1. pollution [pə´lu:∫n] (n) icon

1. pollution [pə´lu:∫n] (n)

Название1. pollution [pə´lu:∫n] (n)
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What is happening to the Earth?

1. pollution [´lu:∫n] (n)

A chemical, physical or biological effect that modifies the natural characteristics of air, water or earth.

pollute [pə´lu:t] (v)

To make air, water, earth, etc. dirty for people, animals, and plants, especially by adding harmful things.

2. hemisphere һemısfıə] (n)

Half of a sphere (right cerebral hemisphere, the Northern hemisphere).

3. global warming

Changes in the surface-air temperature, referred to the global temperature, brought by the greenhouse effect.

4. average ævrıdз] temperature

The monthly mean of the daily (24 hour) temperature.

5. increase [ıή´kri:s] (v)

To become or to make something larger in amount or size.

6. flood [flλd] (n)

A large amount of water covering an area that is usually dry.

7. greenhouse effect

Warming of the surface atmosphere due to the reduction in outgoing solar radiation resulting from concentrations of gases such as carbon dioxide CO2.

8. industrial and nuclear nju:klıə] waste

Unwanted matter or material which is left after useful substances or parts have been removed.

9. environment [ın´vaıərənmənt] (n)

A complex of surrounding circumstances, conditions or influences in which a thing is situated or is developed. Environment is the external forces affecting living things, while nature is the inner force.

environmental protection

Safeguarding human health and the natural environment: air, water and land.

10. universal concern

A responsibility or interests which exist everywhere and connect to everyone.

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1. pollution [pə´lu:∫n] (n) iconExpress–method of valuation a total microbiological pollution of water by the fluorescent dna–specific dyes V. S. Sibirtsev 1

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