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Приложение 1.

Тренировочные упражнения по английскому языку.




1.Ознакомление учащихся с основными способами словообразования в английском языке и основными суффиксами/прификсами различных частей речи

Noun Suffixes

-er/or teacher, doctor -ist scientist, tourist

-an/ian Republican, electrician -ness happiness, willingness

-er/ee employer, employee ing building, understanding

-ty, ity certainty, security -ant/ent assistant, student

-ation, ition invitation, opposition ion/tion/sion discussion, production, permission

-ment development, agreement -er for things mixer, hair-dryer

Verb Suffixes

-ize/ise organize, specialise -en widen, brighten

Adverb Suffixes

-ly beautifully, quickly

Adjective Suffixes

-ful beautiful, wonderful -less hopeless, homeless

-ous dangerous, mysterious -y rocky, happy

-able/ible comfortable, comprehensible -ive imaginative, informative

-al/ic historical, historic -ly friendly, lively

2. Выявление слов в тексте, образованных различными способами словообразования. Проверка понимания и обсуждение текста

Both teachers and parents are now becoming to see that stress-free education is not necessarily a wonderful idea. Actually, many find the relaxed atmosphere at schools annoying, if not unacceptable.

Children learn certain basic values such as responsibility, a sense of obligation and loyalty in their childhood. The acquisition of these is largely facilitated not by equality and partnership with the child’s elders but with wisely allied discipline, where the child feels loved and respected but simultaneously learns to respect others. Extreme leniency often results in the child’s refusal to cooperate, and then restoring day-today working relationships becomes a painful task.

However, discipline is not supposed to mean terrorizing kids or abusing their rights. It should be understood as a healthy combination of sensible requirements and tolerance towards inevitable mistakes.

3. Поэтапная отработка изученного материала

А) От данных слов образуйте соответствующие новые слова

1. refuse→ ___________________________ (noun)

2. examine→ ___________________________ (noun- person who takes an exam)

3. pay→ ___________________________ (noun)

4. pay→ ___________________________ (adjective-being paid too little)

5. appear→ ___________________________ (noun)

appear→ ___________________________ (noun- stop being visible)

7. resist→ ___________________________ (noun)

8. resist→ ___________________________ (adjective-very attractive, charming)

9. danger→ ___________________________ (adjective)

10. effect→ ___________________________ (adjective)

11. effect→ ___________________________ (noun)

12. horror→ ___________________________ (adjective)

13. large→ ___________________________ (noun)

14. large→ ___________________________ (verb)

15. popular → ___________________________ (noun)

16. popular→ ___________________________ (verb)

17. short→ ___________________________ (noun- not having something)

18. anxious→ ___________________________ (noun)

19. employ→ ___________________________ (noun-the boss)

20. employ→ ___________________________ (noun-a worker)

B) При помощи приставок (-il, -im, -ir, -in, -non, -un, -dis) образуйте антонимы

Nouns Adjectives Verbs

smoker possible tie

agreement honest motivate

ability moral cover

order logical connect

maturity responsible colonise

comfort violent appear

Составьте предложения со словами, образованными с помощью приставок –anti, -inter, -mini, -mis, -multi, -over, -pre, -semi, -super, -under

C) Образуйте как можно больше производных от данных слов и составьте предложения с ними

Sense, critic, depend, comfort, attract, memory, office, friend

D) Выполнение большого числа тренировочных упражнений для закрепления полученных навыков. Обсуждение полученных текстов


Is TV 0) addiction becoming Britain’s new problem? addict

New figures from the 1) Office of Statistics nation

2) suggest that this might be the cause. certain

Their 3) have found that watching TV is the research

nation’s 4) pastime. Britons, on average, favour

watch an 5) amount of TV each week. believe

The 6) couch potatoes bad

7) watch more than six hours of TV every day. regular

The 8) of these people enjoy soap operas, major

9) series and game shows and can’t wait entertain

for 10) TV with all the new channels it will offer. digit

I like shopping. It is 1)….. and

fun but I don’t think it’s the most important thing in the world. We need to shop for the things we need, like clothes, of course. In recent years, clothing has got so 2)……,

but the pocket money I earn from 3)….. in the supermarket at the weekends helps. When I 4)….

need something, I go to the shops, 5)…… with my

sister. Last weekend I bought a new 6)…… bag.

