traveling, when it has to break through ‘cracks’ between different levels of being for perception of other realities. Ivy is associated with Ehwaz, the rune, related to researching and obtaining new experience for further development. The energy of ivy is the energy of a pilgrim, who shares his property in every place and gains something new for himself.”

One could not have said it more exact. I remember my traveling to another worlds.

Queen Teniz. Sometimes she is called Tiniz. The kingdom of Teniz is situated in one of the deepest canyons high in the mountains. It is high above the plain and deep from the earth. This is the kingdom of contrasts and snake wisdom. Soil is incredibly fertile, but spaces, useful for cultivation, are very small. Canyon is located so deep and slopes are so steep that during the night an impression of subterranean world. On the opposite, during the day blue sky and mountain peaks, covered with snow, create the image of the pinnacle of the world. Water, flowing down the slopes of canyon, is unusually clear and tasty, but so cold that it seems it will freeze in any second. There are plenty of waterfalls and drops of water sparkle in bright daylight with every color of rainbow. Hot mineral springs spurt from the bottom of canyon. When sun goes down and canyon falls into night, hot water, evaporating, floats up, filling canyon with thick fog. Canyon is situated the way that it looks like a “horse-shoe”. The ends of a “horse-shoe” are located close to each other and connected with underground tunnel. As the result, it is a circumference. The territory of the kingdom is a circle. In the center there is a mountain peak gently sloping. On it spaces of land, useful for cultivation, are located. Opposite slopes of canyon are almost sheer. On the top of the mountain there is a huge cave, where the queen Teniz lives. She is a young woman with face features, typical for East, and black hair. The character of the queen corresponds to the kingdom of contrasts. She possesses all the wisdom and secrets of the ancient world. Teniz is the queen of snakes. During the day snakes warm themselves and sleep on slopes of canyon, and at night they lower to its bottom. At some time tender and amazingly strong fingers of the queen could turn into poisonous snakes, which flew to distant places on queen’s command and could defeat anyone. The fingers grew new again. But in ancient times a curse was laid upon the queen and after firing with snakes, she could not recover her fingers. The power of the queen ended, and her kingdom fell into sleep. Although the queen is experienced in magic, she could not heal the curse. As legend says, only the power of the Great Northern Shaman can take the curse off. Some time ago the Great Shaman left these places for north-west; having found the Great Wisdom, he went halfway around the world and became a God. Once time will com and his mediator will pass the Power of the Great Shaman with his breath and heal the curse. Teniz will gain her power again and her mission will be completed.

There is something similar to niche in the mountain. Desire to travel inside the mountain. The guardian deer approaches to niche. Niche opens, turning into entrance in cave. The guardian spirit enters first. I follow him. We pass several pathways. We enter a hall. From a wall the Spirit of cave appears. A woman. A master of the mountain. Light, airy-like. I ask her for permission to explore the cave. She agrees, and from a wall the second spirit appears. He is light and airy-like too. A young man. I ask him to lead me to a hall with signs. Pathway, another one, another hall. We enter it. Signs, symbols as if enter me. It’s strange. These are the symbols of Quabalah, letters of alphabet. It’s Quaballah. Four or more. Two of them are the letters under numbers 12 and 21. I am a bit confused. I expected to see different signs. I am not interested in it. This is not for me. This is others’ knowledge. Just in case, I remember what I have seen and decide to stop traveling. I say goodbye to the young man – spirit. I ask to thank the cave master Spirit from us. I and the guardian deer leave the cave. Entrance in cave closes. Now it’s simply a niche on mountain slope.

Note. I open the list of Quaballah words. A combination of letters under numbers 12 and 21 appears only in one word. It’s Shlomoh – the mystery of interrelation of Archetype and Initiated Man ( Four letters of this word correspond to four higher cards of Tarot. Hieroglyphs of these cards are: 5 – breath, 13 – woman, 12 – stretched hand, 21 – arrow (in straight oscillatory movement).

