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Part 1 Look at the notices (a h)

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Part 1

Look at the notices (A - H).


A Sunday Special £10/1 pm - 10 pm/ Eat as much as you can

B. Mouchak Indian Restaurant /Takeaway food 15% cheaper than eat-in menu

C. Wait here. The waiter will take you to your table.

D. Please put your dirty dishes on this shelf.

E. This table is for members of staff only.

F Special Offer Plate of pasta, salad and drink £7.

G JAPANESE SUSHI BAR/Open for lunch and dinner/Monday – Friday

H. Pay for your food at the bar when you order.

Which notice (A - H) says this (1 - 5)?

Ex.: 0. You must pay for your meal before you eat it? _H_

  1. Our food costs less if you eat at home.

  2. We are closed at the weekend.

  3. Don't leave your plate on the table at the end of your meal.

  4. A member of staff will show you where to sit.

  5. You don't pay extra for a glass of lemonade.

Part 2.1

Read the sentences about a boy on a football course.

Choose the best word (А, В or C) for each space.

0. Tom to the David Beckham Academy in the school holidays.

A goes В stays С visits

1. On the first day, everyone a free football shirt.

A gives В pays С gets

2. The students some of their lessons in a classroom.

A makes В have С let

3. There is a at 11.00 a.m. for drinks and snacks.

A stop В delay С break

4. They usually matches in the afternoon.

A practice В play С keep

5. Tom always has a time on the course.

A high В great С large

Part 2.2

Read the sentences about going shopping.

Choose the best word (А, В or C) for each space.

0 Carlos wanted to a new mobile phone.

A pet В spend С make

1. He went to the department store because it had prices.

A little В low С small

2. He took the lift to the top where they sold phones.

A floor В place С stairs

3. The assistant showed him several phones but they were too .

A high В rich С expensive

4. Carlos to buy a computer game instead.

A thought В decided С knew

5. Carlos paid for the game and the assistant gave him some .

A bill В card С change

Part 3

Complete the five conversations. Choose А, В or С

1. Let's go surfing on Saturday.

A Is he free'? В No, I don't. С What time?

2. I love playing computer games.

A Me too! В Of course not. С That's all right.

3. Can I speak to Chris?

A Yes, I can. В Just a minute. С Is it you?

4. It's very hot in here.

A Let's go somewhere else. В Sorry I can't. С Here you are.

5. Shall we watch a baseball match tomorrow?

A Yes, we do. В Sometimes. С That's a great idea.

Complete the phone conversation between two friends. What does Greg say to Mike?

MIKE: Hi, Greg. Sorry to hear you're in hospital! What happened?


MIKE: Oh no! How long will you be in hospital?

GREG: 6_____

MIKE: That's good. So will you be back at school on Monday?

GREG: 7_____

MIKE: You are so lucky! You're going to miss so many boring lessons!

GREG: 8_____

MIKE: What a pity! Well, I'll help you with it

GREG: 9_____

MIKE: I'll tell him. We might visit you next week.

GREG: 10_____

MIKE: Good idea!

A Thanks, Mike Does Peter know what happened?

В I know. I'm really happy about that.

С Cool. Why don't you ask my mum if that's OK?

D But I'm not! Mr Hartley says I should study at home.

E The doctor wants me to stay at home for two weeks.

^ F Oh hi, Mike. I fell off my bike and broke my leg.

G They might let me go home on Sunday.

H I may be here for another month.

Part 4

Read the information about three young actors and then answer the questions. Choose A for Emma, В for Daniel and С for Rupert.

^ Emma Watson was born on April 15th 1990. From the age of three she knew she wanted to be an actor, but before she got the part of Hermione in the Harry Potter films, she only acted in school plays. When she is not acting, Emma loves to study and she is also good at hockey. Emma lives with her mother and her younger brother, Alex. Her favourite actors are Julia Roberts, John Cleese and Sandra Bullock.

Daniel Radcliffe was born in 1989 and has no brothers or sisters. He was in two films before he was chosen to play the part of Harry Potter. He is not very sporty and doesn't like studying, but has a lot of CDs and always has his MP3 player with him. He says he does not know how much money he has earned playing Harry Potter and says that being rich and famous has not changed him at all.

Rupert Grint was born in 1988. He is the eldest of five children. Playing the part of Ron Weasley was his first acting job, but before that he was once in a school play. In his free time he plays the guitar and watches football on TV. His favourite actor is Jim Carey and he loves films that make him laugh, like Shrek and Ace Ventura. He also likes buying things with all the money he has earned.

  1. A























    . Who decided to be an actor at a very early age?

  2. .Who enjoys spending money?

  3. .Who listens to a lot of music?

  4. .Who plays a sport well?

  5. .Who enjoys doing school work?

  6. .Who likes watching comedies?

  7. .Who has several brothers and sisters?

  8. .Who worked as an actor before being in the Harry Potter films?

Part 5

Read the article about a girl who won a prize.

Choose the best word (А, В or C) for each space.

The $25,000 Text Message

In April 2007, Morgan Pozgar became the first (0)____ National Texting Champion of the United States. She won the competition in New York (1)____typing a message of 151 letters in 42 seconds. She beat 250 (2)___ people to win the top prize of $25,000. Morgan, (3)___ was thirteen years old at the time, sends (4___ than 7,000 text messages a month. In the final she beat a 21-year-old girl called Eli Tirosh. Eli finished first and everyone (5)___ that she was the winner. But then the judges found a mistake in (6)____ text message, and said that Morgan was the winner. The phone used in the competition had a QWERTY keyboard, so it was (7)__ to use than a normal mobile phone. (8)___she won, Morgan said, "I can't believe that I actually won the whole competition. Now I want to go shopping!"

0 A ever В only С yet

1 A at В by С to

  1. A such В each С other

  2. A what В which С who

  3. A more В much С most

  4. A thinks В thinking С thought

  5. A its В her С their

  6. A easy В easier С easiest

  7. A When В If С While


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