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English speaking countries

Today English is an international language. To learn English is very important especially for eastern European countries, because it is the only way how to communicate with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, we are not lucky to be born in a country where the English is not the main spoken language. English is the mother tongue for the inhabitants of the United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Then there are a great number of countries where English is spoken as the second language, for example some African countries, some Asian countries, Belgium and Holland.

Top 10 in population English speaking countries, as their main, and virtually only tongue:

  1. United States 299,000,

  2. England, 50,000,000

  3. Canada 32,400,000

  4. Australia 20,500,000

  5. Scotland 5,000,000

  6. Republic of Ireland 4,100,000

  7. New Zealand 4,100,000 Maori

  8. Wales 2,900,000

  9. Jamaica 2,731,000

  10. Northern Ireland 1,600,000

  11. Trinidad and Tobago 1,200,000

The 10 Largest, Majority English Speaking Cities in the World:

    1. London 8.500,000

    2. New York 8,143,197

    3. Sydney 3,935,000

    4. Los Angeles 3.800,000

    5. Melbourne 3,800,000

    6. Chicago 2,800,000

    7. Toronto 2,400,000

    8. Houston 2,000,000

    9. Brisbane 1,800,000

    10. Perth 1,500,000

English is spoken in many different dialects within the UK and throughout the rest of the world. The written language also varies with the biggest differences existing between British English (BE) and American English (AE). American English is more phonetic where the spelling of words matches more closely how it would be pronounced. For example, color (AE) and colour (BE). Further examples are; speclialize (AE) and specialise (BE), theater (AE) and theatre (BE).

Having a vocabulary of over half a million words, learning English is not only difficult for foreigners to learn but native speakers too. The tricky part is spelling and pronunciation, especially when two words are spoken the same but have different spellings and meanings. However, this makes learning English fun and a lifetime experience.

^ Interesting facts about World countries

  • Largest countries

      • Russia 17,075,400 sq km

      • Canada 9,330,970 sq km

      • China 9,326,410 sq km

      • USA 9.166,600 sq km

      • Brazil 8,456,510 sq km

      • Australia 7,617,930 sq km

      • India 2,973,190 sq km

      • Argentina 2,736,690 sq km

      • Kazakhstan 2,717,300 sq km

      • Sudan 2,376,000 sq km

  • Smallest countries (by land mass)

      • Vatican City 0.44 sq km

      • Monaco 1.95 sq km

      • Nauru 21.2 sq km

      • Tuvalu 26 sq km

      • San Marino 61 sq km

      • Liechtenstein 160 sq km

      • Marshall Islands 181 sq km

      • Seychelles 270 sq km

      • Maldives 300 sq km

      • St. Kitts and Nevis 360 sq km

  • Oldest countries

    • San Marino (301 AD)

    • France (486 AD)

    • Bulgaria (632 AD)

    • Denmark (950 AD)

    • Portugal (1143 AD)

    • Andorra (1278 AD)

    • Switzerland (1291 AD)

  • Youngest countries

    • Montenegro (July, 2006)

    • Serbia (July, 2006)

    • East Timor (2002)

    • Palau (1994)

    • Czech Republic (1993)

    • Eritrea (1993)

    • Slovakia (1993)

    • Bosnia/Hertzegovina (1992)

  • Richest countries (GNP in USA Dollars)

    • Luxembourg ($45,360)

    • Switzerland ($44,355)

    • Japan ($41,010)

    • Liechtenstein ($40,000)

    • Norway ($34,515)

  • Poorest countries (GNP in USA Dollars)

    • Mozambique ($80)

    • Somalia ($100)

    • Eritrea ($100)

    • Ethiopia ($100)

    • Congo, DNC ($100)

Making a radio programme

  • In your groups look at the materials you have collected while working with this text

    • A personal story about a country

    • A true or imagined story

    • A joke

    • A local legend

    • A news report about something that has recently happened in a country

  • Discuss all the material. Choose only the most important items.

  • Decide on the title and topic for your programme.

  • Decide who will do what in your group.You may take the role of

    • A producer of the programme will:

      • make the programme plan

      • watch the programme time

      • introduce each speaker

    • Speakers will:

      • make the reports

      • read the reports

      • discuss the reports

    • An interviewer will:

      • ask the questions

      • take part in the conversations

    • An announcer will:

      • prepare the news

      • read the news

    • A radio engineer will:

      • prepare record studio

      • record the programme

    • A sound effects engineer will:

      • assemble components of the programme

      • accompany your programme

  • Prepare and rehearse your programme

  • Present your programme


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