Night. It’s dark. From the darkness a woman appears. She has remarkable, eastern appearance; her black hair is let loose. Skin is dark. Average height. Robust trained body. She wears a cloak from something motley. Big expressive eyes. She asks to help her. She tells about herself, show her hands. There are no fingers on her hands. I take her hands in mine and draw them closer to lips. I feel like some mighty energy flows with my breath on her hands.

Steppe. Late autumn. Deserted one-storied buildings. Desolation. It seems like one buildings is inhabited. It’s warm and clean in there. I go out of it. It’s cold. I put upper clothes on. I sit on a horse. It’s not a long trip. A destroyed building. Empty eyes of windows. Roof collapsed here and there. There is a huge pit in the center of building. It is very deep. Bottom is not seen. I tie the horse and take upper clothes off. I jump into the pit. It’s quite a long falling. The guardian deer is with me. Here is the bottom. Underground tunnels go in different directions. There is a woman sitting in niche. She sifts something. I enter one of the pathways. I meet a grey-haired woman. There is a shining crystal instead of one of the eyes; and snakes instead of fingers. She greets me with joy. She thanks me. She says that she is a close relative of the queen Teniz. After a talk with her I proceed. The pathway becomes narrow, I am forced to go bended. In a while it turns into a tight hole. I can hardly move, in places I have to crawl. And finally there is a huge hall before me. There is a lot of work going on around. Suddenly I am being forced back into the hole. It’s a dwarf. He forbids me to move on. Abused I am, I turn to go back. A dwarf catches up with me. He invites me into a small room. There is deposit of precious stones. They shine so bright that eyes hurt. There is a huge brilliant in the center. The dwarf gives me a piece of mountain crystal. Suddenly two modern young men appear. It seems that it’s not their first time here. We are getting introduced to each other. They tell me their names. It’s time for me to leave. I say goodbye to all and thank dwarf for the present.

I talk to the queen. Wind flutters her black hair. Eyes are shining mysteriously. A little lower than where the cave where the queen lives, an army has lined up. They are the rows of women warriors, dressed in all black. Faces are concealed. One can see only their eyes. In their eyes the only thing is to be read – their readiness for the fight and fearlessness. Left row is not far from the cave. The sight of the right one strays away in mountains. After a light breakfast on a mountain terrace, we ride horses and gallop towards some plain. Army turns into snakes immediately. A powerful airy stream is forming, which absorbs in itself snake army and follows us. Horses rush almost above the ground. My black horse, bending his neck, looks at me with its eye, suggesting me to value all the sweetness of this mad galloping, or not galloping at all, but flying swiftly. His nostrils inflate with such power that it seems like everything should vibrate with it. Gallop is over. We jump to the earth.

A desert scenery. A desert. I and Teniz stand waiting. I feel hastening. From behind dunes a huge man appears. His head touches the sky. He stops not far from us, larger in size than us. I feel that this is not a specific physical body, but an energy object. Lowering my sight I understand whom we were waiting for. He has typical appearance, typical for East, for Asia. Average height. Robust body. Expensive, and at the same time modest light clothes. He wears eastern hat on his head. He has wide cheek-bones. Face is rather fat. He has sharp face features and calm, exploring look. He wears a beard of average length. Teniz transforms into a ball, ready to hit its target. The ball hangs over and behind my right shoulder, ready to strike. Sky behind us becomes black. Air is filled with airy swirls of snake army.

A withstanding. A feeling of a joyful ecstasy before the great battle is revealed. Nothing else matters. There is no fear of death. There is no fear at all, just a slightly disturbing feeling of pity. A pity for the fact, that consequences of this battle might be horrifying. The ball shudders nervously, ready to strike forward. Giant is ready. The army is long waiting for the fight with him. Both I and the one we were waiting for stand motionless. A tiny move and battle will begin. A feeling of pity strengthens. We look in each other’s eyes fixed. Suddenly the giant begins to decrease in size and turns into an air stream which absorbs in it the one, we have just faced, and flees away. Teniz takes her usual appearance. She is trembling from excitement. Battle didn’t take place. Everything stays the same. The one, we were waiting, left, and he will not hinder the accomplishment of the Great Mission.

