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Academia Latina IV

1st –8th August 2010Rome

One of the most important aims of EUROCLASSICA is to make pupils and students aware of the European dimension of Classics. EUROCLASSICA’s summer school will bring together young people from different European countries around a classical theme. The summer school will be held in Rome so that a theoretical and practical approach to classical topics could be made by combining lessons with instructional tours to museums and archaeological sites.

participants: students taking courses in Classical Languages aged 15-18

date: Sunday 1st - Sunday 8th August 2010

location: Rome

topics: Aere perennius

· lessons on Latin authors ( Ovidius, Martialis, Horatius, Plinius, Tacitus, Augustus etc ), Roman art and history

· instructional tours to museums and archaeological sites in and close to Rome

· detailed program will be sent to the applicants in May 2010

director: Eva Schough Tarandi

tutors: from European countries.

cost: € 500 (incl. tuition, accommodation, breakfast, dinner, and instructional tours) of which 150 Euro must be paid as a registration fee, 350 Euro on arrival

· flight to Rome is not included

· in order to get some financial support, each member association should contact the European Platform through the National Offices.

language: lessons will be primarily taken in English; a good working knowledge of English will be required from the applicants in order to be accepted at the summer school.

application: Enter your application on the Euroclassica website or


As soon as you get a confirmation, pay

150 Euro to bank account IBAN-number SE2350000000059368257086 Bic code: ESSESESS

  1. requirements : be sure you have a valid travel and health insurance for this stay. Also bring a document from your school testifying you are a student there, with the name of the school, address, country etc.

  2. As soon as accepted you must pay 150 Euro as confirmation and also send a letter with a presentation and tell how many years of Latin you have studied , what languages you speak and if there are any special needs concerning food etc.

For further information

E Schough Tarandi

Kolmilegränd 33

S 187 43 TÄBY



deadline: idibus Martibus

The Academia Latina will only run with at least 20 participants!


1st –8th icon8th the international alanya stone sculpture symposium

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1st –8th iconДокументы
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