I’d saved for weeks to buy it. A wave of 7)…… washed over me when I finally paid for it. My sister

8)…… helped me buy it, so I’ll let her use it sometimes. ENJOY









Задания для выполнения раздела «ГОВОРЕНИЕ»


You and your mother/father are thinking of what foreign language you could learn at school. Discuss the following options and choose one you both like most of all.






You and your friend are thinking of your fu¬ture profession. You are discussing the facul¬ties of the University you could enter. Discuss the following options and choose one you both like most of all.

Faculty of journalism

Philological faculty

Law faculty

History faculty


You and your brother/sister are planning your one-day visit to London. You are thinking of what place of interest to see. Discuss the fol¬lowing options and choose one you both like most of all.


Parliament Square

British Museum

Hyde Park


You and your teacher are thinking of the topic for your graduation paper. Discuss the following options and choose one you both like most of all.




Animals in danger


You and your mother are discussing a present you are going to give to your Granny's 50 anniversary. Discuss the following options and choose one you both like most of all.

A watch

A TV set

A dress

A necklace


You and your sister/brother are discussing a new coming baby in your family. Discuss the following options and choose one you both like most of all.






You and your doctor are discussing a new di¬et for you. Discuss the following options and choose one you both like most of all.

No sugar

No cola, Pepsi and fast food

A lot of fruits and vegetables

No salt


You and your friend are discussing computer games. Discuss the following options and choose one you both like most of all.





Упражнения для подготовки учащихся к выполнению заданий раздела USE OF ENGLISH


Смотри образец: 0 - natural

The site of the town of Winchester was a (0) (NATURE) ... place for a (1) (SETTLE)..., at the point where a river cut through the chalk of the (2) (SOUTH) ... hillsides. A simple camp at St Catherine's Hill was the (3) (EARLY) ... known use of the site. This was followed by an Iron Age hill-fort, but this was left (4) (INHABIT) ... by 100 ВС. It was the Romans who finally estab-lished the town and (5) (ROUND) ... it with a defensive wall for the protection of their people and trade. With the (6) (BUILD)...of it is first cathedral in the seventh century, the town became an important (7) (RELIGION) ... centre. Later, King Alfred, who had (8) (SUCCESS)... pushed back the invading Danes, moved his palace to Winchester. The town the experienced rapid (9) (DEVELOP)..., and it's (10) (CENTRE)... role in En-glish history was underlined in 1066 when the conquering Normans, like Alfred, made Win¬chester their capital.


Смотри образец: 0 — unusual

At first light, there is nothing (0) (USUAL) ... about the town of Yellowstone Park but, as the day begins and the town comes to (1) (LIVE)..., you can't help (2) ( NOTICE)... that, among the cars, there are light aeroplanes moving along the roads towards the airport. When the town was (3) (ORIGIN)... built, a small airport was included for the (4) (CONVENIENT) ... of people flying in to look at the properties which were for (5) (SELL) ..., but it soon became clear to the developers that this was an attraction in itself. The streets were (6) (WIDE)... so that planes could use

them, the mailboxes near the road were made (7) (SHORT) ... to avoid passing wings, and all the electricity cables were buried (8) (GROUND)....Now, there is every (9) (LIKELY)... that the residents will have a private plane in their garage and use it with the same (10) (FREE)... other people enjoy with their cars. 84


The ABC of cooking

It's a (0) (MARVEL).... idea for children to do some cooking at an early age. Generally (1) (SPEAK)...., most children can't wait to help in the kitchen and love getting involved in the (2) (PREPARE)....of their meals. They should be (3) (COURAGE).... to do so, and care should be taken to (4) (SURE).... they enjoy the experience. It is important to show them how to do things (5) (CORRECT).... but they shouldn't be criticised too much. Although the finished result may not be

quite to your (6) (LIKE)…the young cook will undoubtedly find it quite the (7) (TASTY)....food he or she has ever eaten.

Kitchens can, of course, be (8) (DANGER).... places and so the absolute (9) (IMPORTANT).... of keeping an eye on children at all times cannot be emphasised too (10) (HEAVY)..... Sharp knives, for example, should be avoided until children are old enough to han¬dle them safely.