And here is what we can think of as spiritual searching.

The entrance into the cave grew with bushes and hardly can be seen. I enter and slowly walk in pathway. I wander in the cave. There are many pathways. They all lead to a big hall. There is a lake. I come closer to its bank. On the other I side I see a grey-haired old man. He intends to leave in one of the pathways. I walk to him, stepping onto lake’s surface. There is no other way. Lake gets closely to the walls of the hall. The guardian deer follows me. The old man stops and turns his face to me. Suddenly a loud noise is heard. From one of the pathways a knight appears. He wears heavy armor. A sword is in his hands. He comes out of the pathway. The lake stands on his way. In despair he stops. It seems like the noise that the knight makes, disturbs the old man. The knight rushes about before the lake, not daring to move forward. I decide to help him and advise him to walk on lake’s surface. My expressions and gestures are so specific that even this calm old man is astonished. Shock therapy has given the effect, and the knight overcomes the lake, stepping on its surface. Just as he stands firm on the ground, armor and sword noisily fall on the ground, and his body flies away as cloudy fog. I pick up the sword. An old man shows me a gesture that I may keep it. And because traveling with uncovered sword is quite uncomfortable, he gives me something close to sheath and withdraws into the cave.

I want to find out something. This feeling leads me forward irresistibly. A pathway ends with a hall. It is filled with soft light. Light shimmers from a hole in ceiling, brightening up a blind grey-haired old man with long hair and beard. He wears white dresses. He looks at me with eyes covered with white pellicle, and I understand that he doesn’t need eyes. He sees everything without it. He stands up inviting me to follow him deeper in the cave.

It’s a small walk-through hall. From it a pathways runs, in the end of which light is seen. A black panther lies in the hall. She blends with the darkness, but I guess the shape of her body. I don’t see, but guess. Her eyes shine brightly in the dark, reflections of light dance on her teeth, seen in her open jaws. We come to her and stop right in front of her. I feel her breath. She can get to me with one small leap. I bring my hand close to her and stay still in such pose. Palm of my hand feels the heat of her body. Something stops me from petting her. I slowly move away my hand and we pass by her through the hall and enter the hall, which light comes out from.

^ Don’t look for death, don’t call, if it’s near – don’t be afraid of it.

It can be far and then close in a moment – it’s time for you.

You may touch it, and it will pass by – your time has not come yet.

For all these there is a will of gods. Get used to it and conquer the fear, but don’t make a fuss.

The pathway leads to another hall, lightened from somewhere inside. There is a remarkable pool in the hall. Before it three young women sit. Their bodies are beautiful in their semi-transparent nudeness. And are they real? Maybe, it’s a transparent element, filled with some fairy-tale, listening to some water symphony, created this wonder. If I take a step towards then, will these live sculptures not be gone? I smile and proceed, accompanied with soundless music of their perfect bodies.

^ Don’t intervene there where you should not be;

Take a look, enjoy and calmly leave.

You managed – you saw.

You were there, therefore.

We enter the hall. She is there. She is beautiful in her irresistible, strict and refined desire. Her huge black eyes order to come close and sit beside her. For a long time. Forever. It seems like her hands are near, around me and I am already all in her power. I hold my breath and stand like this for a long time… A wonderful woman she is. Truly you enjoy much your meeting with her. Our walk continues. We go farther.

^ In the middle of the way, in the center of a stream,

Calm down your desire and move on.

There is only a road,

There is only a long walk.

We find another tunnel and walk in it. It’s a dead end. It’s a pity. I have already got accustomed to this comfortable cave. It’s such a pity that everything ended so fast. A light from above can be seen. It seems it is sunlight. We climb up and walk outside. A desert lies before our eyes. Now we will walk on it.

