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НазваниеThe Hands Of Time
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Break The Ice
The Hands Of Time
Madness Strikees At Midnight
Twilight Time
The Hills Have Eyes
Out Of The Shadows
html">Lead Us Into The Light

The Hands Of Time

The time is running

It's running so fast that you don't

Notice years are passing by

And you're growing older

What happened to all your dreams?

Did they become true at all

We cannot undo the deeds of the years

They leave you on your own with your deepest fears

Don't look for the future

Don't live in the past

Just take it day by day 'cause life goes fast

The minutes the hours

The days and the years will fly so

Live still when you have the time

We cannot undo the deeds of the years

They leave you on your own with your deepest fears

Wheel of the time

Turns again tonight


Decides our destiny

Wheel of the time

Turns again tonight

Reason or rhyme

Hands of time


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