Keys V

О—marvelous 1 — speaking 2 — preparation 3 — courageous 4 — insure 5— correctly 6— liking 7— tasteful 8— dangerous 9— importance 10 — unheavily

МОУ «Лицей математики и информатики»

Борбат Лада Владимировна - учитель АЯ высшей квалификационной категории

Вдовенко Людмила Михайловна - учитель АЯ высшей квалификационной категории

В МОУ «Лицей математики и информатики» разработана система упражнений, тестовых заданий, разнообразных форм и методов контроля всех видов речевой деятельности учащихся. Эта система успешно работает при подготовке учащихся к сдаче ГИА и ЕГЭ по английскому языку. В ЛМИ обучение АЯ проводится по УМК с углубленным изучением АЯ.

Используя возможности основных УМК (авторы: Афанасьева О.В. и Богородицкая Н.В.) при подготовке к ГИА и ЕГЭ, Борбат Лада Владимировна и Вдовенко Людмила Михайловна привлекают широкий круг дополнительной литературы. Для осуществления обучающей и контролирующей деятельности используются дополнительные аутентичные УМК (KET, PET, FCE), соответствующие следующим международным уровням:

KET - А2 (базовый)

PET - В1 (повышенный)

FCE - В2 (высокий)

Данные учебные пособия дают возможность успешно подготовить учащихся к итоговой аттестации по АЯ в 9 и 11 классах, поскольку материалы итоговой аттестации в 9 классе включают задания уровней А2 и В1, а материалы итоговой аттестации в 11 классе включают задания уровней А2, В1, В2.

Отбор дополнительных учебных пособий осуществляется с учетом языковой подготовки учащихся и уровнем сложности УМК.

5 – 6 классы:

Key English Test. Testbuilder. + Audio CD. - Издательство MACMILLAN, 2008

1. Key English Test Plus. Practice Tests. + Audio CD. - Издательство Pearson Longman, 2008

2. Key English Test. Past Papers 4 + cassettes. Examination Papers from University of Cambridge. -ESOL Examinations.

7 – 9 классы:

3. Preliminary English Test Plus 1. Practice Tests. + Audio CD.- Издательство Pearson Longman, 2006

4. Preliminary English Test Plus 2. Practice Tests. + Audio CD. - Издательство Pearson Longman, 2008

5. PET Testbuilder + Audio CD./Lucrecia Luque-Mortimer - Издательство Macmillan, 2008

10 - 11 классы:

6. First Certificate PassKey Grammar Practice./ David McKeegan.- Macmillan, 2005

7. First Certificate Practice Tests. New Edition/Nick Kenny, Lucrecia Luque-Mortimer. - Longman, 2008

8. First Certificate Practice Tests Plus 2./Diana L. Fried-Booth. - Longman, 2005

9. First Certificate Exam Skills.Writing./Judy Copage. - Longman, 2005

10. First Certificate Exam Skills.Reading. Patrick McGavigan. Longman, 2005

11. First Certificate Exam Skills. Use of English. Judy Copage. Longman, 2005

12. First Certificate Exam Skills.Listening&Speaking.Fiona Scott-Barret. Longman, 2005

Кроме этого учителя активно используют учебные материалы, подготовленные при совместном сотрудничестве зарубежных издательств с российскими авторами, а также пособия, составленные разработчиками ЕГЭ по АЯ.

1. Сборник тестов для подготовки к ЕГЭ по английскому языку. – Elena Klekovkina, Malcolm Mann. - Macmillan, 2008

2. Учебное пособие для подготовки к ЕГЭ по английскому языку: Чтение. Письмо. /Malcolm Mann, Elena Klekovkina - Macmillan, 2008

3. Учебное пособие для подготовки к ЕГЭ по английскому языку: Аудирование. Говорение. /Malcolm Mann, Elena Klekovkina - Macmillan, 2008

4. Оксфордские тесты по английскому языку для подготовки к ЕГЭ/Mark Harrison, Consultant: Victor N. Simkin – Oxford University Press, 2008.

5. “State Exam Maximiser Workbook”. Английский язык. Подготовка к экзаменам./ Е.Н. Соловова, И.Е.Солокова - Longman, 2007

6. “State Exam Maximiser”. Английский язык. Подготовка к экзаменам./ Е.Н. Соловова, И.Е.Солокова - Longman, 2007

7. «Интенсивная подготовка. ЕГЭ 2009. Английский язык. Тренировочные задания» / Вербицкая М.В., Махмурян К.С. – Москва Издательство «Эксмо», 2008

Данные учебные пособия используются как в урочной, так и во внеурочной деятельности


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