^ It’s not an end. It’s the beginning again.

And this will be forever.

And death is not the end.

This is a beginning.

A desert. Dunes. A scorpion sits not far. I don’t need him as he doesn’t need me.

^ There are moments in life for many things

And processes.

Everybody has its business.

Mind your own.

In a tick of time a bird gets its catch. Scorpion is for her. I simply watch. We go farther. It’s an eternal fight. A wise man will be “above” the fight.

An oasis. Rest. A lesson is learned. A peach from hands of a beautiful young woman. It’s a sweet juice of both fruits. I taste both. I feel great joy.

In a stop you take a rest.

Feel all the joys.

^ From a rest you take a break.

Don’t miss the next lesson.

I walk out the house.

Ash-tree. Ansuz. This big, high tree grows not far from my home. I walk to it and stand near for a long time. Quite a large part of tree’s surface is lacking bark, and wood is exposed. This is a window, a door, one may come in there. Come and be carried over to the other worlds. And this miracles is near home. One simply need to look around himself from time to time.

Elm. Branches have just covered with leaves. I come around the tree. A bump on tree’s bark attracts my attention. What is there? I carefully draw my hand to the bulge. A contiguity. I understand, with piercing clarity I understand that I might experience a lack of time to do something. I ask the tree to help me. And suddenly I feel that something imperceptible penetrates into my hand. I thank the tree and leave my gift for it. This is an unequal exchange. But my gift is simply a sign of thankfulness. In addition to this gift I am ready to give my love to the tree, my love for it.

I ride several stops on a tram and find myself in a city park.

Fir-tree. Wunjo. A gracious fir-tree stretches its branches considerably. It gives a feeling of joy, holiday, a feeling of overwhelming gayness, but also a stable help in difficult times. This stream never runs dry, and when hard times come, one may come to it and ask for participation and support.

Pine. Kenaz. Young pines awoke from winter sleep. From the crack on the bark the drops of clear pitch appeared. The living saps of the nature came out. Vitalizing, living power. Spotted bark of pine reminds me of something. Bright colored spots seem to me a column of fire. Bright fire, just as clear as pitch. And this fire burns and lifts up to the sky. The column of fire from the earth to the sky. Its flames illuminate and provide with power. And the tart smell of pitch makes me dissolve in this fairy-tale. And there I stand, filled with power of nature and with something even more unusual.

Blackthorn. Thurisaz. His powerful, sharp thorns remind of Thor’s hammer. I walk along a park road. A gardener shaped tree crones as balls. Thorny branches, weaving with each other, form a sphere, reliably protecting their inner substance from someone’s interference. It seems like the tree created with its laws a particular inner world. And sharp thorns are a reliable guard of this world. It seems like a bird understands it. It slides inside and sings its song, not being afraid of me, and I stand as close as the length of my stretched arm. Let it sing, I walk further. I come to the next tree, another thorny ball. I carefully touch a branch, sliding my finger on a smooth sharp thorn. I experience unusual excitement, and I am filling up with mighty strength, powerful, wary and at the same time right-oriented.

Translated by Ilaidj Keiv.


Oleg Shaposhnikov. Runes and trees iconOleg Shaposhnikov. Modern Edda. The will of Gods. Translated by Ilaidj Keiv

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Oleg Shaposhnikov. Runes and trees iconOn Lalita-sahasra-nama, V. 17. 3 Literally; covered by the shadows of great trees, the shadows of

Oleg Shaposhnikov. Runes and trees iconMilevsky Oleg Anatolievich, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Department of Socio-Historical Disciplines, Surgut State Teachers University. В 1991 г в нашей стране вышла книга
В статье рассматривается общественная деятельность и педагогическое наследие С. Рачинского, являющегося одним из основоположников...
Oleg Shaposhnikov. Runes and trees iconДокументы
1. /Doro/Doro/1989 - Force Majeure/01 - A Whiter Shade Of Pale.txt
2. /Doro/Doro/1989...

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