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Eating out in Oxford

Tire 7 -day Oxford restaurant guide

1 Aziz

Aziz is one of the best Indian restaurants in the country, serving classic Bangladeshi and Indian dishes. The restaurant itself is extremely elegant and the service is friendly and efficient. And if you don't like meat or fish, it has an extensive vegetarian menu. Aziz has also won the 'Best in Britain Award' (The Real Curry Restaurant Guide).

2 Aquavitae

Aguavitae offers the exciting flavours of Italy in a spectacular riverside setting. The managers come from Naples, the cook was trained in Venice, so you are guaranteed an authentic and exciting Italian menu and excellent service. And there's also handmade Italian ice cream!

3 Brookes

Who would expect to find a top-class restaurant in a university? Well, Brookes is run by Brookes University, and if you go there you can sit alongside academics and students and enjoy inexpensive and well-presented modern European cookery. The ingredients are seasonal and local and it offers a good choice of vegetarian meals.

4 ^ Chang, Mai Kitchen

This restaurant is in a beautiful fourteenth-century building in the heart of Oxford. And in this romantic setting, the Chang Mai Kitchen serves popular, upmarket Thai dishes. The food is delicious, and is flavoured with herbs and spices that come direct from Bangkok. It also offers a vegetarian menu.

5 Liaison

This Chinese restaurant is popular with the local Chinese community and it serves ___ that is as good as anything in Chinatown in London. This is an authentic Chinese eating experience. There are tasty noodle dishes and a variety of set menus. The waiter service is also efficient and friendly.

6 Mario

Mario is a fun place to eat and offers pizza, pasta and the music of Italy. The service is always cheerful and the pizzas are the best in Oxford. Inexpensive and with a great atmosphere - what are you waiting for?

7 Rosamund the Fair

Now this is a dining experience with a difference. Rosamund the Fair is a restaurant on a boat! You can have a four-course meal on a three-hour journey along the Oxford Canal and River Thames.
It can be a bit cold in the winter so take some warm clothes!

^ 1 Read the restaurant guide and answer the questions. Write the correct restaurant number.

Where can you ...

1 ____ taste exotic spices in a traditional English setting?

2 Find words or expressions in the text with the following meanings.

1 food that doesn't contain meat or fish:___________________________________________________________________________

2 genuine or true:_________________________

2____ have a romantic dinner and travel at the same time?

3 the food items that you need to make a dish:


3____ eat food as good as in Chinatown?

4____find real Italian food in a beautiful location?

5____have lunch in an academic environment?

6____eat at an award-winning restaurant?

7____eat delicious pizzas in a friendly atmosphere?

назад к уроку

  1. available at a particular time of year:___________________________________

  2. fixed lunches or dinners:______________________________________________________________________________


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